19: Tour Of Paris

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Chapter 19.

A day after we returned to Paris, we visited the Disneyland Park in Marne-la-Vallee. It was a wonder on Earth. I didn’t know how the architects were able to create such a place World. The park was dedicated to fairly tales.
We visited the Adventureland inside the park. It was a place themed to recreate the feel and touch of places such as Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. It also had the feel of a jungle.
We walked around the massive artificial city for over two hours until we got tired. Naomi confessed that the Disneyland Park was the most wonderful place on Earth. She thanked me for giving her the lifetime opportunity to visit the place.
Since we were on a tour day, we called a cab and drove to the Louvre.

The Louvre was one massive Museum located inside Palais de Louvre. It housed the World’s most famous works of arts.
Like most of the white people we saw inside the Louvre, i had brought out a small pocket Diary book and started writing down some of the things we saw.
The most famous work of art there was the Leornado Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Hundreds of people were lined up to see the portrait on the wall.

As we held our hands right in front of the Mona Lisa, i wondered what importance it was to me and the entire human race. I wondered why people would come from places as far as Australia  and the United states to see a picture on the wall for a minute. What was the worth of the picture?
As an African man born and raised in a poor village, i wouldn’t pay $100 for Mona Lisa but i was told that it’s worth millions of dollars. We had finished staring at the Mona Lisa and headed to Venus de Milo, the seated scribe from Saqqara Egypt, Human-headed winged bull Shedu from Old Assyria, Terracotta and Baltasar de Castiglione.
The Louvre was a massive glass house.
We got tired and left. It was apparent that the art works was having no impact whatsoever on me. I preferred a bottle of cold imported Sagres beer from Lisbon.

I took Naomi to the Eiffel Tower, the tallest point of Paris. The tower was a massive work of iron that stretched to the sky. It had three levels which can be assessed by stairs or lift. Since Naomi said she couldn’t climb on foot due to fear, i paid for the lift.
We stopped at the second level which was about 200 meters. Naomi had said she won’t climb any further. There was a restaurant at the second level, we entered the restaurant and ordered for food. I figured that food would be expensive up there and i was right. A plate of pasta took my entire €25. That was what i usually bought for €4 on the streets of Paris. It was expensive but Eiffel tower was not a place one goes everyday. It was getting dark by the time we finished at the tower, therefore we had moved up to a small street in Champse de Mars and found a cheap hotel.
Cheap hotel in Champse de Mars cost us €120. It was a very expensive area of Paris.

The following Morning, we took the metro train to the Champse Ellysee, the most famous and beautiful Street In the World.
At Champse Ellysee, we saw almost all the headquarters of all the major corporations in the World. Walking up from La Concordia towards the Arc de Triomphe, the roads where lined with the headquarters of Air France, Hugo Boss, H&M, Carter, Toyota. Even the Adidas had its biggest office in the street.
Thousands of foreigners trooped from one point to another.
We entered a perfume shop and bought a Hugo Boss and Channel. There were expensive of course but there was a small joy that we bought it in Champse Ellysee.
We took pictures and eventually decided to join a tour bus which drove us around the city. We visited the Notre Dame, the Military Museum and the ferry port in the River Seine.

When our tour was over, we took a cab back to Marne-la-Vallee and packed up for our next destination.

It was true that i loved Naomi but running around France with her was taking hits on my wallet. Just like Jennifer and Ify, she had suspended herself to me. Hundreds of black girls all over Europe were the same way. They liked to suspend themselves to a man when the stress of being an illegal immigrant began to go beyond their controls.

Aunty Franca called when we were still at the Champse Ellysee. She wanted to know why i haven’t sent the Mp3.
”You gave me a fake address Franca. I know the area where you reside. If you don’t send the address of your apartment, forget the mp3” i said and hung up.

”We are leaving for Marseille in the morning” I said to Naomi as soon as we got home.
She didn’t say anything. She was tired from the long walks we had taken from La Concordia to the Arc de Triomphe in Champse Ellysee. She had taken her bath and slept. I did the same.

Around 8am in the morning, Ernest called. He said the man who owned my apartment had asked that i come for the one month advance payment i gave him when i first paid for the place.
”Ernest, I am out of Paris now. Go to the man and pick up the money. I will tell you what to do with it” I said.
”The man insisted that you pick it up yourself” he said and hung up.
I called him back and asked for the landlord’s phone number. He sent it to me.

”Good morning Sir” i said when i called the landlord.
I introduced myself and told him why i called.
For some reasons, he insisted that i picked up the money myself.

I turned to Naomi and said, ”something just came up. I need to go into Paris”.
She asked for details and i told her.
”This sounds suspicious. Why did he refuse to give Ernest the money” she said.
”I know it sounds suspicious. Actually i have been suspecting everything and everybody i encountered in Paris. It keeps me on alert. I am going to meet the landlord but i will be careful. Here is €500, if i don’t return, pick up our things and go down to Juvisy. Hotels are very cheap over there. Pay for the night and wait” i said as i handed her some money.
”You are scaring me with the way you sound” she said.

I turned to her and said, ”Fear is useful in Life, I am scared too”

Happy Christmas.

“The Bible tells us to love our
neighbors, and also to love our
enemies; probably because they
are generally the same people.”

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