ADAEZE OKORONKWO, native of Ngodo Isuochi in Abia state Nigeria arrived at the Camp.
I was returning from a farm settlement where I had been taken by Irene, a fat German lady whose ancestors had migrated from Czechoslovakia (Now Czech Rep and Slovakia).

Some people had gathered near the Camp gate, when I approached them, I was told that there was a fight.
Two Nigerians young men had been fighting over who would get Adaeze. The two men had previously quarreled over something a few days ago. The Adaeze saga was just another one.
Since I was a Camerounian in camp and I was already waiting for my posting, I didn’t want to involve myself in the fight.
I asked who the Adaeze was and someone pointed me to her direction. I left the war zone and strolled towards the new catch.

She was a beautiful tall slim girl. The type that usualy claimed to be top models and the type that pasted the posters of Naomi campbell all over her room.

As I approached her, Awiti came out of nowhere and held my hand.
” where have you been” she had asked.

I gave her a silly excuse about how I went to the park to concentrate and pray to my god. There was a lot of noise in the camp and my god didn’t really like noise.
She laughed hard. I retoured from my original destination and took Awiti to a hidden corner where Adaeze could not see us.
I was still going to approach Adaeze, just not now.
Awiti and I talked about how we were going to unite if we were posted to different cities.
She had already made a good plan. A plan that favoured her alone.
We were going to relocate to Munchen (Munich) and find a cheap apartment. We will find work through the help of her aunts who had lived in Munchen for many years. We will work for a year or two, save enough money and get married. Then live happily ever after.
It was such a sweet plan, the only problem on it was that
1- There was no where in the plan where I was to fulfil my dream of driving a BMW.
2- The plan did not cover Efuah and her pregnancy. It did not cover my family back home.
3- I didn’t see where the plan covered my ambition of traveling all over the World when I got my papers and above all, I didn’t see how the plan covers how I was going to get a permanent resident permit.

I agreed on her plan and smiled on it too.
It was getting dark, so I advised her to go to her hostel while I prepared for the evening prayers.
When she left, I went back into the open place to look for Adaeze but couldn’t find her.

During the evening prayers which happened to be conducted and dominated by Nigerians, who unfortunately denied Nigeria there in Camp. There were also two Camerounian ladies who hardly follow when we sang in Igbo, a Kenya girl, Agnes the Uganda and one other lady I didn’t know where she came from. (I never asked because she was ugly and short).

Adaeze had somehow made it to the Prayer venue. I didn’t know who invited her but she was there before I came.

” I will enter his gate with thanksgiving in my heart” I started that song as soon as I entered the hall and saw Adaeze.

I had heard that young girls admire a God-fearing guy, so I switched to holy mode.
After the song, I switched to Igbo songs.
” I di nma idi Ukwu oh Chineke, Onye kelu Uwa Idi nma, Nma gi Zuru Oke”
I sang in Igbo. The Camerounians and other people who didn’t understand Igbo had to take things as they saw it, there was a price at stake; Adaeze Okoronkwo.
People had different reasons for coming to the Prayer venue to pray and sing.
Some was to ask God to help them avoid deportation.
Some was to ask for help for their health, the imminent interview, general well-being etc.
I, Solomon the great, was singing those Igbo songs just to first of all, make Adaeze know that I was an Igboman; Her dear brother from Biafra Republic who was the only person she can run to for help. The child of God.

My second reason was not clear now.

After the prayers, I hugged my Bible with my left hand on my chest like Pastor Chris and waved goodnight to everybody with my right. I acted the Evangelist. Even Awiti was curious but it would take her many days to unravel the mysteries behind the act.
The following day, a new list of names had been posted on the notice board.
Names of people that had been transferred to their permanent bases in Germany.
My name was at the top. I had been posted to Brandenburg an der havel. The city that gave the the State of Brandenburg its name.
Rumour had it that the city was the best around the whole east Germany.

As I strolled down the list to check on the other names posted to the same city,
There on number 9 was Agnes Kaku, the first girl that fell in love with me in camp. A small smile formed on my face as soon as I saw her name but I didn’t let it out.
She was standing right next to me and as soon as she saw her name, she looked at me and smiled…..

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