24: Off to School

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Chapter 24. Off to School.

After exhaustive search for a small apartment, we retired back to our hotel room. We had seen three good places where we could have rented, However the prices were relatively higher than what i expected. Paying for the first two months wasn’t an issue but i didn’t have a clear picture of how the apartment would be maintained when the first two months expired. I was sure i wasn’t going to live in Marseille or France for that matter. I was going to leave the country. I didn’t like France. It was a beautiful country but i wasn’t ready to live in a quiet beautiful country. There were hundreds of other cities to visit. I wanted to go to Italy and Greece. I wanted to see the historical places in Greece including the thousands of Islands that scattered all over the Mediterranean sea.

”Naomi we are going together to the school tomorrow. We need to find a roommate for you, someone to keep you company down here. I am going back to Paris soon to finish the business i have there” i had said while we were about to sleep.
She didn’t say anything.

The following Morning, we went down to the school. Naomi was admitted to start learning French first. It was usually the starting point of every asylum seeker, especially those from the non French speaking countries.
In front of the school, we met Beatrice, a Camerounian lady who was also a student in the school. We told her that we were looking for a place where Naomi could stay. I also reminded her that we would be contributing to the house rent. She said that there was an Ivorian woman who was looking for someone to rent a room in her apartment. Beatrice promised to take us there if we would wait until after classes.
While the classes were ongoing, i went out into the city to buy some things for Naomi.
I bought her a larger traveling bag, two pairs of Zara sandals, a pair of shoes and three trousers. I also bout some tops and a belt. I packed the items inside the bag and went back to the school area.
They closed at 12:30pm. We followed Beatrice with the bus to the Ivorian woman’s house. She was in when we came.
After exchanging greetings, we told her why we were there. She said the room was still available at €200 a month but that she didn’t want two people to occupy the place.
We eventually paid for the room after convincing her that it was only Naomi who was going to live in the room. Her body language suggested that she wanted me to be the occupant since at the age of around 35, she was single and lived alone.

After paying €400 for two months, i opened the new bag i bought for Naomi. She was happy but surprised that i didn’t tell her there was some clothes inside the bag.
The agreement was that Naomi would get her own cooking items, therefore we went back to our hotel room to get her bag. On our way back to the new apartment, we bought two cooking pots, a frying pan and a bag of rice. We also bought other necessary food items and took them with a cab to the new place. We spent The rest of the day cleaning the room. It already had a bed, a TV, a DVD player, a reading table and a wooden wardrobe in it. It was just a perfect room for a girl of Naomi’s age and status.

I left Naomi at the new house around 9pm, and took a cab back to the hotel. She was crying when i was about to leave but since i anticipated that, i didn’t care to console her. She would be fine with time. Tears were good sometimes, it cleansed the heart.

She called me before i got to the hotel.
”I am still in Marseille for some days until you settle down” i told her.

Back at the hotel room, i lay on the bed and thought about everything that had happened between me and Naomi. I had really outperformed my belief system. I wondered how i usually got involved with these girls. One moment of trying to catch fun with a girl and the next thing would be running across the Country with her. One factor that aided my adventures and the ability to escape dangers was money. I knew that without available funds, i could never have achieved quarter of the things i did, especially running across the Countries. For once, i never entered a train or public bus without a valid ticket. Trying to beat the ticket was one of the easiest ways to get in trouble in Europe. Unlike Nigeria where one was required to enter a bus and pay, Europe had a system where one can buy a monthly or weekly tickets.

As a black man, i knew that it would be extremely difficult to sponsor ‘Rescue Operations’ with my money. That was why i usually used any possible method to obtain money. I had conscience quite alright but i knew that no matter the method i used to obtain money, as long as i did something good with it, it never bothered me. I had my own rules. The general rules of ethics was such a wicked thing to the poor and oppressed. I never believed that it was a sin to steal money from rich man to help a poor man. No matter how hardworking one was, he or she must try to carry others along as long as he or she can. We lived in a temporal World where death was a necessity. It was obviously silly to pile up wealth while the people around you suffered. That silly mentality gave birth to communism. I believed that there would be no or little crime if everyone was happy but the society we all lived in divided human beings into first class, second class and many more divisions. People at the top made laws that benefited them. The World was such a cruel place for the poor and oppressed. A place where one would be given the kind of rights accorded to animals simply because he was either a foreigner or black. The worst hit was the Africans who battled in foreign lands for years just to be recognized. The western Countries had international passports that can fly them to anywhere without visa while blacks would be rejected at some airports even with visas. The people who got the VIP treatment were the same people who stole the masses money. They were welcomed to use the money in Foreign lands.

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