25: Security Assurance.

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“Baby, i am going out to get a bottle of Brandy, i will be right back” I said to the lady in the bathroom and went out before she could tell me to wait for her.

On my way to the mall which was located in the train station, i called Ajegunle, the leader of my foot Soldiers in Onitsha and told him that i needed him to assemble a three man team to go to Ekpoma and Benin City. I described Maria’s village house perfectly for him and told him to go the next day. He naturally asked for money but i told him to take his N30,000 and go there.

“I will send you some money by Monday since the next day was a Saturday. I will send you the Woman’s phone number after this call. Call her when you get to Benin City and tell her that it was a friend of her daughter who sent you. I believe she has a shop in Benin City but i am not sure. Buy Bread, Hollandies Cloth, Scarf, shoes  and juice; then take them with you. Those items won’t cost more than N12,000. Make sure a girl traveled with you and make sure it was her who will be talking to the woman. Your objective is very Simple, find out her place and her mother’s shop in Benin city. Know who her father is and don’t do anything suspicious. Her daughter is with me here but i don’t trust her, she could run away with my money. I want you to know them very well so that you will go there if anything happen to me over here. As soon as you get to Benin City, call me before you call the woman. Her daughter’s name is Maria. She just arrived in Sweden. She may have a different name there in Nigeria but that won’t be a problem; just tell the woman that your brother sent you because he returned from Italy where he lives close to her daughter” I said to Ajegunle who was going to lead the operations.


When i got back, i kept the Brandy i bought on the table and watched as Maria painted her face with powder and combed her long hair backwards. She was who she was. Very slim with long legs, taller than me, nice figure, fair in complexion with small round waist.


“You look beautiful Maria” i said after admiring her round smooth waist.

She turned and smiled, then she cotinted what she was doing.

“Where did you keep my engagement ring?” I asked as i opened the brandy and poured some in a glass.

“Why do you want to know?” she fired back.

“I think we should continue where we stopped in Napoli before you sent me to Libya to buy and bring Mumur Ghaddaffi for you” I said.

“I can’t Marry you Azubuike. I know you are such a brave and clever person but i can’t live with you. You will break my heart again and i don’t think i can survive that. We are here together because you are proposing a business that will fetch us money and i trust you can pull anything off based on what i know and heard about you” she said.

“Heard about me?” i said.

She turned around with her comb still in her hand and said, “Yes, i have heard so much about you and what you did in France. Solomon, the Benin people’s circle here in Europe is small. Almost everybody knows everybody. I know Franca in Paris very well. I have heard how you took her two girls. It was the reason why i agreed to send Fatimah away from Italy because i knew that you could come back to Napoli since you went back to Paris to pick Franca’s second girl after taking away the first one. I wanted Fatimah out of Italy and far from you. I was  happy when Alice called and offered to call up Fatimah here in Sweden because I thought you will never find her here. But when she called back and said there was a man who tricked her into bringing Fatimah to Sweden, i knew it was you. I was shocked initially but i gathered enough confidence and decided to come to Sweden. I told myself that i will tear your passport and burn your permit card when i get here. It even crossed my mind to kill you if i get the opportunity but now i can’t even do anything. You are a very clever criminal and i should be afraid of you Azubuike. I have never seen a more fearless person in my whole life; you are practically not scared of anything. It is Ok now because i wouldn’t tell you about all this if i still plan to do them. Your power captured me like you did in Lekki Beach, like you did in Amsterdam and like you did In Volturno. I wish things were different but life is just life and there are things we can’t change”


It was a very nice try from Maria but i was still wary of her. I was going to get my security assurance in Ekpoma or Benin City the next day. It didn’t matter the kind of sermon she preached, nothing was going to make me lower my guard.


“Did you tell anybody what you were coming to do in Sweden?” I asked as i sipped the brain damaging poison called Brandy from the glass in my hand.

“No, i was really ashamed of myself. I didn’t know how to tell people that you tricked me into sending Fatimah to Sweden. I am sure that if i return now to Italy, they will start asking me about her” she said as i stood up and held her around her waist with one hand.

“You are a beautiful girl Baby, do you know that?” i said.

She smiled and looked romantically at me.

“I never believe we will be standing here doing this; i spent over €2000 chasing you around Italy with instructions to torture you if captured. But here we are holding each other as if we had been childhood friends. Life would have been so much fun for me if we had met in a better different circumstances but the truth is that i will never forget what happened between us in Italy” She said.


“You better start forgetting what happened in Italy because my people are disturbing me to get married soon and i am sure they will like a woman who forgives and forgets. First of all, I will send delegates from my village to meet with your mother in Ekpoma soon after that, we will know the next thing to do” I said and gave her a slight kiss on the lips.

“Don’t break my heart again. If we must part ways, let us do it in a matured way because despite everything that happened between us, i discovered that the only way i can get my money back from you is to remain your friend” She said and smiled.

“Don’t worry; if you cooperate with me, you will get enough money but if you ever think of doing anything stupid, you won’t get anything and even if you kill me like you wanted to do in Italy, it won’t matter because dead men don’t suffer anymore and they don’t pay debts” i said.

“Why would i harm you now that we are on the same team, Captain Azubuike” She said and kissed me slightly.

“Lead and i will follow. It is time to be happy once more and by the way, my mother is not in Ekpoma, she runs a supermarket in Benin City now but don’t send anybody to her because she knows you and knows what you did to me in Italy” She said and pushed me to the bed; Then she jumped on top of me.


“while you rejoice at the news from an informer remember that the accused has not admitted it”

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  1. lekan21

    Hehen, Uncle Zubby ride one we dey gbadun u.. dis is one of my favourite chapters.

  2. horlabiyi

    Nice one. She just opened up to say much about her mother whereabouts.

  3. Delis

    Singing to Maria in/with P Squares’ voice *PERSONALLY, PERSONA PERSONALLY I GO DEAL WITH YOU, PERSONALLY*.

  4. belbest01

    You dont mean it today zubby’s birthday. If true i will sing him a song in sunny neji’s voice ” Happy Happy birthday dat is all i can say i wish you many, many happy reture”

  5. delikay

    “I think we should continue where we stopped in
    Napoli before you sent me to Libya to buy and
    bring Mumur Ghaddaffi for you” I said. Lmao, I cracked my ribs over this one

  6. Cheliz

    In Maria’s voice CAPTAIN AZUBUIKE. Guy u don get d info all d neccessary infos

  7. Anonymous

    Maria and jenifer were the most intiligent girl u dated in europe…….but the most wisest and dangerous was “MARIA” **BY THERE FRUIT U SHALL NO THEM**

  8. Hi-goat

    Maria and jenifer were the most intiligent girl u dated in europe…….but the most wisest and dangerous was “MARIA” **BY THERE FRUIT U SHALL NO THEM**

  9. Cheliz

    But i know say fuck up go dey cos maria no go allow u screw other girls as usual

  10. BeesWax

    just enjoy maria while she lasts, cos i know she’ll def try something funny that will break this latest reunion.

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    Oboy zubby abeg comot this dislike button na, them just dey dislike everything wey person dey write. Who is that killjoy sef

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    Who dislicks my post any time I comment…..am suspecting one person “Oga zuby”
    obey o, make u na de lyk my post!

    • Zuby

      This username will be deleted from the database on monday. Chose a name.

  13. DaVinci

    Maria is wise…. Gud for her, and Zubby if today is really ur birthday long life and wisdom to help our Nigerian and African youths.

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