23: The Power of Prayers

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“Maria, I am not particularly an angel but i know what is good and what is bad for body and soul. I have talked much to you in the past twenty four hours and i think i should start trusting you now. We are going to start rescuing teenage girls together here in Europe. We will start with Stockholm here and work down to Denmark and Norway. I am definitely going to run into a small hold up since i will need to return to France and renew my resident permit when it expires in less than two months; the problem is that I am not sure that will renew it because I was supposed to be working with the paper until it becomes a permanent one. I am banking on returning back to Africa when and if that happens. It means that you must be strong, intelligent, cunning and brave whenever i am not with you. You impressed me with your thinking back in Italy and you also nearly caught me in Sanremo. It is only people with clever minds that could do that. However, the work we are going into is more dangerous since we will be doing the running while the big Madams will be doing the chasing. I believe some of them can identify you easily especially those in Italy; therefore we will do everything possible to protect you and your identity. We will be taking the girls out of the streets while their Madams will be paying us for their return. We will have no intention of returning the girls because we will convince them that the deities has no powers. You will be doing most of the talking because they will believe you more if you tell them that you were once like them. I will be covering the finances and the negotiations; in other words, I will be the finance minister. Since you love money so much. You will be getting big percentage of the proceeds depending on how good you do your work. Do you understand me?” I asked.

She nodded and asked why and how i chose that path of life.

I told her how i started with Jennifer in Portugal and ended With Fatimah in Sweden. She was very impressed and scared of me at the same time.

“As soon as we identify our first girl here, we will rent a bigger apartment. I have some money with me here in Sweden but not here with me now. We will get a two or three bedroom apartment. It is good that we can pay monthly around here unlike Africa where people pay for two years at once” i said as we laughed.

“How many Mamas do you know in Napoli and Castel Volturno?” i asked.

She said she knew about 15 good ones with more than 30 teenage girls scattered all over Europe.

“Good, from tomorrow you will begin to call and tell them that Scandinavia is the real deal. Tell them to send their new young girls over here. Make it look like you rented a place around here and make it look like the people here pay more for sex. When the girls arrive here, we will first of all take them to the Father for prayers. Then we will convince them to take asylum here while we find a way to get money from their Madams” i said.

“Who is Father?” She asked.

I gave her a brief information about Father Onuigbo and promised to take her to him as soon as possible.

It was amazing how Maria relaxed with me in less than two days. It made me suspicions and on alert as well. I believed she haboured a devilish plan inside her heart which she planned to hit me with sooner or later. I didn’t expect her to abandon her life in Napoli so easily and relax in Sweden.

“I am still scared of what you might do Maria. I don’t know what it is and i don’t wish to know but trust me, whatever it is you plan to do to me, you better do it right because if you fail, Europe won’t be able to hide you from me” i said to her.


The previous night, we had slept on the same bed. I had made sure that i hid every dangerous object in the room and kitchen. I didn’t want her to sneak out of bed in the night and grab the kitchen knife to butcher me. As a result, i also made sure she slept on the wall where it would be almost impossible for her to climb out without waking me up. As a matter of fact, i implemented every possible security measure i could think of but i knew that it wasn’t going to be that way every other night. I was going to let down my guards someday.


Around 11am the day after Maria came, we went to the Rev. Father. I had called and told him that we will be coming.

He welcome us and asked us to sit down.

“Father this is Maria, the woman i wanted to marry back in Italy but we had a small quarrel and fell apart. She has agreed to join me in winning more teenage street girls for Jesus Christ. We have come here so that you pray for us like you prayed for Fatimah before she left for the Convent” i said.

The Rev. Father got up and said, “Thanks be to God for his infinite mercies. Sister cover your head with that cloth and let us pray”.


After five minutes or prayers and thanks, we opened our eyes and relaxed. The Rev started to counsel us on how to live together as husband and wife. I wanted to protest and tell him that the marriage stuff was no longer on the table but i decided to listen. His counseling might help change Maria properly. I needed every help i could get concerning Maria since i still considered her a time bomb.

“Marriage is a divine union from God. He who finds a wife finds a favour from God” the Rev was saying while i wondered if Maria was really going to be a favour to any man who marries her in the future.

How about those wicked human traffickers called Mamas, were they going to be favours to their husbands as well? The people who authored the Bible didn’t cover some areas and unfortunately the book remained stagnant for hundreds of years. Due to the nature of its teachings, it had become impossible to add or remove some things and it was the reason why people with little knowledge of it, defended it as if they authored it. People who could not defend a Biology or Physics text books.


After our brief counselling, we returned home and played together. Maria surprised me because she called Napoli and asked her friend to pack up some of her clothes, shoes, make ups and some other items and ship them to her in Sweden. Despite that little surprise, i was still wary of her. It was definitely going to take many days before i could trust her a bit.


“Ideas enlarge the mind and never allow it to go back to its original dimensions”

Rome Italy

Rome Italy

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  1. stan

    Indeed prayer is the KEY! Just can’t get enough of your adventures, oga zuby.

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    Great adventure, fascinating stories, outstanding mission, well planned. I enjoyed every bit of this story.

  3. 2chainz

    ozoi1 of berlin, its like you have issues with the bible. You criticise it with so much. The last time i checked, some of the westerners worship God, read the bible and do the will of God. So Relax Bro,

  4. jboy

    How about those
    wicked human
    traffickers called
    Mamas, were they
    going to be favours to
    their husbands as well?
    . . . . Oga zuby, who told you the bible no cover those areas?

  5. phapi

    Maria might not have any evil intentions,since money is involve cuz it seems she love money so much for her to Abandon her livelihood in italy and stay in sweden….. OGA SOLO more grace sir

  6. mark10

    Its best to keep your enemies closer, at least you guys have common interest…money

  7. hungry boy

    waiting for more updates, i have this hunch that maria will be loyal to u

  8. Corpspissed

    Maria Maria, Maria Zubby, I am watching you in HD- don’t tryna make any smart move on Oga Zubby 😎

  9. walter

    i have always hope for this reunion between mariam and zubby…. but how long will it last? will it be for jus rescuing few girls from the street? or will it be for life? i cant wait to read more….. fellow runners sit-up wit me as we wait for more trilling update, from Ozuigbondu 1 of bellin.

  10. belbest01

    Oga Zubby you and this maria sef This is the Forth time both of you are coming together Hope you will permit me to sing in the voice of … “you are the only one for me, why can you see… dont break what is left of my heart” congrats for the wonderful reunion hope you know after all she is not really such a bad girl starting from lagos to Edo in Nija.expecting the next update my Oga.

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    This Maria wud b a great asset i Tell u… But women are highly emotional being

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    Any body with nokia smal pin charger? My fone is getin flat! Oga zuby, dat maria na eve…i knw u were nt adam! (atarboy…)

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