21: Feel Of Motherland

Chapter 21.

Mr Ken, despite being a bird, was also a playboy.
He plaited his hair like women, had ear rings and smiled like a giggolo.

I didn’t care anyway. The only thing that interested me was his huge manhood.
Sex was sex everywhere but i felt that it would be fun to experience Sex in African Land again.

I watched as Ken removed his clothes one after the other.
When his manhood jumped out of his boxers, he looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back and started removing my own clothes. It was true that i took my bath when i arrived at the hotel but it wouldn’t kill me to have another one.

Two minutes later, the last piece of cloth on my body hung on the bathroom door.

I climbed into the large bathtub and joined Ken who had managed to fill the tub with water.

Ken sat inside the head end of the tub while i sat at the tail end.
Our various private parts were covered by water and made it impossible for us to see with our eyes.
Therefore i stretched my leg towards him and touched his manhood with my toes.

He smiled and stretched his leg too.
I felt it as it brushed on my pubic hairs.
We threw water gently at each other while the leg touching continued.

It was past midnight but we played inside the tub for several minutes before he couldnt bear it any longer, then Ken stood up and held my hand.
He raised me up and turned me around.
He made me hold the edge of the tub while bending down.
The position made my cunt to shoot out from behind.

I thought he had a condom nearby but i was wrong because when i felt the huge manhood rammed into my cunt from the back, i knew right away that he was entering into me without protection.

The pleasure was too much for me and didn’t allow me to complain.
The only thing i feared was contacting STDs from him. As for pregnancy, i had its antidote.

I moaned out loud as he pumped me from the back. His manhood filled every space in my cunt and at that moment, i wished Basil had such big manhood.

Back in Amsterdam, i made jokes to Basil about his small manhood.
During our sex in Amsterdam, i hardly got satisfied.
The only satisfaction came from the knowledge that i would soon be going to Abidjan to fly drugs back to Europe.

“Oh my gawd” I shouted over and over as Ken rammed his manhood in and out of me from the back.
I lost myself to the ecstasy until i felt his sperm splashed on my buttocks. He had managed to pull his manhood out on time to avoid releasing the Sperms inside of me.

I turned around and held his manhood.
Right there, i wished any man who would marry me, to have such good and big manhood.

I believed that was the wish of every woman because it was disgusting to get married to a man with small manhood.
Whether we agreed or not, Manhoods were one of the reasons why women cheat in relationships.

We finished our bath and returned to the room.

After drying our bodies with the single towel in the room, i picked up my clothes to wear them.
I felt two hands grabbed my breasts from the back And when i turned back, i faced his smiling face.
Before i could say a word, his mouth closed in on mine and he started a sumptuous kiss.

I didn’t know when clothes in my hand fell to the ground as he carried me slowly to the bed and lay me with my back on the bed.

Ken spread my legs slightly and buried his head between them.
He sucked and licked my clitoris as the ecstasy catapulted me out of this World.

I placed my legs on his shoulders as he dipped his tongue into my open cunt and sucked on it for several minutes.

I moaned and wriggled as i witnessed the best sex experience i ever had.
It was almost impossible to believe that i met Ken a few hours ago.

As he sucked on my clitoris, i prayed that he never left my life.
Despite being a prostitute, i still felt something different about the way Ken handled me.
He was so gentle in his approach and never in a haste to do anything.

He would suck with his mouth and occasionally dip two fingers into my Cunt.

At a stage, I cried and begged him to fuck me with his manhood.

More than twenty minutes after sucking, licking and fingering, he finally put me out of my misery by mounting me.

I felt the manhood slowly found its way past the mouth of my cunt and went deep into my Vagina.
I held him firmly as he pumped in and out of me with enough energy to push a trailer.

When he collapsed on top of me, i knew that he has released his sperms inside of me.

I knew he did what he was supposed not to do but i didn’t complain.
I experienced enough pleasure to forgive him and i wasn’t going to destroy that joy with complaints.

He lay on top of me for over a minute before he fell to my left side.

“Baby you are the best” He said.

I smiled.

I wasn’t surprised by his compliments, every player said such things.

Since i didn’t have any flushing drugs with me in Abidjan, i decided to wait until i return to Europe where i could buy them without fear.

We lay side by side for several minutes before i gathered enough strength to stand up.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up before i returned to the bed.

Around 6am, i got up and told him that i was returning to my room.
I felt that Chinedu could come to the Hotel to look for me and i was right because when i went down to get my Key from the reception, i saw him sitting on a Chair.

“Where did you go?” He asked.

I told him that i met an old friend of mine from Italy and decided to spend the night in his room.

“You are not here to sleep with men, you are here for business” He complained.

I didn’t want to argue with him, he might not have known that i was a professional prostitute.
Telling people that we slept with men wasn’t a big deal for us but Chinedu didn’t know that.

The only reason why i didn’t want to argue with him was simply because my return ticket was going to be bought by him.
Basil told me that they would route my return ticket directly to Amsterdam.
Chinedu was responsible for that and as a result, i didn’t want any trouble between us.

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