20: The opposite laws.

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“Officer what is the problem?” I asked as soon as i opened the door.

There were two police officers; a man and a young woman.

“A neighbour said she saw a woman slapping a man here a few minutes ago” the lady Police said.

I forced a smile on my face and said, “That is true officer. I came here a few days ago without my wife but her friend who lives her saw me with another woman and told her that i am living with a white woman over here. She arrived from Italy and found me with two white girls. That was why she slapped me. I have apologized to her and we are Ok now” I said and looked at Maria who was surprised at how i twisted the entire story.

She nodded and kept quiet. It was the best thing she could do because the informant had told the police that it was a woman who slapped a man. Maria could have explained why she slapped me if i had decided to chose a different story. There was no way she could have told them that i took her money or her girl.


“Did he beat you back?” it was the fat police woman asking Maria if i hit her.

“No” Maria said and kept quiet. She had been in Europe long enough to know that short answeres were the best to deal with government authorities.

I wondered why she was looking for that answer. I also wondered what she was going to do if Maria said that i hit her back. The European laws protected women more than men.


In Europe if a couple had a fight and the police showed up, they usually told the man to leave the house for the time being. To them, it didn’t matter if it was the man who owned the house or not. If a man and a woman had a fight, the police usually arrested the man alone irrespective of who was at fault or who started the fight. They made us believe men should just run away whenever a women came with fights. It was the same in the United States as well.

Somehow it had become part of their cultures and has been embedded into their DNAs. However it became a problem for Africans and Asians.

In our culture back in Africa, a man usually had the right to beat his wife if she misbehaved. Forinsntance if a wife was caught cheating on the husband, the man has the right to beat her or even send her packing. But there in Europe and America, a man has no right to beat the wife no matter what the reasons were. It was a good law alright however, some of our African girls who traveled to  Europe and America learnt that women has such rights fast. Then the rights empowered silly ones among them to throw away their own cultures and start to practice the one they learnt. It caused situations where many of them got battered and even killed. All in all, there were things we were not meant to adopt so fast without going through some difficult processes.


“Are you sure he didn’t hit you anywhere?” the fat woman asked again as she touched Maria all over her head and body to check if i had wounded her somewhere. She was touching Maria like a professional Lesbien.

“I said he didn’t hit me” Maria almost shouted at the lady.

They asked what i came to do in Sweden. Like i told the first group of policemen who visited me, i told them that i had come for business. They asked why i rented an apartment since i had less than two weeks to stay.

“This place belongs to my host and not me. He will take his keys as soon as i am done” i said. I was almost getting angry at the silly questions being thrown at us by the police officers.

“How long have you been here in Sweden” It was the fat woman.

I brought out my ticket and gave her. After looking at it, she handed it back to me.

“When did you people get married?” the fat woman again. That was it.

“How is that your business?” i asked her.

I knew it was an European Police, she was not going to hit me unlike the Nigerian Police.

“I am not interested in answering that question. That is our private lives and we don’t have to answer that question. You can take us to court if you want” i said again.

She stopped what she was writing and stared at me for several seconds.

Her colleague spoke something in their native language and she continued her questions. This time, it was to Maria.

“How long do you intend to stay here?”

“Two or three days. I want to make sure he doesn’t stay with another woman” Maria said.

After a few more questions, they wrote down the data on our passports and handed it back to us, then the advice started.

“You people must not fight, if you have problems; report to the nearest police. It is not good for husband and wife to fight. The children can learn such bad things quickly and live that way when they grow up” the fat woman was saying. She was actually making a whole lot of sense but i needed them to leave my place and return to their station.  A new idea had popped up in my mind while fighting with Maria and i needed to get down to business as fast as i could.


“We will leave now but remember what i said, if there is any other problem between two of you, just come to the Police station and report it. Don’t fight again, it is against the law here in Sweden” The fat police officer said as she opened the door to leave.

“Excuse me, where is your station located?” I asked her, trying to make her believe i was coming to the station if anything happened again.

She wrote an address on a piece of paper and handed it over to me. As soon as they walked outside, i heard some footsteps coming towards my door. I looked outside on time to see three police men walking up to my door. With them were Kathy and Brenda.


I didn’t tell those dumb blondes to call police for me. What were they thinking?. It would have been so easier if the two sets of cops came at different times but how was i supposed to address the new sets since i didn’t know what Kathy and Brenda had told them. On the other hand, they were just 17 and it would be disastrous if the cops found out that i slept with them which i believe could come up if i maintained that i was with them when Maria came.

“Hi” i said as soon as they stopped at my doorstep.

The other two cops were still there.


“Criticism must be used lightly. A gentle wind kindles, while a strong wind kills the fire”

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  1. joe dejana

    Your heart must have been beating so fast….and brain searching for lies.

    • kindry

      I cant imagine what your defense line will read. Good luck Zuby. This is serious trouble.

  2. achi4u

    hahahaha from fry pan to fire, oga Zubby let’s see how u unhook urself for this wahala

  3. ugsams

    The suspense from the last update to this one na fry pan to fire… make I just carry the suspense like that leave town. See you guys when I return.

  4. Wagza

    Double wahala for dead body. *in oritse femi’s voice* One more post 2nyt bro.

  5. Zacchaeus

    Please kindly let us know when you decide to turn this epic to book!

  6. dejust

    this ur controvicial wife called maria, from nigeria trouble to italy, now its hitting anoda one in sweden…

    beware of convertous woman as wife

  7. Delis

    Like I said earlier, I expected you to
    vacate that apartment
    as soon as you return
    from the convent.

  8. Edith

    In our culture back in Africa, a man usually had the right to beat his wife if she misbehaved. Forinsntance if a wife was caught cheating on the husband, the man has the right to beat her or even send her packing.

    What happens if a man is caught cheating?

    Hey Zubby,
    The above statement is wrong. African men do not have the right to beat their wives. That’s not our culture, it’s an abuse which some women tolerate. I have seen women who at the slightest abuse from their men involved police or area boys to deal with the nuisance (of course, these are women who know their rights). Here in Lagos, the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender is doing a good job on domestic abuse.
    The Whites preach gender equality while the blacks preach gender partiality and tilting favouritism to the men.

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