22: The Divine Mercy

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By the time i finished my inspirational talks to Maria, she was crying.  She had just become the latest among the women who had cried before me. It started with Jennifer, then Chinelo, Ify, Naomi, Ngozi, Esther, Alice, Fatimah and now Maria. They have all cried at one time or the other.

The tears were the bonds that held us together; It was the tears that made me to stay and finish the jobs. It was the tears that made me vow never to leave them even long after they were gone. They had all shed genuine tears; i knew it when i saw it because i was the one who made them cry. I was the one who through the divine mercy of nature, cleansed their hearts from evil to purity. I was their master, their guardian and their hope in Europe. I had forcefully pulled them out of the path of destruction and directed them to a new way of life. A life that would give them freedom even if i were not there to witness it. The glory and honour was never mine because it was the same divine mercy from nature that pulled me out of drug business in Germany and Amsterdam unhurt and without spending a day in Prison. It was the same Grace that protected me from being killed in many dangerous occasions especially back in Nigeria and Amsterdam.

I had been nearly killed by some armed robbers who wanted to snatch my car back in Enugu in 2006; I survived that attack because the Grace moved me to make a call to the house of assembly quarters.

I was nearly killed by Sule and his gang back in Abdijan Ivory Coast in the same 2006 but i also survived that by running away from Church while leaving my bag behind in a hotel room.

It was the same divine mercy and Grace that rescued me when the Okada riders of Ijesha nearly caught me at the Balogun kuku gate in Aguda; i survived them.

It was the same Grace and divine mercy that saved me at the abandoned train station when i ran into some Nazi skin heads while tying to throw away my gun in Berlin Germany.

It was the same Grace that saved me when i was nearly killed by Carlos and his gang of dangerous weapon wielding mobs in Amsterdam because someone had stolen the drugs they gave me.

What about Clement and his gang who pushed me into the Gasperdam lake? It was the same Grace that saved me from the cold waters.

In France, Efosa and his gang had tried to kill me but i merely did anything except follow the lead of the gods that wanted me to rescue the teenage girls.

It was the Grace and divine mercy that protected me when the same Maria sent out many thugs to kill me in Italy but i came out of it unhurt.

Above all, it was the same Grace and divine mercy that gave me the kind of Resident permits i used during all those time i had run from one place to another. It could not have been possible to travel around Europe if not that the permits were there.

Then there was Maria, one of the people who wanted me dead; sitting right beside me crying like a baby who lost his or her toy.


“It is Ok Maria, we were all born here to do one thing or the other. If you didn’t exist, i would not have known Ngozi or Fatimah. If not you, It would not have been easy or even possible for the Nuns at the Vadstena Abbey Pax  Marie Convent to have that Wonderful Fatimah. It is not in our powers to control the universe, it is the other way round. But like I promised you, i will make money for you but let us appreciate this wonderful world first. It is a gift to us by the gods and we must live it or it will leave us” I said as i cleaned her eyes with my with T shirt.

“You will wash this T shirt, i didn’t buy it to clean tears” I said and we both started laughing.


It was around 2pm when we walked down to the train station and went to the big shopping mall near the Stockholm Central station. We bought four sets of Ladies clothes and one pair of shoes for Maria. She had come from Italy with only the Clothes she was wearing. We also bought more food items and one extra cooking pot. When we returned home, she cooked rice and stew while i went to Williams to get some money.

Maria had no money with her, she had rushed up to Sweden out of frustration and anger but just like apostle Paul, she had been converted by a more powerful force. Being what i was, i didn’t trust her fully. I never trusted anything fully anyway, i was usually suspicious of everything and it kept me alive. Maria could have decided to play to the gallery and wait for the opportunity to pounce on me. I was going to be as careful as i had never been. Sleeping with her was already inevitable and it was almost like sleeping with a snake. I had also decided that we must always eat from the same plate or i won’t eat at all. I knew that i could get careless sometime in the future but i was going to make sure that Maria must have trusted me then. She had seen what i could do and how i could wriggle my way out of trouble with ease. She already knew that i was also as dangerous as a cobra, as cunning as a tortoise and as clever as ants but one can never be careful enough.


I returned to the house before the food was done and we ate from the same plate.

“I never know that we will ever eat in the same plate again after what you did to me” it was Maria in the middle of our dinner.

“I didn’t know you will hate me that much after saying yes to my marriage proposal” I returned.

“You are such a devil” she said and started laughing.

Some stray pepper got into her head and she started coughing loudly. I picked up the cup of water on the table and fed her slowly until the coughing subsided.

When she calmed down, she looked romantically at me and said, “Thank you very much for the care, i just wish the circumstances that brought us together were different”.

“The circumstances that brought us together were different Maria, only that you are seeing them with the eyes of hatred and greed. I hope that someday, you will be able to know that the only thing we cannot change is Destiny. Any place you found yourself in this World and you are still alive and healthy, believe me, you are at the right place. That is the meaning of destiny. Now eat your food” i said as she cut out a small portion of rice and put it in my mouth.


“You only live once”


“A bird is in the air but its mind is on the ground; Wherever you are it is important to remember where you come from & what is important”



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  1. Toonday

    I wonder what will happen if people you ve had ugly encounters with are reading this.

  2. jonnyanichi

    Hmm, Ozoigbondu 1, are u now a preacher or the same free thinker i thought you are. Just confused on where to place you.

    Good job!

  3. Cheliz

    Zubby that was extraordinary grace & divine mercies of Jehovah God.
    Thank u from delivering Maria from mental slavery to olokun

  4. horlabiyi

    Truly that was divine and mercy. But bro kindly delete the Muhammed picture from this update. Rosulilahi (S.A.W) never took any picture when he was alive.

  5. Dannyboy

    I wish you and Maria could form a team. The prostitution cartel in Europe would have a hard time keeping up with their business.

    • horlabiyi

      I don’t want to say anything about Jesus cos I don’t want fanatics here to attack me.

  6. belbest01

    so interesting still following from nl to gr. Oga Zubby God saved you for this purpose. thanks for the good work.

  7. BeesWax

    and the story keeps getting more interesting
    maria….maria….she reminds me of the westside story….
    *singing in product g&b’s voice*

  8. hungry boy

    Am learning a lot from your life zubby, ride on bro, nothing do u

  9. kindit77

    First time to comment. I have always hoped that you put some restriction on this site exclusively for readers and for your pocket. You can actually sell this as a kindle book through amazon and earn cool cash from it clockwise. You have done well i appreciate the qualiy content you have on your blog. Kudos……

  10. lastdon1

    Zuby, ozuigbondu1! I already knew maria was gonna calm down eventually.. She had tested ur might in nigeria n europe n knew she was deep far away nevertheless, don’t forget she has a thing for u. U’v fucked her real good n she has invested in u big time, trusted u remarkably so all the emotional attachment cannot be flinged away by any woman after having seen ur intelligence n thinking prowess yielding far reaching desired results within split seconds. She ll rather cry n stick with the devil she knows.

  11. Chidooh

    i see a perfect reconnection between Zubby and Maria, let’s wait and see.

  12. Hi-goat

    Am back! Weda de devil lyk it or not, i ‘ll still be commentin on dis website/blog. I was formaly known as kingslow7, but am now baptized with a christian name “Hi-goat”
    @zuby, divine mercy from nature greatly protected u from harm and death. And de divine mercy of nature is aslo making u to tell many gulible boys/girl of african origin, to curb the notion of going to european countries and hopin thay every thing ll easy than there. “So that many souls ll be saved ”
    As an atheist u called him devine nature, but me i call Him **OMINI-PRESENT,OMNI-SCIENCE,OMNI-POTENT “GOD”)

  13. Ace101

    Hmmm… Onye~Ego speaks… Am also part of d work of touchin lives in my own way

  14. buddy

    Jst got registered nowaly! Am on d ride wit ya all! Jst enjoying ma self..(atarboy….!)

  15. cutemom

    ‘n u think Jesus took pictures?’
    achigbuo m onwe m n’ochi while seriously thinking, okwa eziokwu. all pix na figments of our imagination

  16. Jim

    It’s going to be end of mine day, but before ending I am reading this fantastic piece of writing to increase my know-how.

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