184: Goodbye Nigeria

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Chapter 184.

The day before i traveled, i defied all security protocols and went to Mandilas. I needed some new jeans and Shirts for my journey. I didn’t want to buy them in Europe since wears were expensive over there.
I got to Mandilas and bought my things. I bought a medium sized traveling bag as well since i left the old one in Abidjan Ivory Coast. I hired a cab from there back to Surulere and stopped at the beauty shop. Chinelo was there working hard as usual. Her trainer master had stood up and hugged me.
”Chinelo told me what you did for her” she said.
Since i didn’t know what she was referring to, i just smiled and kept quiet. I didn’t know if she meant the cheque or the Ghana home coming or whatever else i might have done for her.
After spending some time with them, i went home and packed my things inside the bags. I wanted to leave the big bag behind and take the small one along. After packing, i called Johnson in Berlin. I told him that i would be coming to Germany the next day. He was happy and asked me to call him as soon as i landed in Frankfurt international airport. I called Dozie in Amsterdam and also told him that i would be coming to Amsterdam in three or four days. Dozie was a guy from Anambra state. I had known his elder brother back in Onitsha. His elder brother who also lived In Amsterdam but was then in Lagos had given me his number in Amsterdam. He was going to welcome me to the new city since it was my first time.
After making all the international calls, i called Okey. I had told him to go to Idumota with his car so that he would come to pick me up on his way home. But on a second thought, i had decided against it and told him to go home Straight from Idumota. I didn’t want to be seen with the Mercedes in Surulere. The timing wasn’t right. I was traveling the next day.

As soon as i was ready to leave, Chinelo returned from the shop. She saw the bag on the table and asked what i was doing with it.
”I am leaving now” i said to her.
”I thought you said its tomorrow” she said with a surprised face.
”Yes, its tomorrow but i am leaving Surulere this evening. Just remember what i told you. Don’t misbehave, i want to see you and Andy still living together by the time i returned” i said.
She was already crying and hugging me.
She said that she was going to miss me so much and asked me to call her as soon as i got there. She also said that she had no fear whether i would take care of myself or not.
”Just be careful the way you deal with people over there. Nigeria is different from Europe” she had said. ”Thanks for the advice my sweetheart, i won’t disappoint you at all” i said.

She wanted me to wait until Andy returned but i told her that there was no need. I sent her out to go and get a cab for me and when she returned, she took my bag downstairs and waited as i entered the cab and drove away. As i looked back at her, Chinelo was standing still waving at us and crying at the same time.
”Take me to Jakande Estate” i said to the Driver.
”Is she your wife” the driver asked me.
I hesitated for some seconds before saying:
”Yes, she is my wife but unfortunately my brother will be marrying her for me” i said.
”What do you mean by….” the driver was saying.
”Oga, i don’t want to talk about this any further” i said and kept quiet.
I had given Chinelo N15,000 to keep. I told her to use it for herself. She had rejected it but had taken it after some persuasions.

Fortunately, we got to Jakande estate peacefully.
Okey was already home when we came. I settled the driver and took my bags upstairs.

”I want you to keep these cheques for me. I will call you and tell you what to do with them at the right time” i said to Okey as i handed him the two signed cheques i had shown to Andy and Chinelo. At the back of the cheques, i had written the name and number of my account officer who must be contacted before the cheques could be cleared.

Inside my bag were the International passport, the letter of invitation, some clothes and shoes, the US Dollars and some N10,000.

That evening we went to Uzoma’s restaurant to eat vegetable soup. As expected, she was all over me. Asking why i had changed my phone number and disappeared.
”I went to the village to get married” i lied to her.
She pretended to be so happy for me since i had gotten married. I intentionally said that because i wanted to end her advances and eat my food. She had asked about my wife several times.
After the food, we went home and relaxed with a bottle of brandy.
Okey’s girl was around. She had danced to the P Square songs we played with the video machine. She was a good dancer too.

On Thursday 15th, February 2007, i woke up with a slight hangover. It was expected.
After the morning bath, i stayed indoors. Okey had gone to Idumota and had promised to be back on time to drive me to the airport. I had waited until it was 5pm, then we drove to the Murtala Muhammad international airport Ikeja Lagos.
As we waited for the boarding time, i wondered what Holland must have looked like.
Was it like Germany or different? It was left for me to see in a few days time anyway.

”Ladies and gentlemen, if you are traveling with Lufthansa flight number D-7565 to Frankfurt, please go to gate 4 to check-in your luggages” boomed from the overhead speakers.
People had already started forming a straight line.
I was going to board the flight with my bag, therefore i sat where i was and waited for the line to clear. I needed boarding pass but that would be after the check-ins.
As i waited, i made calls down to the East. I told my mom that i was moving. I believed it was the first time i had spoken to her in months. I told my brother that i was at the airport already. I told Genevive that i was at the airport and that i was traveling to Germany that night. She was stunned. She asked how i didn’t tell her all along. I hung the call.
Then i called Amaka.
”Take care of yourself girl, i am going back” i said.

” The reason it hurts so much to
separate is because our souls
are connected. Maybe they
always have been and will be.
Maybe we’ve lived a thousand
lives before this one and in
each of them we’ve found
each other. And maybe each
time, we’ve been forced apart
for the same reasons. That
means that this goodbye is
both a goodbye for the past
ten thousand years and a
prelude to what will come.”

Goodbye My Chinelo. It was nice meeting you. Who knows, you may be the reason why nature forgave all my revenge atrocities.



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