44: Disposal

” How are you today” I said.
jennifer kept quiet.

” Don’t you want to talk to me today my sweetheart” I said again.

She started crying as usual.
”Stop crying baby, It hurts me to hear you cry. Remember what we have been through together. How was the interview” I asked.
She didn’t say anything. She had stopped crying loud but I could still hear some sobs.
” Its ok my angel, I am no longer mad at you” I said.
” I want you back in my life as soon as possible”

” I am very sorry” she said.
” If you don’t want me again, I understand why but I don’t know what my life would be without you. This is not how I dreamt it to be between us. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. I will never do that again if you just forgive me” she concluded.
”Jennifer i….” the phone went dead.

I kept my phone on the table hoping that she would call back immediately but she didn’t. I figured her money had finished since they used payphone.

After eating, I reflected on what had transpired between me and Jenny on the phone. The World was not balanced. I had done worse things to what she did but I never got questioned by anybody. It was really men’s world.
I had thought about what happened between me and the Nazi punks. What if I had gone to the hill without my gun, the punks would have beaten me to pulp or even killed me. They didn’t like the Blacks. They were all angry that the German government were taking care of foreigners.
I also thought about what the police officers would have done if they had seen me with a gun. I would have been taken to a police station and finger printed for illegal possession of fire arm. Then they would instantly find out that I had lived in Germany and had ran away from court case.
That would have fetched me a long prison term and they would have also sent me back to Nigeria since I had my passport and permit with me.
What Jennifer did was a massive heartbreak for me but not something I didn’t expect. She was a young girl of about 18 or 19. She was beautiful. Men were likely to be on her tail all the time and it was only a matter of time before she succumbed to the pressure.

The event of the day had thought me that there were worse things than catching a woman with a man on the bed even if the woman was your wife.

I took a full glass of jack daniels and waited for her call but it never came.

The following day I decided to make a second attempt on the gun disposal campaign. As soon as I stuffed the gun inside my big baggy jean pocket, my phone rang. It was peter. He had managed to sell 50grams of weeds and wanted some praise songs.

” I don finish am” he had shouted as soon as I said ” hello” on the phone.
”bring my money back tomorrow morning” I said and cut the line.
He called again instantly.
”keep another 50grams for me” he said. I cut off the phone again without saying a word. I wanted to give him a tough training. I needed a successor. I wasn’t going to sell drugs forever.

I had decided that I was going to take the gun away from berlin city entirely. I wanted it to be far from me. I walked out of my apartment with the gun inside my pocket.
I got to the AlexanderPlatz station and boarded a train headed to the east. Our train stopped at the Berlin OstBanhof major station. Many police officers entered with sketches of an arabic man whom they believed had shot their member. The ransom money had increased to €20,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the man.
Damn I had managed to run into the cops again. Why was I even in such a haste to throw away my gun.

I took the sketch from one of the cops and inspected it closely, then handed it back to the cop. They were searching every train, car, truck and other transport means out of Berlin.

Our train left OstBanhof and headed towards Eissenhutenstadt and Poland. I stopped at a city called Frankfurt Oder and walked out of the train. There was a HEIM I had visited there when I was expanding my empire. I recalled that there was a large park near the HEIM. I bought a pack of Marlboro menthol and 1 litre of coca cola. I took a taxi to the park and sat near a small bush. My gun had suddenly become heavy in my pocket. I wanted it out of my possession as soon as possible.
There were no other people in the park. I brought out the gun and put it in a small opening I had made on the ground with my legs. I covered it with grasses and left my legs on top of it.
I lighted a stick of Marlboro and smoked. I left the pack twenty minutes after smoking and drinking cola.

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