49: Time for business

” I am going back to Berlin Tomorrow” I said as soon as we got back to Bremen.
” I may come again before two weeks but if you get posted out before then, go to your HEIM. I will come and pick you up from there” I continued.

Jennifer stared at me as if she didn’t want to hear what I had said.

”Thank you for everything, I will miss you. It is better than when I thought I’d never see you again” she said and started laughing.
It was so good to watch her laugh once more.

We played and laughed until late in the night. The urge to have sexxx had returned, therefore we had a go at it. It was all she needed to convince herself that everything had returned to normal.

The following morning, we hired a cab and drove to her Camp. I watched her got back into the camp before I drove to the train station.
I had given her €150 and told her to hide it inside her bra.

On my way back to Berlin, I called Johnson. I asked him to meet me that afternoon.
I called Marko, Peter and Bolaji. I told them to come for goods in the evening.

Tension in Berlin had returned to normal. The police shooter had been captured in an apartment owned by a Turkish man in Schoneberg area of Berlin. The police had gotten a tip off from the owner of the apartment who wanted the €20000 promised to be given to the informant.

Johnson came an hour after I had returned from Bremen. According to him, One Mr. Eze had contacted him from Cotonou. He wanted to start buying used cloths from Europe.
We went to a cyber cafe and paid the operator to search for such companies. He found some in Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, France and Italy. We called them and asked how they sold the items. Eventually we decided to try out the ones we found in Bratislava Slovakia, they were the cheaper ones.

Peter came after Johnson. He wanted another 50grams of weeds. I gave him 100 after over an hour of trying to convince him that he would not be captured by the Police just because of extra 50grams.
Bolaji came after Peter. He took 400 grams pf weed, his record highest since he started buying from me. According to him, the tension in the HEIM had returned to
normal since the demise of the arabic cartel.

Jennifer called to find out if I had returned to Berlin safely. She thanked God for the journey mercies. She had started sounding excited on the phone again, it was amazing how she had transformed from an emotionally drained little girl to an excited beautiful damsel in just two days she spent with me in Bremen. I wanted to take her to Hamburg too but I had to abort the plan because of the Used-clothing business deal with Johnson. Hamburg was very close to Bremen and it was the largest city in the entire North Western Germany.

Marko also came later in the evening. He took 500 grams. He wanted more but that was the only thing left with me. I wanted every drugs in the house to be sold because I was traveling to Slovakia the next day.

When it was night, I parked two Jean trousers, two Pullovers, two shoes and underwears, a leather black Jacket and toiletries. It was exciting to know that I was leaving Germany the next day. First, for the fact that I was going away from drugs for a while. Secondly, because it was time to test my Portuguese resident permit once more.

When Joe returned, I told her that I went to see my girlfriend in Bremen. I told him that she may come to Berlin anytime and as a result, he would leave the apartment and move to the ‘hospital’. (the one room apartment where I used for drugs). Fortunately for him, I had distributed out all the drugs in the apartment. He only needed to buy pots and frying pan, food items and TV. I gave him €100 for TV and told him to buy other items by himself.

I called Kenneth, my cousin who lived in Neukoln area and told him that I would be going to Slovakia the next day. As usual, he had no money and wanted some. I asked him to call Akunne and get €100 from him. I had left €2000 with Akunne.

After the deals of the day, I watched football on the TV. Hertha BSC Berlin, my team had lost a home game to Bayern Munich. They were sliding down the league table and if they lose the next match, they would hit the delegation Zone. I made up my mind not to continue as their fan member of they got relegated to the Liga 2. It was true that Okoronkwo my friend was playing for them but he spent most of the year on the bench.

I slept afterwards and eagerly waited for the next day. The idea of visiting a new country with new culture, different currency, different language and different ladies was very exciting.

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