20: No Forgivness in hell

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Chapter 20.

”Do you know anybody who have Chile brown” i asked Dozie on the phone.
Chile brown was a strong brownish Cocaine. It usually came on powdered form. It was one of the best raw cocaine in the market. Chile brown when mixed with the white Ntugwa, turned into milky colour which was exactly what the United Kingdom market demanded.

”One of my guys said he received one bag yesterday” Dozie said.
One Kilogram was referred to as one bag by Nigerians.

I asked how much it was sold. It was true that the price had dropped from €30 to €26 but the Chile stuff still sold for €30. It was scarce unlike the ones that arrived from Brazil and Colombia.

The major reason behind the scarcity was that the population of black people in Chile was very small unlike Brazil and Colombia. A historical research i carried out revealed that Chile and Argentina were the two South American Countries that hated blacks. History also had it that at a time in the past, the whites in those countries murdered all the blacks there. In the present time, the fact remained that in Politics, no black man contested for any post in those two countries. It was also obvious in sports, where no black man could be seen playing for Argentina and Chile football national teams. Although it seemed that those unwritten rules were being relaxed, but still it was such a good thing to know important details of whatever country you wanted to visit.

Dozie said that the price was €30. I expected that.

”I will need 150grams” i said.

He told me to come to his house in an hour so that he would have enough time to go and bring it. I agreed.
An hour later, i was cooking the stuff in his house to determine its quality.

”Where are you sending it” Dozie asked me.
”Eliza” i replied.
Eliza was the name given to the entire United Kingdom, it was a code name derived from Queen Elizabeth. Other counties had their own code names as well.
USA was Bush (George Bush).
Ego Bush meant Dollar.

France was Chirac.
Brazil was Pele.
Holland was Alanso, holy land.
Germany was Hitler.
Italy was known as Pope.
Cocaine was Ahia Ocha or Alhaji White.
Heroine was Ahia Ojii or black.
Every other drugs had code names.

Every Nigerian knew the codes since it was the operational names. You dare not mention cocaine or dollars or any other incriminating name on the phone. You just use the codes.

After checking the Chile brown in Dozie’s house, i paid him. He asked me when i would be sending the stuff to Eliza and when i told him it was the next day, he said he would prepare 100 grams and add for me.

100 grams wasn’t much. I believed he wanted to try me. As a result, i agreed. I would definitely know what to do.

When i got home, i made calls and searched for people who wanted cocaine. Fortunately, Basil, one of the big buyers wanted some goods. I went and sold the Chile white to him. He gave me the exact amount i bought it. I only lost the €5 transportation fares.

I called Dozie in evening and asked if he was
Ready. He was. I drove to his place and picked up the 100. I had warned him not to mix anything in it. His cost price was €3000.

However, after three days, i went and returned €4500 to him. I told him that my contact had returned the money from Liverpool. He was very happy and excited. He thought that the way to Make money had just opened up. He gave me €200 as gift and asked when next i would be sending something to my contact.
”I don’t know, i will let you know when he is ready” i said and left him.
Dozie was mathematically with my €1300. I was going to get it back. I had just set a trap with the money for him. Nobody knew what i had done. Amsterdam was full of tricks. The bad guys were making money locally. It was all a matter of witts. Whatever plan that worked for you was fine, as long as you made money in the end. One also had to be very careful. There were some amount of drugs that could instigate the owner to hire the gunmen for you. I had decided to scam Dozie quite alright but it wasn’t going to be more than €6000 or €7000.
People hardly wanted you dead for that kind of money.  I had woken up one day and decided to increase my total money to atleast €10,000, that was the major reason behind the business with Dozie.

I waited for one week before calling Dozie.
”Guy, i am moving things to Liverpool tomorrow” i said.
I had met Dozie in the gym that morning but didn’t tell him anything. I wanted to make things look like i had just gotten the green light from my contact in Liverpool.

One of my strongest blessings was the ability to retain information off hand. I knew all the country codes in Europe and Africa. I also knew majority of the country codes in the World. I had somehow managed to locate the British Yellow page on the internet. I had browsed in it until i located phone numbers belonging to people with Nigerian names. There were mostly Yoruba names. I was also very good at names. I knew the origin of every European and Nigerian names.
I would have made a good police detective.
I Had found one Adewale who lived in Liverpool. His name and home address were listed on the yellow page of 2005. I had tried the number and it wasn’t connecting. I had tried some other numbers but they all connected, it meant that those people still lived in those addresses and still used that line. But the Adewale’s number wasn’t connecting. Either that he had moved and abandoned the phone line or that the advent of Mobile phones had instigated him to abandon the land line. Adewale was my escape route.

Te next day, Dozie prepared 250 grams of the stuff. It stood at €7500. It was more than i wanted but it was fine. If i subtracted my €1300, the money would come down to the very amount i wanted to take from him.

He had tormented me and pushed me out of his house without teaching me anything. It was time to pay for that behaviour.
The foolish man from Enugu would continue to teach them how to be nice, only that i used widely unacceptable methods.

“One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you dont feel like doing

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