23: Mistrust.

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Chapter 23: Mistrust.

Naomi was still sleeping when i picked up the new phones and went out of the hotel. I knew she would call me when she woke up, therefore i didn’t bother telling her where i was going. I got out of the Lutetia Hotel where we lodged and went down to the Old Port.
At the Old Port, i located a phone shop and bought Chargers for the new phones.

”Baby where are you” Naomi said on the phone. She had called as soon as i came out of the phone shop.
”I went out to buy you a charger for the Samsung phone, i will be back soon” I said.

There was a travel guide shop near the phone shop. I walked into it and bought a small Marseille travel guide hand book. It was my first time in the city and since the Europeans hated people asking them for directions, it was important that i had the travel guide.

There was some activities going on in Marseille that day. Paris Saint Germain football Club was in town for a football match between them and Olympic Marseille. People were seen all over the place with the banners of both clubs.

After looking around the Old Port, i entered a bar and bought a large glass of beer.
I picked out a corner and started drinking while making calls. After talking to the people i called, i left the beer and the phone on the table and i went to ease myself in the toilet. Two minutes later, i returned to the table and found out that my phone was missing.

”I left my phone on that table and went to the toilet, now i can’t see it” I said to the barman.
He denied knowing anything about it. The truth was that there were few other people inside the bar, anybody could have stolen the phone.
I had gone there with that phone alone and the worst was that i didn’t have the number offhand. There was no way i could call the number there at the bar except i called someone who had the number.
Since i suspected that the thief could still be inside the bar, i asked the barman to give me his phone. I wanted to call Efuah in London and ask her to send me the phone number, i had her number offhand. The barman refused to give me his phone.
There were two North African men sitting near my table, i suspected that it was them who took the phone. I had approached and asked them if they saw the phone but they denied.
I had diverted the phone number to one of my phones which i left at the hotel. I had configured the number to be diverted whenever it was unreachable.
Naomi had called me but since the phone was already switched off, her call had started ringing on the phone i left on the table. She had checked the phone on the table and saw that it was her number that appeared on it.
She had thought that i intentionally decided to leave her in Marseille. First it was that i sneaked out of the hotel while she was still asleep, then i had switched off my phone and diverted it to the one i left on the table.
She was crying when i got back.
”What is it Naomi” i asked.
She ignored me and continued crying. When i succeeded in calming her down,
She told me her fears. She thought i had brought her down South to Marseille and abandoned her.
I pitied Naomi. She had been living on the edge since she started running with me. I knew that she didn’t trust me up to hundred percent but i didn’t blame her. Who would in a situation like that? I personally never trusted anything or anybody hundred percent including myself. Human beings could easily change.

”Its ok Baby, they stole my phone at the bar” i said as i hugged her.
When she calmed down well enough to talk, i said,
”Listen carefully Naomi, i have been in this kind of situation before. I have liberated a girl in Portugal and she was your age. She lives in Germany now. Just like you, she was scared that i could run away from her at some point but i proved her wrong. She lives in Germany with her baby. Another thing i would like you to understand is that i am free to leave you anytime i want. All i can do is to make sure that i left you in a place where you can survive without me. I am a realist human being and a naturalist. I believe that there are many factors that can separate us even without our wishes. One of the factors is death. I hope you understand all this”.
She nodded after listening to me.

”I want us to go out now. We are going to the Stade Velodrome to watch football” i said.
She got up and went into the bathroom while i operated one of the new phones to chose which one to replace the stolen one.

When Naomi finished wearing her clothes, we went down and took a cab to Stade Velodrome.

The streets of Marseille were very Narrow. It was an old city which needed some serious works of upgrading. The cab who took us to the stadium ripped us off. As someone who took cabs every other day, i knew that the distance from our hotel to the Stadium didn’t merit €50 which the driver took from us. As a result, i took the cab number and went into the stadium.

Olympic Marseille defeated Paris Saint Germain by 3 goals to 1. It was a very entertaining game.

After the game, we followed the bus to the old Port. There were thousands of people walking around as expected. We entered a restaurant and ate some French foods.

The following day, we went to the asylum office where Naomi was registered. The asylum system in Marseille was different from what i experienced in Germany. Almost every asylum seeker in France left the area as soon as he or she got registered.
The lady at the office asked for Naomi’s Identity Card which she provided. After writing some things down, she asked why we came.
”I want to joint the school” Naomi said.
For some unknown reason, i left two of them in the office and went outside.
There was a small field opposite the asylum office, i went across the field and entered a small Ice cream bar.
Twenty minutes later, Naomi called and said she had been admitted. I told her where i was and when she came, she gave me the list of things they gave her to buy.
It was time to start looking for a small apartment for her.

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