21: Saboteur

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Chapter 21: Selling out.

On our way to Grigny with the Peugeot 406, i called Aunty Franca.
”I can put an end to all this thing but it is going to cost you more money. You started this problem. I warned you but you think you are clever. You will give me another €2000 and you are paying it today. Prepare to meet with me in Thirty minutes. I will be in an open crowded place where you can not do anything to me. You can come with your thugs, i am not afraid of them. Tell Ernest that i want to see him there too. I am looking for a good place to invite you. I will call you back in twenty minutes. If you like, don’t come with the money. The next mistake from you will be very disastrous” i said and hung up.
About ten minutes to enter Grigny Center, i called Franca back.
”Where are you people now, i want to come there” i said.
She said they were in Saint-Lazare.
Saint-Lazare is in the middle of Paris and since i was going South towards Grigny and Evry, i told them that we would meet at the North in Saint-Dennis train station near the Parc Des Princes in one hour.
Getting from Saint-Lazare to Saint-Dennis will take about fourth minutes, therefore i figured it will give me enough time to operate in Grigny.

We stopped at the mall and went into the Second hand electronics shop of the Arab man.
He was in when we came. I called him aside and told him that i wish to leave France and wanted to sell some of my things. He agreed to follow me to the apartment.

We got to the apartment and it was open. The lock had been damaged. We walked quietly into the place and found out that my laptop had been stolen and so was the TV. The only valuable thing in there was the Mattresses. The Arab man said he would only pay €100 for the two foams. It was better than nothing. I took the money from him and handed it over to the cab driver and said, ”Lets go”.

On our way back to the Paris center, i called Efosa.
”How many of you broke into my apartment” i asked.
He kept quiet.
”Give Franca the phone” i said.

”Hello Solomon, are you there now”? She asked.
”The meeting is temporary cancelled. Your thugs broke into my house and took my Laptop and TV. Two of them are worth €1000. Call me when you people have all the money” i said and cut of the call.
Franca called.
She pleaded that i pitied her. According to her, she wanted us to meet and end the whole thing since nobody was looking after her daughter.
”Are you going to push your daughter out to the street for prostitution when she is 16 years”? I asked her.
She stammered while saying that it was not the topic at hand.
”Why haven’t you asked about Naomi”? i asked.
She kept quiet.
”Like I said, the meeting is cancelled for now. Go home, i will contact you soon again” i said and switched off my phone.

I asked the cab driver to stop me at Gare du Nord. I gave him another €20 and he drove off. I walked into the massive structure of Gare du Nord Train station of Paris and checked the TGV  fast train to Marseille. It loaded up for Marseille until 1am in the morning. Since we were on the run, it would be good to use the midnight train. It meant that we get to Marseille early in the morning. I went to the TGV counter and bought two tickets to Marseille, then as i walked out of the Gare du Nord to the outside, i saw Franca and Ernest. Efosa and Luke wasn’t with them anymore. Since i wasn’t expecting them at the Gare, they had seen me before i saw them.
I was crossing the road to the side where they stood and before i saw them, they had bowed their heads down to stop me from knowing them. Fortunately for me, Ernest usually carried one bag which he always put around his neck. I had spotted the pattern and it triggered the sudden look at his figure. It was him quite alright. I had pretended that i didn’t see them since i was on a dark sun glasses. The traffic light which was green while i was crossing from the Gare towards the shops across the road had changed from green to yellow. It was a matter of seconds before it turned red and as soon as it turned red, the waiting vehicles would start moving fast towards each direction.
I was almost across the road but i suddenly turned back and started running back to the Gare. Ernest and Franca saw what i did and also tried to cross the road but it was late for them as the car horns chased them back to where they were standing. I had narrowly escaped being hit by a car, many eyes were on me as i quickly entered into the Large Gare du Nord and disappeared into an escalator. I walked down to the metro area and entered a metro train standing there on line 4. I didn’t know where it was going but i needed to move away from the Gare. The digital clock on the platform showed that the train would move in two minutes, that was a long time to wait. I had estimated that it will take about one minute for the traffic to turn green, then the two people would cross to the Gare. It would take them another minute to get to the line 4 if they knew where to look for me. I counted on the luck that they could have started to look for me in another line. I hated counting on luck and as a result, i was on high alert.
A bell rang after two minutes and the train door began to close, then i saw them. Ernest was ahead of Franca by 5 meters. He had heard the door closing bell too and had started running to meet up.
The doors of the train were almost jamming up together when Ernest put his hands against them and squeezed himself inside the last coach. I was on the second coach up front. Aunty Franca had missed the train. I was sure Ernest didn’t know i was in the train. He had jumped in from instinct since line 4 was headed to the only place almost every Nigerian visited in Paris; Mercadet Metro station.

As the train moved to the next station at top speed, i thought about the next thing to do. It would take the train only a minute to stop at the next station, therefore it was urgent that i came up with a good idea and fast.

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