183: The fake lifestyle

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Chapter 183

As the month of February 2007 crawled towards the 15th, i spent most of the time inside the house. The outside suddenly became too dangerous for me. My sins were too many. I didn’t know which group to hide from. The sacked Police corporal must have haboured some ill plans for me. The Police force were still on the look out for the ever evading pepper attacker. The incident was quietly dying. The Okada squad had presumably returned to their daily jobs but were still on the look out for me. It was rumoured that some Okada people had stopped carrying young men in their bikes. Despite the fact that the area boys had been relegated to the background, it was also dangerous to ignore them, i had a feeling that they might spring up a surprise attack someday. The best option for me was to stay inside the house. It was such a tormenting punishment for me but it was a good punishment for the deeds i have done, i even deserved more. But the God of Ozoigbondu was in control of my affairs.
I would wake up, take my bath and sat in the parlour with a bottle of whisky, brandy or Cognac.
I would make phone calls to some of my girls, even those who were no longer in good relationship with me. On one of those phone calls, Daisy told me she had a new boyfriend who was better than me. Ofcourse every other guy was supposed to be better than me. I was too dangerous for any girl who wanted a low key love life. I loved adventure, risks and revenge. I hated things such as being seen together every other day with a girlfriend or exchanging love text messages every hour. That kind of life was specially designed for those whose parents left enough wealth for or those who inherited large fortunes. That kind of life were designed for those who lived in countries where government paid social security fees to its citizens. That kind of life was never for a struggling soldier who had been taking care of his parents and siblings and  would begin to take care of his own wife and children someday. There were things we learnt from the western world and implemented in our everyday life while the structure to practice those things were not in place in our own system. We the poor masses had nothing here. We had no electricity, no drinking water and no guaranteed shelter. We struggled every other day to make ends meet.
How can you feel comfortable making love in an oven? Love required cool weather which only came in the early hours of the day; the very time when our girlfriends where still in their own houses. As soon as you as a girl was up to the age of sleeping outside your house, your parents would of course began to look out for a young man who would accompany you home for marriage. We had no time for the system we adopted.
Practising western style of Love wasn’t meant for black men. Forget the Rose and Jack of Titanic, forget the Noah and Genevive Nnaji of Nollywood. They all acted out scripts written out of imaginations. Those films were never meant for a
Struggler whose next meal wasn’t really guaranteed.
Ozoigbondu was never wired to go to the beaches and swim. Ozoigbondu was raised in a village where i was not allowed to swim in the river for the fear of drowning. Every other kid in the village was also banned from swimming in the river. It was dangerous for us. We were no divers or fishermen. Each time we attempted to swim in the river, the youth organization in the village, headed by a certain Austin Ogbawa and Late Sunday Udenta would drag us out of our sleep and flogged us mercilessly. There were things one can’t simply learn at old age.

I wasn’t raised with Ice cream, flowers, cards and juice; those things that were associated with love practising. I along with my fellow villagers, were raised  even without tea or milk. We would eat Garri in the morning and evening, yam in the afternoon. We even hardly got proteinous foods. Our Juice were oranges and Mangos which ironically were better than processed and preserved fruits.
How could we then, leave the village after all those years and come to the city only to start learning how to practice love with ice cream ad chicken legs?
How can we come to the city, found a city girl and abandon the original values that was given to us free of charge?
How can we come to the city, take girls out, buy them all kinds of assorted meat, fishes, ice creams all in the name of love while our parents back home cook soups without even the smallest fish in the river? How can we take girls out, buy them all sorts of cloths while our people back home had nothing to wear?
Is it such a wise thing to buy a mansion in the city for a woman while your people sleep under a leaking one room back at home?
Are we not really silly to practice such things in the name of Love?
No Africans! We must carry our people along if we must achieve the desired goal of developing our own continent.
Some of the western cultures that didn’t mix well with us must be discarded immediately. We are blacks and we are different.

”It is Okay Daisy, i am happy for you. I wish i was everything you wanted but i knew long ago that i was going to hurt you someday. It was the reason why i had to quit the relationship on time, just to allow you to find a caring man” i had said.
She didn’t say anything. She just hung the call after few seconds of silence.

Amaka as usual was being herself. Issuing commands and decrees. She was still a kid anyway but i also knew that some 18 year old girls matured quicker than others.
Stella as usual asked if i had been going to TB Joshua often. I didn’t know it was an everyday thing.

Genevive was the only person allowed to visit me. Ifeoma was waiting for an apology from me before she could return. She waited forever anyway.
I didn’t call Chinasa. I saw no reason to do so. I had decimated her family’s ego and it would be a bad thing to gloat against them.

My traveling day was approaching at the rate of 24 hours a day. I wanted it to be as fast as 5 hours a day.

” The greatest single cause of
atheism in the world today is
Christians: who acknowledge
Jesus with their lips, walk out
the door, and deny Him by
their lifestyle. That is what an
unbelieving world simply
finds unbelievable.”

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  1. Tochi

    Well is good you stay at home cos all those Riders are still waiting to strik.

  2. dejust

    wow u Give a perfect description of a hustler, street soldier, city hunter, local village Intelligence to survive in nd out there in our town,
    loviii lovii things we do in name of love is snobbing our original natures .I am a street child with d dream of d street creditabity.
    No time for love babe,


    Good Write up Ozoigbundu! The final clincher is absolutely spot on! Many only speak Jesus with their lips but their actions scream the opposite.

    Waiting for the next update Boss

  4. Chibuzor Efedigbue

    I unFollowed this the thread on Nairaland some months ago… But something keeps drawing me back to it.. Well, I am done fighting the temptation, I am back… More Power..

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    yes when will you visit Abakaliki?

    Even if we no give you ; you no give us.lol

    nice decision by staying indoor for the time being.

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    Zuby, this last update na wa o.
    Dont mind us Nigerians with our follow-follow lifestlye
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