As soon as you got posted out of camp, you were expected to leave camp that day or the following morning. They normally gave out train tickets to wherever they posted you.

The newly posted people were scrambling for tickets at the office that morning but I was not in a haste.
I had spent a month and ten days in the camp, there was no reason to be in a haste. I intended to travel the following morning.

I left the notice board and headed to the female hostel. I needed to tell my little girl Awiti that I had been posted. I was wearing a blue jean trousers. The same jean I had been wearing for three days. She was lying on the bed when I knocked and went inside. She got up as soon as she saw me and closed the Gideon Bible she was reading.

”Baby did you know that Jesus fed five thousand people with two loafs of bread” she said as if it happened a week ago.
” Yes, I know, If you read a little bit down the book, you will also see where he starved for forty days and forty nights”

*Awiti was a Muslim, she had come to our prayer ground because of me*

” Baby but how can someone live for forty days without eating” she asked.

”the same way someone could feed five thousand people with two loafs of bread” I said.

”They have posted me out” I said and interrupted her next Jesus question.

She said nothing. She just stared at me as if I had said something that didn’t matter.
” Baby it means that I am leaving the camp today or tomorrow” I said.
The ‘today or tomorrow” seemed to have jolted her.

Her face had started changing to red and it took less than a minute to transform into tears. I watched her cry for about three minutes before I began to console her. I made promises upon promises on how I was going to return to camp as soon as I got registered at the auslander behoder or Amt. (foreign office).

She didn’t say anything as I continued my promises. I reminded her about our plans to live together after Camp, how we were going to get married and have beautiful kids that will resemble me.
” No, our kids will resemble me” she said with a smile amidst tears still running down her face.
I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out my handkerchief to clean her tears and a used condom fell out of my pocket unto the ground.

We both looked at it together and looked at each other, then back to the condom lying on the ground.
” what is this” she said.
”It is a condom” I said.

” I know what it is Solomon but what are you doing with this” she said.

Her face had started changing again. The tears that had gone back to her head were scrambling to come out again,

I bent my head in a shameful manner and kept quiet.
She was asking me a million questions and reminding me about all the promises I made to her.

” I had sex with a German lady yesterday evening” I said as I raised my head up. She started crying again and asked me to leave her room.
I tried to plead with her but she pushed me out of the room and locked herself inside.
I stood at her door for several minutes begging her to open the door but she refused.
I left the female hostel and headed to the admin office to get my ticket and posting letter. When I collected them, I went to my room and packed my remaining one jeans and two shirts into a small paper bag. I was tempted to leave camp immediately but on a second thought, I decided to try Awiti again. I loved her really but I never considered marrying her for one day, not in the condition we found each other.

When I got to her room, she had opened the door but was not inside. I went in and waited for her. Some minutes later, she came in from the kitchen and saw me sitting quietly.
” I told you to leave me alone” she shouted as soon as she came in.

I stood up calmly, looked her in the face and said ” Listen carefully Awiti, we met in this camp and If we end our relationship in this camp, it will just be another closed chapter in my life”
” I will get hurt for losing you, I will cry over it but the truth remains that I will not kill myself over it, I will heal with time” I continued.

”I am going to step out of this door and as soon as I get outside, there is no turning back” I said.
” I don’t care, you can go to hell” she said.

I turned the door handle and opened it.
I stepped outside and went straight to my room. My paper bag was on the bed the same way I left it.
I grabbed it and came down stairs.
As I stepped on the single concrete road leading to the main camp gate, I saw Awiti coming up towards me from the female hostel. About five meters behind her was my former beauty queen Agnes with her bags.
Awiti came up to me first and stood opposite me. I looked beyond her and looked at Agnes.
” Are you traveling to Brandenburg today” I asked Agnes as she approached us.
” She hesitated a bit and said yes.
” Good, because I am traveling right now as well.
Awiti just stood there looking from Agnes to me and back to Agnes again. She had nothing to say as I grabbed the bigger of Agnes’ two bags and lead the way towards the camp gate.

As I approached the gate, I looked back and saw Awiti standing like a statue about hundred meters away. Agnes was right beside me.

” She doesn’t look too happy” Agnes said.

” Yes, I replied her. I just told her that I had never loved her and that it was you (Agnes) that my heart had always been with” I said.

She looked at me, turned and looked at Awiti then at me again.
” Poor little girl” she said and held my hand as we stepped out of the gate into the cold vast land of Germany.

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