20: Bad Landlord

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Chapter 20. The bad Landlord.

I got off the train at the  Magenta station and approached the area where illegal taxi drivers were known to be standing. There were about five cars waiting for passengers. I approached a red Renault Megane and knocked on the passenger door. The driver, an Ivorian opened the door with the automatic lock button. I climbed inside and sat down.
”Monami, do you understand English” i asked. He nodded.
”Good, i need you to do something for me. I will pay for the time. There is a man who wants to meet with me but i don’t know him. I want to see him first before i determine whether to meet with him or not. Your job is to drive up to Mercadet metro station. There is a valley in Rue Mercadet by the right, you will enter there. I will be following you with another Taxi. The man said that his shop is a business center at the Rue Mercadet No 15 down to the valley. When you get to the number 14, stop there. I will call the man and tell him that i am in a red Renault car. When he comes out to your car, i will see him. Then i will determine if i will meet him or not” I finished.
After careful considerations, the Ivorian driver said that he will do the job with €30. I agreed and told him to wait while i take another cab. I also told him to give me his phone number, ”If any man approach your car and ask who you are, tell him that Mr. Solomon sent you to pick some money up from the man at the business center. The person will ask where i am, tell him that i am waiting for you at La Defense. If the person asked that you take him to me, tell him to pay you first, then drive to the Police station or a very crowded place and ask him to leave your car.” I said as i handed him €30 and picked up his phone number.
I climbed down from the Renault and entered a blue Peugeot 406, then i called the Ivorian driver and told him to follow us at a considerable distance. As soon as we left Magenta, i called the landlord and told him that i was coming there with a red Renault in twenty minutes.
I got to a corner in Mercadet where the Business center at Rue Mercadet 15 was clearly visible and told the Peugeot driver to wait there. We arrived there less than twelve minutes after we left Magenta.
The Renault drove past us and went down near the business center and stopped.
I called my landlord and told him that i was in front of his business center with a red Renault. He asked me to come inside. I told him that i was driving the car and that since cars were not allowed to park there, it would be bad for me to come out of the vehicle. He said he would be there in a few minutes.

Less than two minutes after calling the landlord, i saw Efosa, Aunty Franca, Ernest and Luke come out of a restaurant opposite the business center and circled the Renault.
Efosa was at the driver’s window asking him some questions. I didn’t know what the driver told him but two minutes later, they all entered the Renault and the driver moved away.
I told the Peugeot driver to move down to the front of Rue Mercadet 15.

I entered the business center with my phone and wallet in my hand.
Since I and the landlord didn’t know each other, he thought i was a customer.
”What do you want my friend”? he asked.
A quick look around revealed that he sold mobile phones and accessories.
”How much is this Samsung phone”? I said as i pointed to a new Samsung smartphone on the counter.
”The last prize is €180” he said with a smile.
I asked him to get it for me to check out. I also pointed to an apple Iphone which he said sold for €300. He gave it to me to check out too.
After picking up the third Motorola phone which cost €105, i asked him for the total cost.
He calculated and said the amount was €585 but asked that i bring €580.
My wallet was already in my hand as i dialed his phone number which started ringing.
He looked at the screen of the phone and ignored it.

”I am the one calling you Mr. landlord. I am here to take my money. I have just decided to buy phones with the money. Are you giving me receipt or should i just go”? I said as i put the phones inside my pocket one after the other. I didn’t care about the packs and the chargers, he can keep those ones.

He sat on his chair and stared at me with surprise written all over his face.
”Call your friends and tell them that i have taken my money. Tell them that i am coming after them too since they won’t rest. And for you, consider yourself lucky because i wanted to come here with a gun” i said as i tracked back towards the exit with my eyes still on the man.
I got outside and started walking down towards the valley. The cab man saw me and started the engine, drove down to me and before he could complain that i haven’t paid him, i opened the door and asked him to drive back to Magenta.

On our way down to Magenta, i called Ernest.
”Ernest its a pity that you have joined those criminals to come after me. I wanted to give you all the things in the apartment in Grigny but since you chose to sell me out, it won’t happen again” I said.
”No no wait, that’s not what happened. They asked me to…” he was saying but i cut off the call.
I called Aunty Franca.
”I told you not to do anything silly. Now the remaining mp3 is going to the Police. You are finished in Europe, you are going to jail” I said and cut off the call.
She called back.
”Please don’t do this to me. It was the devil who made me do this. I promise i won’t try anything again. I am ready to do anything you ask me to do if you promise to give me the mp3 and not go to Police. I won’t try anything again” she said.

The taxi had apparently dropped them off somewhere.
As a result, it was risky to go down to Magenta since it could be that the cab had taken them towards that direction.
”Can you take me to Grigny Center” i said to the driver. He nodded but said i would pay €100 in total if he waited and brought me back to Magenta.

”Take me down to Grigny Center” I said to the driver.

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