23: The young terrorist

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Chiamaka Eze was just 16. The first tme I saw her, she had just returned from school. Her school was the army day secondary school. She was in SS3. I had gone to their cybercafe to waste some time since there was nothing to do.
I had lived some frivolous lives down in the eastern Nigeria the previous week and had decided to take some leave and rest away from the east and my car. I believed the car was the reason why I went anywhere I wanted, as a result, I had left it in Onitsha and went to Cotonou. I had returned from Cotonou to Lagos and found myself near their cybercafe where I lived with my cousin.

I was sitting in a computer but since there was no internet network that very moment, I had decided to fiddle with other applications I saw on the monitor screen. I had opened a microsoft word page and started typing slowly like an amateur that I was. Chiamaka had come down from upstairs and sat beside me to work for someone.
I had seen her returned from school and went upstairs. I took no interest on her then because she was very tender but when she returned and sat near me,, I took a closer look at her. She was what you can describe as an angel. Very slim, tall, long legs, beautiful eyes, full lips and some bosoms that was growing majestically.

Occasionally, Chiamaka would take a peep on my screen and saw the common mistakes I was making with the open microsoft word page. When she couldn’t hold herself any longer, she laughed at me. I was almost embarrassed but knowing that I was an amateur, I ignored her and continued making my mistakes.

If only she knew how dangerous I was with girls, she wouldn’t have dared laughing at me. As a result of her continuous interest on my monitor, I asked her to teach me instead of laughing at me.
Her father had come into the cafe by then. He had heard what I said and told me that it cost money to learn such things. He said all his children including the 7year old last born was proficient with computer and it was true.

I told him that I didn’t have much time to stay in Lagos but that I would return to the cafe whenever I found myself in Lagos.
While I was learning some computer tricks from Chiamaka, Elizabeth called. She said she was in the car coming to Abule Oshun bus stop along the Badagry expressway . I told her I would meet her at the bus stop when she arrived.

I left the cyber cafe and went to receive her an hour later.
She came to the flat and asked if it belonged to me. She wanted to move in and stay with me if I wanted.
”It belonged to my cousin” I had told her.

We made love that day and the next day since she slept over night.
When she left the following day, I returned to the cafe. Chiamaka had started behaving as if there was a problem between us. She refused to talk to me even when I asked her to teach me something. I didn’t know what the problem was but whatever it was then, I pushed it behind me.
I had planned to go back to the east in two days time.
A day before my traveling, I returned to the cafe with A bottle of Elliot whiskey which I gave to mr James, the owner of the cafe. He had started to like me and so was his wife and the rest of his children. I had spent a lot of hours in their cafe fiddling with computers and paying them for every hour I spent there. They had encouraged me to pay N15,000 and study the whole computer course but little did they know that I had returned from Europe and would go back there some day.

I returned to the east a day later and picked my car in Onitsha. I drove to Enugu and stayed for some days. My days in Nigeria were coming to an end.
I had bought a new Nokia phone and new sim card. I had switched off my first phone and only switched it on whenever I wanted to make use of it.

Messages had been flooding in especially from girls.
Jennifer had been sending texts that her house rent had expired and that the house owners had been sending letters to the box. She was lucky because I deposited money for extra one month when I paid for the house.
I had replied one of her messages and advised her to go back to Achim near Bremen where her HEIM was located.

Rose from Port Harcourt had sent a message that she had been missing me and wanted to come to Enugu to see me. I replied her that I was no longer in the east and that I would call her when I get there.

Liz from Aba sent messages too. She said she had been calling for days but couldn’t get me on the phone.
She asked if she had done something wrong to deserve not getting a call from me.

I called her.

”Liz, how are you” I had said.
She blamed me for avoiding her calls and not liking her anymore.
”My life is not all about you Liz” I had said.
”I like you a lot but there are other things to do as well” I had told her.
She wept when I broke the news to her that I was going back to Europe any moment. I promised her I would send her money to pay for her house rent when it expired.

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