48: Jennifer and I in Bremen

The ringing phone brought me out of bed. We had woken up earlier and started talking.
The tension had reduced. It was time to ask Jenny how she had been. I had tried much to avoid anything that could trigger her crying the previous day.
She had relaxed and it was time to clear some things.

”How was the interview” I asked her.
” I told them everything you said” she said.

That meant that she was my younger sister in Germany.

”from what you had seen and heard in the camp, when is it likely that they will post you out” I asked.
” Maybe one month after interview” she said.
One month, that meant that in a little over two weeks, she could be released from the Camp. It was time to think about what she would be doing after Camp.
There was no work for the asylum seekers. No work whatsoever by the German authorities. They were simply not allowed to work or go to school. There must be an extreme situation before they allowed the asylum seekers to do anything. They just depended on the monthly allowances and some small money they made by doing some menial jobs such as loading buses and trucks for men and as for women, there was nothing. But I had to find something for her somehow.

I got down from the bed to check who was calling. It was Johnson. He was coming to Berlin that morning and wanted us to meet. According to him, a man from their village who lived in Cotonou wanted him to find out where he could be buying used clothes, used shoes, used ladies bags and purses, etc.
I told him that I would return from Bremen the next day so that we could talk about it. I liked the idea of venturing into a different line of business; a legal business.

I took Jennifer down to the hotel restaurant and we ate bread with tea and honey. When we returned upstair I told her to bath and get ready, we were going out of Bremen.

There was a coastal city in the North of Bremen called Kiel. I had watched a documentary about the city.
It was where the Germans developed their first Submarine during the second World war. It was also the city where the Germans built their ships. Since it was close to Bremen, I wanted to use that opportunity to visit the city and look around.

We arrived in Kiel an hour and 20 minutes after leaving Bremen. It wasn’t even as close to Bremen as I had thought. There were numerous tourists in the city as I had expected. Kiel was the most strategic naval base for the German soldiers. Their vessels could be seen packed from the city center.

I took Jennifer to the city museum where we had seen most of the whites gone.
The whites usually look for museums and libraries when they visited a new city. I guessed that was why they usualy had the knowledge of almost everything.
We got to the museum and looked around. The history of the city was drawn and written all over the place.
Kiel was under the rule of Denmark until 1848 when Schleswig and Holstein rebelled against them. After the rebellion, Schleswig and Holstein were merged to one State in Germany ( Schleswig-Holstein State). Kiel became the capital.

After touring the museum, we went to the dockyard where cruise ships loaded tourists and travelers. They were ships going to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, finland Russia and some other places. I was tempted to jump into one and sail away but Jennifer had no legal documents with her. We took wait-and-take- pictures and left for the WW2 Museum.

Due to Kiel’s importance as a naval base, it was bombed by the allied forces during the second world war. Remnants of wrecked war equipments were carefully arranged. According to the encased posters on the wall, during the bombings, there was no water in Kiel for three days and no transport for eight days.

Jennifer seemed not to be interested in the war history, therefore we headed to the shopping district. We window shopped for hours, ate French fries with Mayo and Ketchup ( Some crap they called food). I bought her a Motorola Phone and told her it would be waiting for her in Berlin when she came out of Camp. I wanted her to know that i was still with her.

When it was getting dark, we hired a cab and went back to our hotel.
I had carefully avoided the Emmanuel kissing issue. I had tried my best to push it at the back of my head where it belonged.
I knew Jennifer and I would go our different ways but it didn’t have to be through anger and disappointment.

”Sometimes, we just have to follow our heart no matter what we encounter on the road”

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