182: Military protection

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Chapter 182

They were about five of them. All rushing down towards us. My first instinct was to run but since we had no car with us, the bikers would eventually caught up with me. The second and the only available option was to stand and fight. And that was what we did.

The first two bikers got to us and packed their bikes. They got down and advanced towards us. The two soldiers had pretended that they didn’t know what was happening until the soldiers got close enough, then in one swift planned move, they hit the bikers squarely on the jaws. The two men, fell heavily inside the gutter and splashed dirty waters all over the place. The two other bike men with Ade had stopped and were climbing down from their bikes but as soon as they saw what happened, they stood in one place. Some people had started gathering. The two Soldiers produced their identity cards and raised them up.
”We are men of the Nigerian army. This two men are under arrest. I advice all of you to leave here at once” Sunday said.
All of a sudden and from nowhere, they produced two special military issued daggers and raised them up.
The gathered crowd dispersed instantly. The two men who had gotten out of the gutters were ordered to lie down in the middle of the road. I was wary of the police since they could complicate issues for me, therefore, i told Sunday that it was time to leave.

We walked through the market as people dispersed in different directions until we got to Ijesha road, then we stopped two bikes and ordered them to take us to the highway. Sunday and i sat in one bike while the other military man sat in one bike.
We got to Ijesha bus stop and crossed the road, then we took a bus going to mile 2. We stopped at mile 2 and boarded another bus down to Barracks.
After more drinks inside the mami, i took a bike to the Badagry express and crossed the road. There was a small hotel in Tedi area where i lived earlier. I took a bike there and paid for a night. It was a cheap hotel which went for as low as N1500 a night.
After paying for the night, i called Amaka and told her that i was at the hotel. She said she had fever and was at a nearby hospital.
I walked down to the hospital and met her there with her mother. The woman was surprised to see me there. I was angry that Amaka didn’t even tell me that the mother was there when i called. The woman had asked me where i had gone. I told her that i relocated to Surulere. She wanted to know what i did for a living since it was obvious that i had been in the country for the past six months. I told her that i was traveling back to Europe in a few days time. I also told her that it was the reason why i had come to Tedi to tell Amaka but unfortunately, i didn’t know he was sick.
I joked that she would be matured and ripe enough for marriage by the time i returned to Nigeria and that no one else should be allowed to marry her in my absence. We all laughed at the joke. The mother also joked that if she was going to wait for me,
I must remember to be in constant contact with her and that i must also send her some gifts.
”Consider it done Ma” i had said.
I stayed at the hospital for hours until i got tired around 12:30 am. The mother who had gone home to get some food for Amaka had returned around 12:10 am and had asked me to go back to my hotel and rest. She was happy that i was their for the little terrorist. I was happy that i was there as well but not really because of the terrorist. It was mostly because, i was far away from Surulere. I even considered staying inside the hotel in Tedi until the day i will travel. I wanted to avoid troubles by all means. I needed no more wars, no more fights, no more troubles of any kind and no more revenge. I wanted to be free from all vices but i knew that Karma never worked that way. Troubles usually knocked at a time we were not expecting them.

My travel documents and money were all at Surulere. I somehow wondered if the Okada squad knew where i lived. Ade must have been so surprised on how i was always with an escape plan. But truly, escape plans is everything in Life. The best assurance to safety and security was the escape plan.
I remembered when i was a kid, we used to go for rabbit hunting inside the bushes. That cunning animal called rabbits lived inside holes they dug for themselves on the ground. They usually had escape routes which they would try as much as possible to hide from humans and other dangerous creatures.
During those days, the first thing we usually did when we see the rabbit hole, was to go around and look for the escape hole as well. Some rabbits even went as far as digging two escape routes.
If we managed to fail to find the escape rout, the rabbit usually escaped but if we found the escape hole, we were usually sure of catching the animal.
Now if an animal could think up something like that, wouldn’t it be so foolish that human beings, who claimed to be the wisest creature would fail to even have better escape plans.
We humans were constantly in danger. Danger of attack from other human beings, especially thieves and armed robbers. If one bought some expensive item such as the modern smart phones that cost over hundred thousand naira, wouldn’t it be wise to leave them inside the car or pocket since it was going to attract attackers? Instead of flashing them everywhere knowing that we were not secured.
Secondly, i never went everywhere with expensive items or cars. I knew that some places were more dangerous than others but we were all created to think ahead. If we allowed people to think for us, then we would have to be paying for such services. ”Never go to a non secured place with what you are not ready to lose” The security system in Most of the African countries were still non existent.
But it was left for us to correct them.

I left Tedi the following morning and returned to Surulere. The news of the two Soldiers who fought with Okada men were in the newspapers that morning. Nobody knew them.

” It may be hard for an egg to turn into
a bird: it would be a jolly sight
harder for it to learn to fly while
remaining an egg. We are like eggs at
present. And you cannot go on
indefinitely being just an ordinary,
decent egg. We must be hatched or
go bad.”

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