25: Goodbye Naomi

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Chapter 25: Goodbye my Naomi.

After trying to sleep without success, i went into the city. I called a cab and asked him where i could pick up black sex workers. He took me to a boulevard near the Borely Park. There, i saw them, the usual suspects. A Nigerian girl approached me as i walked towards them. She spoke French which i learnt was ‘do you want me’.
”What is your name” i had asked her.
She hissed and walked away, i guessed she wasn’t Nigerian.
I approached another one who said her name was Marian. She was Nigerian. I asked her how much it would cost her to go to my hotel with me. She said it would cost me €200. After beating the price down to €150, she followed me back to my hotel.

Marian started removing her clothes as soon as we entered the hotel room.
”Stop doing that Marian, i am not interested in sex. I brought you here to give you a job. I will be paying you well if you do the work” i said.
She asked what it was and i said, ”Pay attention. This picture i have in my hand is that of my girlfriend. I just brought her down here in Marseille and found a school for her. She was doing the same work you are doing now but she said she wanted to stop and go to school. I am going to be covering her bills down here , therefore i want you to look at the picture very well. Her name is Evelyn. Anytime you see her on the streets of Marseille doing sex work, please call me and tell me where she is” i said as i gave her the picture to look at. I also gave her my phone number.
”I will be leaving Marseille in a day or two, i like Evelyn so much and i want her to stop sex work” i said.
After looking at the picture, she asked if she could keep it but i refused. We sat down on the bed and talked until it was about 2am, then we slept. Around 6:30 she woke up and demanded for her money. I gave her €150 and when she demanded for transport fare, i opened the door and shoved her outside.
”Remember, if i get a good news from you, i will send you money” I had said and closed the door.

At about 13:20, i called Naomi.
”Baby, i need you to change your name down here in Marseille. Someone could hear your name and alert Paris. I want you to start answering Evelyn from now” I said.
She said she didn’t like Evelyn but after persuading her to go with it, she had agreed.
”I am coming to the hotel now” she had said.
I wanted to stop her but it was important that she see me once more, it could be the last time. Knowing who i was and how i operated, Naomi may never see me again as soon as i left Marseille.

Naomi came to Lutetia hotel sometime around 15:00. She wore one of the dresses i bought for her and looked so beautiful in it.
The  tight Tshirt had somehow, brought out the shape of her perfect breasts which pointed out like Carica Papaya.
I had lost my senses and grabbed them gently.
She smiled and hugged me. She was still on me when i started pulling the Tshirt over her head. Her lips had found mine as soon as the clothes hit the ground.
For the past Few days, i had forgotten what sex felt like, it was all about safety from the Paris thugs first.
I had responded to Naomi’s kisses and when the desire to explore her honeypot built up, i carried her gently unto the bed and spread her legs. I didn’t care about condoms. I just slipped my manhood into the wet honeypot and forgot the rest of my troubles.
A few minutes later, my sperm had built up and i decided not to pull out. I had poured the entire sperm into her and lay on top of her for some moments before i got up. But before i got up, i said ”I hope he or she would resemble me”. She had smiled and nodded at me.

After cleaning up, she asked where i would be going next from Marseille.
”I don’t know yet but i will surely stay close to Paris. I submitted a request for Resident permit and i should be in Paris to monitor the progress” i said.

She slept with me in the hotel that night and when it was time for her to leave, we had another round of unprotected sex. I didn’t care if she would get pregnant or not. Right inside of me, i felt that a Man’s journey in life would end someday and somewhere. It was true that i didn’t intend to end mine with Naomi in Marseille but if the Gods decided that it would end there, so be it.

”I think i may leave Marseille today” i had said to Naomi on our way to the bus station.
She had turned and hugged me right there in public.
”Thank you for coming into my life. I never knew that there are still people like you in this World” She said.
”You brought much more joy and happiness to my life Naomi. I just wish that our journey will continue because it would be so much fun to spend my life with you” i had told her.
I could see some tears building around her eyes but before they could come out, i had turned around and started walking out of the bus station. My own tears were building up too and it would have been so childish to allow her to see my tears. To her, i was the tiger, the lion who stood up against her oppressors. Nobody was bigger than tears but soldiers like me were meant to hold ours back for as long as possible.
All my life, i embraced realities. I knew that suffering and death were inevitable. I knew that one was required to cry out tears when those inevitable events occurred but i also knew that tears can never reverse some events, therefore i tried as much as possible never to cry at the events of which i could do nothing about.

As i walked back towards Lutetia hotel, i thought about the chapters Naomi had created in my life. My life was already like a book, especially for women of love. It built up gradually from Nigeria to Ghana, Germany, Nigeria again, Amsterdam and then France.
Chinwe, Oge, Efuah, Jennifer, Stella, Maria, Zainab, Chinasa, Chinelo, Ify and Naomi all wrote some Chapters of my life. Most of them had concluded their stories in my life but as far as i was concerned, Naomi was just starting her own Chapters. It was a matter of time before we meet again.
Goodbye my Naomi.

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