19: The Party Crasher.

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“Did you come with my engagement ring Maria. I was happy when Alice told me that your were coming to Sweden. How about your foot soldiers, did you come with……..” i was saying when the slap landed on my face. It blinded me for a few seconds as i staggered back into the room. I wasn’t able to close the door as Maria followed me into the room and swung her hand for the second slap which I had already anticipated correctly and docked. My first instinct was to hit her back but since i hated hitting women, which i believed were weaker than men, i grabbed her hand midway and held it tightly.

The two white girls on my bed had suddenly woken up at once and were holding each other tightly near the wall. There were still stunned and couldn’t say a word.

The reason why i didn’t hit back at Maria wasn’t only due to my hatred for hitting women. I had figured out instantly that i needed her to believe that she had gotten some kind of revenge on me. If the slap she gave me was going to make her feel alright, i would gladly turn the other cheek but at the same time, i needed to stop her since most women hardly knew when to stop on anything.


“If you are here for a fight, we will do that and when we are done, you can go back to Italy” I said.

“Azubuike what did i do to you? I allowed you into my life and you paid me back by taking my money and my girls. Look at me now, i don’t even have any girl again. My mates have three or four girls now. What did i do to you?” she yelled and started crying.

I felt the struggle in her hands dropped and i released her hands. She sat on the bed and continued crying. As i looked at her, i checked around to make sure there was no dangerous object nearby. I knew women were temperamental creatures. She could pick up any available object and hit me with it.

I stood carefully in front of her and also watched to make sure she wasn’t with any kind of weapon. I had made the first mistake of opening my door without knowing who was behind it. She could have caught me unawares if she had come with acid or weapon. I wasn’t going to make such mistakes anytime soon.


“Get out of my room” I shouted at Alice who had believed that she had exonerated herself from participating in bringing Fatimah to Sweden. She believed Maria had forgiven her but that wasn’t my business.

She ran out of the room immediately.

“Katherine and you Brenda, put on your shoes and leave immediately, i will call you very soon. My wife just came here and she is angry” I said as the white girls crawled out of bed and started wearing their shoes.

“Who is your wife Azubuike? Who is your wife. Is this how people treat their wives? You have destroyed my business in this Europe and you are calling me your wife? Where is Fatimah? Just bring her out to me and give me my money. That is the only way i can leave this place peacefully. Otherwise you and I will die here today” she shouted.

I didn’t say a word since i didn’t want to make her start anything violent. I just wanted the white girls to leave the apartment first, then Maria and I will square it up.

“See you” Kathy said as they opened the door and walked out to the street.

The door closed itself instantly and i walked quickly to it and locked it with the key, then i put the key inside my wallet as Maria rushed towards me.

I was quick enough to grab her frail body and pushed her to the bed, then i pulled out my belt and raised it above my head.

“Kneel down on the floor or i will teach you a lesson now” I shouted.

She had gotten up from the bed and was standing in front of me.

“I said kneel down” I shouted as i pushed her down to the bed again. She got up once more, grabbed my jean and held it very tight.

I was torn between hitting her with the belt or with my fist. Either way it was not fair since she had no weapon with her coupled with the fact that she was a woman. I was aware that the European laws frowned upon such things.

“I won’t leave you until you give me my money and my girl” She shouted on my face.

“Fatimah is a child of God now. She is very far from here where you will never dream of looking for her. It took me a lot of money to send her there and you must balance me if you will ever see her again” I said as i saw a small window of opportunity.

“Pay you? I am talking about returning my money and you want me to pay you again. Are you not ashamed of yourself. Other men are busy making money while you are running around Europe destroying people’s businesses and stealing their money. I have sent your name to the village, they have taken it to Olokun and you will soon die. I want my money if you know you want to live” she shouted.

“Really, so if i give you your money now, Olokun won’t kill me again?” I said calmly.

“Yes, you won’t die if you give me my money with Fatimah and Ngozi” she shouted.

“I see, why don’t you first of all leave my cloth? Then we can talk about the money and the girls. By the way, why haven’t you brought another one to Europe?” I said.

She kept quiet.

“Maria I have an idea and it is a very good one which can fetch you a lot of money. But first of all you are going to do everything i say” I said as she looked at my face. She was taller than me coupled with the fact that she wore a high heel shoe.

“What is this plan you have that will fetch me money?” she asked.

“Sit down on the bed and pay attention. It will involve people in Italy and France and maybe even in Africa” I said.

As soon as she left my cloth and sat down, a knock came on the door.

“Who is that” i said.

“Its the Police” The female voice said from behind the door.

Since there was no spyhole on the door, i couldn’t make sure it was really the police but i had to open the door.


“Let me see your ID card through the door base” I said.

“Open the door now or we break it” A male voice said this time.

“Ok I am coming” I shouted.

Then i turned to Maria and said, “If you want to be free from this, don’t say anything contrary to what i am going to say”. She nodded.


“Four things come not back: the spoken word, the spent arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity”

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  1. ola

    “Four things come not back: the
    spoken word, the spent arrow, the
    past life, and the neglected
    opportunity”. Food for thought. Never mis-use any.

  2. achi4u

    ha! Alice never taya to the call police? let’s see how ozoigbondu will free himself this time.

  3. Cheliz

    Omo i felt that slap no be small oh. Zubby abeg sorry oh na so u see all these babes, them sabi slap but if u slap back them go tag u woman beater.

    Abeg try recruit maria along joor

  4. ugsams

    I don’t like where this story end, the suspense is much. I am about to travel to my mum’s town and the data network reception is poor over there… I don’t want to be in suspense till tomorrow evening when I will come back. Boss Zuby please when is the next update coming let me know if I will delay my trip for some hours.

  5. Mark

    In the same room with you were four ladies, two Swedish and two Nigerians…all of them you don nack akpako.
    Thumbs up

  6. Manshyne

    Azubuike, i don tire for your life Oo! You can never predict any body wey dey bear dat name! Lol.

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