23: The Unexpected Developments

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The first thing i did after the pregnancy news was to get up and hug Maria. If there was anything she ever needed at that particular time, it was to know that i was with her 100 Percent. The pregnancy was what she ever wanted; She said it to me once and when i didn’t say anything about it, she stopped talking about it. Now that it has happened, i hoped she would be bold enough to talk about it.
I was pretty excited right there in the hospital and the nurse was happy with me.

Ngozi was the most surprised among us because a lot of things was not yet explained to her.
First she needed to know what happened. She ran all through Italy just to get away from Maria who was keen on capturing us. She knew what i did to Maria and she knew we were supposed to be sworn enemies.
But there we were, not only hugging and kissing in a hospital but also being hit with a news of pregnancy which obviously belonged to me.

“But brother, you and..” Ngozi was saying but stopped half way.
I knew there were a lot of questions to be answered to her but the atmosphere wasn’t the right one. We were expected to be happy at that moment. Time for explanations will come.

I held Maria’s hand as we walked out of the hospital to the nearest bus stop where we were going to wait for taxi.

Back in the hotel room, Maria went straight for the bed and lay there without saying a word; her eyes were closed.
I guessed she was going through a state of confusion over the news she got from the hospital. She was going to be a mother and that was a news every woman awaited.

“Baby you haven’t said anything since we returned from the hospital” I managed to say eventually.
She didn’t say anything; she just opened her eyes, looked at me, smiled and closed her eyes again.

Ngozi spent over two more hours before she announced she was leaving.
“Let me see the girl off, i will be back” I said and stood up.

Downstairs, Ngozi started asking questions.
I told her how Maria came to fight me in Sweden but ended up living with me.
She was almost crying when i finished and she was really touched.

“So what do you intend to do now?” She asked.

“She is going to give birth to my baby. I already have one in London and if this one comes, it will make me to live my life for as long as i wanted without the pressure of getting married in Nigeria” I said.

I told her that the first thing to do was to find a quiet city or town where Maria will stay in Europe. She was going to stop running around with me. It was left for her to take the decision but i was going to encourage her.

I had become what i had become and as the soldier that i was, the first thing to do was to protect Maria and the baby like a tiger. I was going to take her to a place where nobody she knew will ever locate her. There were several Islands in Italy since the entire country was almost inside Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

“Ngozika, things are going to change. You are going to abandon whatever school you are Attending here and return to Maria. This is going to be a big decision for you but She has changed and won’t trouble you. I am going to send two of you to a small Island where black people don’t live or visit. It will be an Island at the extreme south of Italy where there would be no racism. You are going to take care of Maria for me. I will find something for you to be doing there” I said as we stopped to wait for a bus.
“I will do anything for you Brother Austin. You made me understand that Juju cannot do anything to us here in Europe. You gave me freedom for free and if i refuse to do what you begged me to do, then my conscience won’t ever be at rest” she said.

I gave her €500 as i saw the bus coming. I knew it was a large amount of money but i had my reasons. She was even going to get much more money because she was going to start working for me. Secondly, despite the fact that she came to Europe through human trafficking, it was still Maria who brought her there. She had said with her mouth that she owed Maria. I already told her not to think that way but if taking care of Maria was the price she was going to pay for bringing her to Europe, so be it.

When Ngozi left, i stopped a cabman and asked him to take me to a nearby Library. He drove me to the Marseille Central Library where i got a large book about Sicily Island and its environs.

There were towns in the Sicily that marched what i was looking for. One of them was called Agrigento. I read about Agrigento and found the town interesting. However, it had too many people; over 50, 000. There was no way there won’t be Nigerians in a clouded place like that.
I found another one called Trapani but news had it that there was a large prison where black drug dealers were locked up in that town. As long as the prison was there, there were going to be visits and that meant that someone could identify Maria; i didn’t need that.

Then i saw it, the one i was looking for. The name was Levanzo.
Levanzo was one of the three small Islands that made up the Islands of Egadi. It lies some minutes away from the coast of Trapani and can also be accessed from Marsala town.

I wanted Maria to stay in Italy because she used Italian resident permit. It would solve a whole lot of identity and immigration problems for her.

I left the Library and returned to Maria in the hotel.
“We are going to Italy in the morning” I announced.

“To do what?” She asked.

“You will find out when we get there” I replied and when she asked where we were going in Italy, i told her that it was in the Mediterranean Island of Sicily.

The rest of the evening wasn’t eventful. We just lay on the bed and stroked our noses foolishly like Muriel in the book ‘Animal Farm’.
We joked about what we wanted the child to be.
She said a girl and i said a boy. We talked about names and everything related to children.
Before we slept, i told her that we were going to get Married.

“No baby. I will give birth to your child but we won’t get Married”

” The world is a tragedy to
those who feel, but a comedy
to those who think”

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  1. Tony Obaze

    Hmmmm. Coool. Now you are on track . Keep up the good job and no more derailing. Kudos !!!

  2. phapi

    Zuubbbyyy oooooo

    You Soon gonna be a father…… And Y won’t Maria marry you? Guess she is joking?

  3. timsilver

    We just lay on the bed and stroked our noses
    foolishly like Muriel in the book ‘Animal
    lol! The paragraph above cracked me up silly!

    Zuby, if no one has every told you this before now; then I must emphasize it.
    You are a genius! I’m not just talking bout your story, person, intellect, courage, street smartness and the list goes on and on. I’m talking about your writing. Damn, you are a great story teller and that paragraph above nailed it.

    I remember your post on a thread on nairaland where you talked about your about your writing not being so good. True then but now it’s way way better!

    Zuby, I fit entertain you with my girlfriend foc! lolz!

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    Hehehe father zubby, has many sons.

    Many sons have father zubby, I am one of them, and so are u so let us praise the Lord

  5. Mekus

    Two tigers , zubby don’t want any woman to tied him up with a child at one place , also Maria don’t want any man to tied her up with marriage at one place LMFAO buhahaha …..

  6. bashman

    indeed “protect them like the tiger would her young ones” nice decision

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    Timsilver called you a ginius’buh am So sorry to anounce to you that that’s exactly what you are.

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