On August 2005, I had another encounter with the police.

They had been monitoring my movements.

There was a man that sold pizza in the city. At exactly 12pm, every day between monday and friday, he would call me to supply him with 50 euro worth of weeds.
He was my most consistent customer and because of his consistency, I had decided to keep him.

I didn’t know that the police had been following me each time I went to supply the man along the canal.

That fateful day, he had called me but I had only 1 gram of weeds which I had kept for myself. I had supplied everything to the retailers.
I told him I had only one and he begged that I sold it to him. He was already at our meeting point when I arrived. Unknowingly to us, the police had sorounded the Area with dogs.

They were about 10 of them, fully kitted as if they were going to arrest Pablo Escoba of Colombia.

I had learnt not to run whenever they caught me, so I remained where I was when I heard ” herr Ebot, bleiben sie in ein platz” ( Mr Ebot, stay in one place and don’t move).

I stood there until they came and searched me. I had only one gram of weed with me. They took it, took the name of the customer and told him to go. He was going to be a witness in court on the case of State Brandenburg vs Ebot Solomon.

They took me to my room in the glaring eyes of everybody. The HEIM was in panic, the major dealer had been captured.

They searched my room and found nothing. They were disappointed again. I had beaten them once more.
The one gram they found wasn’t enough to lock me up. They just took me to the police station and finger-printed me.

It was my first drug related finger printing. I spent about an hour while they processed me.
I told them that I was not going to say anything until I see my lawyer. They called my lawyer in Potsdam and he asked them not to question me.
They fixed a court for my hearing on November 29, 2005, and released me to go.

When I got to the HEIM, everybody couldn’t believe their eyes. They thought I was going to be locked away. They thought I had been captured with a lot of drugs. After the incident, I closed down my business entirely.

Obinna, a guy from Udi Enugu state had come two months earlier. I had taken him under my wing and tutored him.
I handed my business empire to him and spent most of my time with Agnes and Victor.
I also frequented Berlin to stay with Okoronkwo.
I told my supplier that I needed some break.
He had bought two bags of weeds and had wanted to supply them to me before the last police incident.
He begged me to take and supply them before we began the break. Somehow he had managed to convince me.

The day he brought the drugs to Brandenburg, I divided them and supplied to the small dealers in the HEIM. I hid the rest in my room and went to sleep in Agnes’ room.

At about 4am, they invaded the Brandenburg HEIM again. They had searched my room and found nothing but when it was time for them to leave, Fadi, the lebanese snitch had told them that I had a gun.

They had gone back to search for it and found the drugs I had hidden inside the wall. I had opened a hole in the wall and hid the drugs there, then I placed a Football poster over it.

I had also hidden 5000 euros on the fluorescent holder on the concrete ceiling. They found the drugs but didn’t find the money.

Fadi told them where I was and they came to Agnes’ room with dogs. I was on a boxer when they came. They brought me outside and made a video of me and the drugs they found.
They also took many pictures.
I had bought a motorola razor phone a day before the last invasion. I left it in Agnes’ room. I told her my brother’s name in the phone and told her to call him and tell him that the police had taken me.

When we got to the station, they called my lawyer. He came from Potsdam and after some paper works, they agreed that the lawyer would bring me to court on November 29, the same day I was to appear in court for the previous crime.

Surprisingly, they left me to go. That was it. That was the one chance I thought I would never have again.

My cup was full,
It was time to leave Germany.
It was time to try my luck elsewhere and
It was time to start traveling around Europe.

Thank you Germany.
Thank you Brandenburg an der Havel.
Thank you Agnes for making me feel loved.
Thank you Victor for teaching me how to be a father.
Thank you.

The following morning, I called Johnson and gave him my key. I had went back to my room and saw the 5000 euros I had hidden in the fluorescent holder.
I took the money and went to Berlin.
The local Brandenburg newspaper had me and the drugs on the cover page.
They bragged that they had finally caught me, that the evidence was there for everyone to see. They had asked every kid who knew me as a drug dealer to come to court on the 29th of November.

I hired a resident permit card of my friend Emeka and bought a one-way ticket to Lisbon Portugal. Around midday on October 28, 2005, a month to my court appearance, I flew out of Schonefeld airport Berlin to Palma de Mallorca with Air Berlin. Then I boarded another flight and flew to Lisbon….. It was goodbye Germany…


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