21: The Union of Enemies.

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The two police groups exchanged some words in their native language which i didn’t understand. The first group brought out the statement they had gotten from us and showed it to the new group. They also asked Kathy and Brenda some questions but i couldn’t understand any word from them. Less than five minutes after the new group arrived, all of them left the apartment together with Kathy and Brenda who didn’t say anything to me. As soon as they left the area, i went back inside and sat on the bed with Maria.

“Call Alice and tell her to come here, she might have called the police as well. It seems that everything around here involves police force” I said to Maria. She didn’t say a word or even touch her phone. She just sat there,

“Look Maria, i understand this whole life for you is all about money. I am not interested in that kind of life. I have had several opportunities to make big money but i turned them down because i believe so much in humanity; i am a humanist. I know i am going to be violating my own principles by teaming with you to make money but i will be satisfied because the money will be coming from bad people and my own shares will be used to save the people you and your friends brought to Europe. You know a lot of Madams in Italy and other places around Europe. We can make a lot of money from them. We can be sharing the money into two equal cuts. You can be doing whatever you want with yours but first of all, i want you to agree totally to this plan. It may involve the people you know. I want you to know something; i have rescued many girls here in Europe. I don’t really know how it happened but i believed that the gods that pushed me into doing that are doing their jobs of protecting me” I said as she turned and stared at me without saying a word.

“You can’t hurt me Maria. I know every of your moves even before you make them. Forinsntance, i knew that you were coming to Sweden, i forced the secret out of Alice. I would have avoided this place if i didn’t want to see you. I wanted to meet you again because among all the girls i have met, you seem to be the most matured and most understanding among them. The only problems you have is that you are a human trafficker; it is just as simple as that and you love money too much for my liking” i continued.

“Ngozi is no longer a prostitute. She is in school now somewhere and so is Esther, Naomi and Lisa. Jennifer just got married to a football player and Ify is doing well in Dublin. These are the people i rescued from the streets. You could have been a doctor or a lawyer or an actress or something legal if you had chosen a different career in life or if someone had rescued you from the streets. I understand you feel that since you worked your way up through the ranks of prostitution, you must remain there. No, Maria. You can always change to something different. You can invest in a different thing and become a different person. You can’t sell your body forever because you will get old someday or even contract a disease before you get old. I am offering you a life line by asking you to listen to my plans. I will make money for you but you will have a big role to play too.

“What is the big role you want me to play?” she asked.

Great! I had hoped that she asked this question. It meant that she can change.

“First of all, i want you to know that Fatimah is no longer of this Wordl” I said like some of the African dubious men of God.

“What, is she dead?” She asked instantly.

“She is not dead but she is in a Catholic Convent somewhere very far from here. She has given her life to Christ and has accepted him as his personal Lord and saviour. Maria it means that if you ever go looking for her to return to prostitution, Holy Ghost fire will burn you in an instant. I am not talking about Olokun or any useless deity in a Benin forest, i am talking about Holy Ghost fire from Heaven. Do you remember what it did to Saul on his way to Damascus when he was persecuting the Children of God? What about when Elijah burned the prophets of Baal? That is the Holy Ghost fire i am talking about. If you even ever taught of getting Fatimah back, your own is finished” I said and waited for her response. I wanted to know her reactions. She has been claiming to be the most stubborn among all the girls i knew but i was sure that everybody has something or someone he or she feared.

Like every other girl in the Nigerian prostitution cartels in Europe, Maria had been brainwashed to believe that one deity was going to kill her if she ran away. She had grown to use the same line of lies on her own girls. It was just the same thing as the Religions that was brought to us. We were told about hell and Heaven and Paradise and Purgatory and many more tales that we had no idea where it all started or ended.

It was usually very funny to me when I hear the Catholics and other Christian Churches argue about whether Virgin Mary was worthy to be praised and whether the Cross was a symbol of paganism etc. That argument alone was enough to teach the two factions that non of them knew what they argued about.

We just believed and passed the messages along to our juniors as if we had witnessed any of those things.

At a stage during my lecture, Maria sat and listened to me like a kid. It was there and then that i found out how easy it was to convince people with fear because Maria had asked me, “Do you mean that you don’t fear Olokun or any deity?”.

I had laughed and said, “If i had any fear for your Olokun or any deity, i wouldn’t not have taken your money or any of your girls. I had found some diabolical items in your bag back in Castel Volturno but i didn’t even worry for a second. A human being must die of something. If I die now, I didn’t die early”.

“What are the plans you wanted to tell me about how we are going to make money?” Maria had asked me.

“Relax sweetheart, i told you that you love money so much. It means that you would be chasing after it all your life but if you relax for sometime without worrying about money, it will start looking for you. I am who i am now because nature wanted me to save some African teenage girls; therefore it had been giving me money easily. You will make money; believe me but first, you need to relax here with me. Tomorrow, we will start looking for another apartment. We will stay here for weeks. Your life belongs to you and i want you to start living it from now” I finished.


“Do not hasten to rejoice at someone’s departure until you see his replacement”

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  1. Cheliz

    I wonder how people feared Olokun so much that they start doubting Jehovah.
    Maria took u to church and prayed fervently for God’s protection for human trafficking biz but feared that Olokun will kill u for destroying her life n biz.

    God save us all

  2. phapi

    What a thriller???? OZO baba u jst out of this planet sir, still wonder how u convinced a mentally dis order MARIA to ur own pursuit !!!

    Am learning a lot from u boss!!! Ride on sir God hlp u in diz journey of humanity

  3. horlabiyi

    So the hard headed Maria could be convinced just like that??? O_O

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