2: Elizabeth

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The sun came out too early on that Wednesday morning. I was going down to the eat some Rice and banga soup that morning.
I had returned with some items and money from Johnson and one other man from Berlin to distribute to their relations in Lagos.
Okey was going to Idumota where he traded on Televisions and DVD machines. I asked him to leave his car behind for me.

I finished arranging my bags at around 9am. I had brought out the items meant for the people in Lagos and re-arranged the bags.
I went outside the estate and bought two MTN simcards.
The first call was made to Germany. I called Johnson and told him to call his brother to come and pick his items. I called the other man and told him the same thing. Then I called Jennifer. She had just woken up and asked how the journey had been.
She said she slept alone and was missing me.
What! She slept alone?. Had she not been sleeping alone in Bremen?

I guessed she didn’t realise yet how many weeks she was going to sleep alone. But she was a woman anyway.
You can hardly trust them when it comes to sleeping alone.
She gave me her Mother’s phone number in Benin city and asked me to visit her when I had time.
‘when I had time’ I liked that clause.

I drove to a nearby cybercafe near the Jakande estate gate and bought a 30 minute voucher. I checked my email and found four new e-mails. I had not checked it for more than two weeks prior to that day.
There were mails from Efuah in London, Agnes in Berlin and the usual 419 yahoo boys.
Efuah sent pictures as always and wanted to know how I was doing. She was pregnant for her husband and was due to deliver in less than a month. Princess was a big girl already and resembled his father; me.
I replied the mail and asked how the husband was treating Princess.

The second mail was Agnes. She wanted to know if I still lived in Berlin since I had changed my phone number and refused or forgot to give her the new one. Victor had grown too and she had already given birth to Samuel. They lived in Neukoln area where there was a large concentration of Africans in Berlin.

The third and fourth mails were from the Scammers. According to the first one, Her Father was Moses Blah, the vice president in Charles Taylor’s Liberian Government until 2003. Her father had stolen millions of dollars and hid it in a foreign bank. The bank had contacted her as the next of kin and she wanted me to send her my account number to retrieve the money from the foreign bank. I sent my old Savannah Bank account to her and asked her never to contact me again until the money was paid.
I deleted the fourth one and closed my inbox.

A young lady sitting next to me had greeted me when I came in. She later asked me to help her open her inbox. She had left the Caps locked and yahoo had declined to accept her password. I had removed the Caps and asked her to put the passes again. It had worked. She had been thanking me with every small opportunity she got until I finished checking my mails.

”Do you live around here” I had asked her.
”Yes, I live in the estate, block 13” she said.
I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me when she returned to the estate.
I left the cyber cafe and went back to the estate.

Five minutes later, my phone rang. It was Elizabeth, the young lady I had just left at the cybercafe.
She said she had returned and wanted to know where I was.
She was black and had come from Calabar. She lived with her parents a few blocks down the estate. I told her that I stayed in block 21 flat 3. She came a few minutes later.
According to her, she was 20 but she looked 18. She had nice round bosoms and a pointed nose. She said she liked my Timberland boots which was very new. I guessed my attire had attracted her to me.
I had worn a blue jean which I returned with the previous day, with a white T-Shirt and brown Timberland boots. I also wore channel perfume which I also believed played a part in attracting Elizabeth.
She asked why I didn’t go to the market. I wondered what made her believe everybody was a trader.

”Up Nepa” she shouted as I was about to ask her the kind of drink I would offer her. It reminded me back then when I lived in Onitsha.
There was a Nigerian Movie which was already inside the DVD. It had started automatically when the light came.

A certain Emeka Ike was the lead actor. He was A son of a very rich king but a very poor girl had fallen in love with him. The king had said Emeka would not marry the girl. Emeka had threatened to elope with the girl if his father, the king did not give his consent.

Elizabeth had focused all her attentions on the movie while I was busy thinking about how to go down and get a condom.

”I want to go down and buy something” I said to her.
She nodded and kept her eyes on the TV.
I told her that I would be back in a few minutes.
I went out of the house and locked it from the outside. I didn’t want to risk her running away with any of my things.
I returned five minutes later with a pack of gold circle condoms.

I went into the room and checked my bags, everything seemed to be the way I had left them. I opened one and brought out a pair of ladies sandals.

”You are a lucky girl Elizabeth” I said as I entered the sitting room.
”This is for you” I said as I handed her the sandals.
She grabbed them and jumped up to hug me. Her soft bosoms pressed on my white shirt and it felt so soft. She held me steady and I looked down on her face and smiled. My right hand moved up to her left bosom and squeezed it gently. She dropped the sandals and kissed my lips slightly.

Her hand scrolled down to my already bulging Joystick as she also bent down to unbelt and unzip my jean trousers.

The census was about to begin again. Up Nigeria!

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