It was on a Sunday evening. I had returned from Berlin where I went to buy African foodstuffs and Nigerian Movies for Agnes and Victor.
I had stopped at the Brandenburg Train Station where I was Immediately circled by some mufti Polizei. Their leader who wore ear ring on the left ear had blocked me from moving as soon as I alighted from the train. One other Police whom I had never seen before had quickly grabbed my bag and they had released their dogs to go after me if I attempted to run.

They searched through my bag and found Yam, pepper, red oil, garri and ‘ my destiny’ a Nigerian film that stared Nkem Owoh.
From the look in their faces, I could tell that they were massively disappointed. They had finally tracked the Little drug dealer down and all they could find was pepper. I pretended that I didn’t know what was happening. I pleaded to them not to steal my food items because I bought them with my last money. I was almost in tears. They told me not to worry because they would give the bag back to me.
When the leader finally introduced himself as a police, I told him that I thought they were people who had come to take my food away. I told him that the police had uniforms and asked why they were not on uniforms. He ignored my silly question and they entered their car to leave. I asked them to drop me at the HEIM but they drove off.
Though I knew they would never carry me but I needed to play my fool’s card. It had worked for me many times.

A certain Sandis from Cameroun was in the HEIM when I returned. The Camerounians had gathered to celebrate his return from prison. A half kilo of weeds and Hashes had been found in his room in his absence. Police had searched for him for three weeks before they tracked him down in Stuttgart. He was thrown into prison and charged with two offenses.
1 – he was captured outside his landkreis. (Landkreis meant where your papers allowed you to be)

2 – A certain amount of drugs had been found in his official room a day after he left HEIM.

Since I was in the HEIM, they went for Sandis.
He had spent over one year in Prison because of drugs that belonged to me.
The Camerounians had gathered to plot a way to revenge what I did. They knew the drugs were mine. I had sent their brother to prison for nothing.
He had stolen my first drugs and denied it. He had to pay for his sins. It was the law of nature, it was my law.
After the return of Sandis, a lot of secret gatherings had been going on by the Camerounians, they had teamed up with the guineans since they all spoke French.

My fellow Nigerians maintained a distance from me too.
They were afraid to remain very close to me.
According to Jordan, I was a ticking Bomb that would explode any moment.
Johnson, my master who would have backed me 100% had traveled to sweden to wed his white girlfriend. They had returned and found a small apartment in the city center. He no longer came often to HEIM.
I felt lonely and when I figured I was going to be attacked, I called Marko, my German friend and told him that I needed a gun.
He said he could get one for me at 400 Euros. I gave him the money.

I stopped sleeping in my room alone. I would go down to Agnes and sleep in her room until morning.

On one of the nights that I went to sleep in Agnes’ room, one thing had led to another and she had asked that I sleep in the bed with her.
I had bought children’s bed for Victor. I agreed and went to sleep in the same bed with her. Somehow, she had started some sentimental and emotional crap about how she would have suffered without me, how she didn’t know how to pay me, how I was her god and all that.
Then she had finished and kissed me.
No resistance!
She tried again and left her mouth on mine for several seconds.
On her third trial, I responded and that was it.

That was the moment Agnes had been waiting for several months. She was hungry for me. She kissed every part of my body down to my joystick. She removed my cloths by herself and mounted me. She fvckedd me with fury and and force.
She didn’t bother about condom. She wanted to get pregnant for me and tie me down permanently. She wanted me to take her with me even to Nigeria whenever I decided to go home. She knew I had money in Nigeria. She knew I was the king in the city. She wanted to be part of that Estate.

I started frequenting Berlin because I didn’t want to sleep with Agnes all the time. We had somehow started fvcking every night. She would remove my condom half way through sexxx; when I would be helpless to protest. She had seen an opportunity and she took it.

I was eating at a restaurant one afternoon when Solomon Okoronkwo, the Nigerian footballer entered. He was fresh from Under 20 World Cup in Holland where Nigeria had finished second after Argentina. It was in 2005.
He had heard me spoke Igbo on the phone and approached. He was new in town and knew nobody. He had signed for Hertha Berlin, a german division one club.
After eating, I paid for our foods and we left together to the Area where Igbos frequent.
I was already a Hertha Berlin fan member before they signed him. I used to be going to the Berlin olympic Stadium, the venue of the 2006 world Cup final, to watch Hertha play.

After meeting Okoronkwo, I started frequenting Berlin more. We would go to their training ground together and drove to his place afterwards. Sometimes we would go to my own place in Berlin.

Marko on the other hand had called me that my gun would be ready in a few days. When he had it, I went to his house and collected it. It was a smith & Wesson Police Special .45 calibre.

When I got it, I called some friends in the HEIM and pretended that I wanted to buy drinks, something I do often anyway.
I brought out the gun while we were drinking and everybody was jolted..


When I brought out my silver gun, everybody was ready to run but I told them not to worry. The target was the prisoner who got out after serving my prison terms for me. I leaked the gun information so that they will send a message to Sandis the prisoner. He needed to know that I was ready for war and that I had graduated from ordinary dealer to an armed drug dealer.

After showing off the gun, I took to Johnson’s place outside the HEIM and left it inside my traveling bag which I had kept in his house. He didn’t know a gun was in it. I didn’t know what his reactions would be if he found out I had a gun and that I kept it with him, so I decided not to tell him.
As expected, the news of a gun in the HEIM had circulated. A certain Nigga had brought a gun into the HEIM.

The arabs were the most fearful group. They had been fighting with Africans for the control of the drug flow in the HEIM. They didn’t know it had gone to the extent of getting a gun.
Jimmy, a Morrocan Man had somehow made friends with me. He had turned loyal.
Fadi, the Lebanese boy had also come to pay his loyalty to me.

They had stopped buying drugs from Berlin and joined my retail outlets. They had their own contacts too but between february 2005 and october 2005, they bought from me.
Amidst all of that situation, I was scared too. I was not a killer.

After the police search at the Train station in which they found only the foodstuffs, I had stopped bringing in drugs by myself.
My supplier in Berlin had a C class mercedes car. He would drive down to Brandenburg where we would meet in the night, then I would carry the goods and hide them in the bush. I would only take the ones I would supply that night.

Somehow, some kind of fear had started enveloping me. The money I was making was putting some fear inside me. I had saved up another 20, 000 euros and left it with Johnson in his new appartment where he lived with his white wife. Since he was looking for his papers through the girl, he he had stopped selling drugs especially in the street. He had maintained a few big boys whom he supplied. It was safer for him.

Life went on. Since I got my gun, I had started sleeping in the HEIM again. The Cowards from Cameroun had all vanished from HEIM. Sandis the thief who stole my drugs and paid with prison term was rumoured to have ran to France.
His friend Guy was rumoured to be in Belgium. The only one remaining was Christie, a lady of about 40 from Cameroun, she would greet me at every slightest opportunity.
She had heard that I had a gun. They all thought I carried it around.

A thought that protected me…

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