25: Amaka was different

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”Where are my father and brothers” Chiamaka asked as soon as she entered the cafe.
I ignored her and kept typing with my keyboard. Amaka wasn’t my mate and wasn’t in anyway near my status. It was true that she didn’t know who I was but she needed to show some respect to me since I was Atleast 9 years older that she was.
For long, she had been behaving abnormaly towards me. She had once laughed at me because I wasn’t fast in typing with keyboards but I had since waved that behind me.

”Azubuike, is it not you I am asking” she said.
She had started treating me like a servant or maid of her father. She had believed that I now worked for them and as a result, I should respect her as my employer’s only daughter.

When she discovered that I wasn’t ready to talk, she walked out and went upstairs.

Some minutes later, she changed from her school uniform to mufti and returned downstairs.

”I have told my father what you did, wait until he comes down, you are leaving this place today” she said and sat down on a system to work for a man who had just came in to type some sort of agreement letter.
As usual, I occupied the server since I was the manager.

During those period, I didn’t want to go clubbing. I did leave town a few times with my car but due to the way the place was constructed, there were about three differed routes that led to the badagry express way. One road busted out at the pedestrian bridge opposite the Ojo Military cantonment, another one busted out at the Abule Oshun bus stop near the Trade fair Under bridge bus stop while there were other ones. Each time I wanted to leave the area, I would drive through the Dangote factory and busted out at the Abule Oshun where the Jameses would never see me. I was determined to keep a very low profile to them.
My reason was that I wanted them to teach me the computer without attaching any richmanship syndrome to it.

It worked until that faithful Sunday afternoon when Emeka, the first son of Mr James decided to pay me a surprise visit. The discussion in the house was that they were supposed to know where I lived so that they could be sending me foods. They had taken me as part of their family and they all loved me so much because of the way I related with them.

He asked the way into my flat and knocked. I was playing football game with my playstation when he came. I opened the door and saw him standing there.
”what are you doing here” I asked him as soon as I saw him.

”My dad asked me to go find out where you live” he said.

He came in and sat on the floor where I was playing. I closed the door and resumed my game. I didn’t want to ask why his dad sent him on such errand but I had a feeling it was about knowing where I lived and possibly who I was.

”Go and get a drink in the fridge” I said.

He walked into the kitchen and got a bottle of maltina. He took the second pad and started playing against me. He wasn’t my match as I hammered him 8:0 in the first half.

”Why did your father send you to find out where I live” I asked him.

He said his mother had wanted to send food to me but didn’t know where I was. They had done some kind of ceremony in the Church and there were food and meet for me.

I understood their reason for looking out for me. When we finished playing, we went to their house for the food. I was told to come upstairs where they lived. They gave me rice and chicken with salad. They also offered malt but I refused.

The following day after school, Emeka and Amaka came to my house.
The little Brat called Amaka had somehow listened while Emeka told her about my house. He had told her that I even had a playstation. The adventurous little girl had decided to go find out if her enemy was really worth a playstation. When they came, I welcomed them and offered them drinks.

”Amaka, go to the fridge and get drinks for you and your brother” I had told her.

”What are you doing with all the drinks in there Azubuike” she had asked when she returned.

My fridge had been stuffed with Elliot whiskey, Jack Daniels, Jim beam, many bottles of red wine, juice, sprite, fanta and malt. I used the soft drinks to mix the whiskeys. It tasted differently when mixed with different soft drinks. I liked it a lot.

”Uncle Azubuike. It is uncle Azubuike and not Just Azubuike. We are not mates.” I said to her.

I wanted to drill that respect into that little brat.
Things were going normal until she started wandering inside the flat and found my album.

She brought the album out to the parlour, sat down and started to flip through them.
”Is this you with Okocha” she asked. I ignored her.

Her brother had jumped up from the game he was playing to verify if it was Okocha and I really.
”Uncle Azubuike, this one looks like Abroad, have you been to abroad” Emeka asked me.

They flipped through the album and were both stunned to see my pictures from both German, Portugal and other places.

”Listen both of you. I like staying low and quiet around here. What it means is that I don’t want you to go flapping your mouth outside. I don’t want anybody to know where I live. So two of you should just keep quiet and pretend that you have never been here. I am in your shop to learn computer and nothing else” I warned them.

We left the house together and went back to their cafe where the Junior ones were in control of affairs.
Despite my warning, Amaka kept repeating to the Junior ones that I had been with Okocha. She was telling them quietly but when the argument of whether it was true or not started, I heard it.

The following day, I came early to the cafe and worked until they returned from school , then I went home.

Less than ten minutes after I got home, a knock came on my door.

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