First thing the following morning, I went into the old city of Brandenburg. It was as they said, a historic city which hosted Adolf Hitler and his first ever concentration camp where he killed the Jews.
I trekked to the city center and looked around. Everything was neat and organised. People were busy doing their businesses. There were many Turkish people selling small items along the roads.
I entered a shop and bought a small Siemens mobile phone and a simply card. It cost me about 40 euros. I declared the card and went back to the HEIM.
The same people I saw yesterday loitering on the road between the HEIM and Eurospar shopping mall was there again. I greeted and passed them back into the HEIM.
I brought a carefully hidden piece of paper where I had written down phone number.

I first of all dialed my brother in Onitsha and told him I had been posted out of Camp. He suggested that I go back to Afam in Essen and join them in whatever they were doing there.
I called Efuah in Ghana and told her that I had left camp and that the phone number that called her was mine. She was very excited. We talked about life in general, about our future and what was going to happen with her pregnancy.
She promised to take care of herself pending on when I would be ready to return to Africa.
Then I called some of my friends and shared my phone number with them.
I called Matthew in Oberhause, the guy who had welcomed me, but his number was switched off.
I called Afam in Essen and told him that I had been posted out of Camp. I told him where I was and he asked me to join him in Essen if there was nothing for me to do in Brandenburg.

Then I called Nnenna, the first girl I fvcked in Germany. She was very happy to hear my voice. She invited me to Essen immediately and I told her that I would come Asap.
I stood on the window and watched as white people passed in front of the HEIM, then passed again after a few minutes. I wondered what was going on but couldn’t figure it out.
In the afternoon, I went to the Eurospar and bought a full chicken, tomato paste, a 2kg sack of rice, maggie and pepper. I went back and made stew and ate.

There were pots and spoons, plates and cups in each room. There were also a fridge a wardrobe, a bed, a cupboard and a single reading chair and table.

The cooking gas was in the kitchen which was used by all of us living on the second floor. The kitchen contained six electric gas. It was a big kitchen, the size of three standard rooms.

I was already bored and there was nothing to do, so I headed to the female house.
” Nna Ibu onye Igbo” A voice said as I passed the first floor on my way down. It was Johnson. He was from Abiriba in Abia state.
I told him that I was Igbo and he took me to his room on the first floor. He brought out some beers. We drank as we chatted on how life was in the HEIM.
I asked him what they did to make money in the camp and he promised to let me in the next day. He advised me to rest for the day. He asked me about the lady who came with me the previous day. I told him she was from the same camp as me. I denied having anything going between me and her.

*I had seen that he was interested in the Agnes and I wasn’t going to drag woman with someone who was going to show me some business the next day. I believed he decided to let me in because of the girl but I decided to play dumb. Time will come when we will see who was the master*

When Johnson went out again, I went to Agnes. I told her that I made rice, she refused to follow. She said I should go and bring some for her. I did.
I later took her to buy cell phone too. We came back in the evening and separated again.
My fellow Igbo guys were chatting and joking when we came in, I greeted and joined them but kept quiet in a corner.
Police had somehow came to where they were doing whatever they did and they had evaporated back to the HEIM. I listened since I had no clue what they were saying.
We drank and ate chicken meat before everybody went to his room.
The following morning, I went to the train station and headed to Essen Westfalia. A journey of 8 hours/5hours on ICE fast train…

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