181: The final Okada Assult

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Chapter 181

According to the one month Visa, i was supposed to leave for Germany on or a few days after February 15th 2007. It didn’t really matter to me since i knew that i wasn’t coming back at  the end of the one month.
My brother had congratulated me and had spread the news down to my mom who had been praying ever since i was refused to travel back.
Immediately after confirming the visa, i went back to the Churchgate building in Lagos Island to buy a ticket for the travel. I wanted to Use the KLM straight to Amsterdam and exit the airport from there but they didn’t have a vacant seat on the 15th. I left there and went to the Lufthansa office. They sold the ticket to me at N123, 000. Before i got home, my brother had paid in some money for me to go and buy the ticket. He thought that i had no more money to spend. Unknowingly to him, i still had over N1.3million left.
As a result, i decided to capitalize on that and got more money from him. He had also sent the worth of 2000 dollars to be changed as BTA. I decided to then leave my own money in my account and travel. I would definitely need it someday soon.
After buying the ticket, i withdrew some more money and changed them to Dollars. I got $3000 and left the rest in the bank.

During the dinner, i called Chinelo and Andy to the parlour,

”Chinelo, i am very happy for the progress you have made since you came to Lagos, i just wish that i would be there to watch you grow as a person, however i am very optimistic that Andy will take care of you. He is a good and quiet man. I want you to respect and obey him. If he does something you don’t like, please call him and talk to him instead of judging him” I said.
She kept her gaze on me during the whole time i talked. Her face registered some surprises and i believed that she felt something was about to happen to me.

”I hope you are not planning  to do something dangerous. I don’t like the way you talk like someone who is going to die” she said to me.

”I am not about to die, i am going back to Europe in a weeks time. I believe that it was destiny that brought all of us together, i also knew that i was going to leave the country. That was why i had to allow you to live your own life however you want” i said.

”Andrew, i don’t need to talk much to you. You are man enough to manage the situations that come to you. Just stay out of troubles like you have always done. I also want to ask you for a favour. I want you to take good care of Chinelo. She suffered a lot in Ghana and needs some care. You can see she is a good woman. Just remember women are complicated. If she does something you don’t like, just call her and explain things the way she would understand. My time here is up and i need to go and finish up my business in Europe. We will be communicating as usual. If there is any problem, please let me know. And one more thing, if and when two of you decide to get married, just let me know on the phone, i will tell you where to
Get this signed check to help you buy some things needed for the traditional wedding” i said as i showed him a signed cheque of N150,000.
”Chinelo, here is another signed cheque of N100,000. It is for your business. It will be given to you when you finish learning the job. Remember that we agreed that you will stay one year before looking for your own shop. This cheque is written in Andy’s name. He will cash it for you when you are ready. I will hand this cheques to someone who will give it to you when the right time comes” i said as i showed her the second cheque. She was already crying. She had clung to Andy and was telling him to help her thank me. It was an emotional moment for us but the whisky on the table had fortified my nerves. Andy had stood up and shook my hand. He had wished me goodluck and adviced me to stay out of troubles as well. He also said that he was hoping to buy my BMW off me whenever i wanted to travel again. I told her that the German machine was too expensive to maintain and could affect his business. I also adviced him to look for a smaller car, probably of Japanese made if he wanted a car.
The point was that i wasn’t going to sell the car, i had gotten glued to its performance which was unlike any other car i had tested.

After the meeting, i went to my room and slept.

The next day, i didn’t know whether to stay inside or go out. I wasn’t really the type that liked to stay inside all day but the danger outside could cause me some damages. For some reasons, i decided to go out.

I hoped that nothing would happen. I had decided to avoid the Ijesha area by all means. That was where the enemy Okada men operated most.

There was a school mate of mine who had joined the army. His names was Sunday. He had been drafted to the Military Barracks in Ojo. He had called me two days earlier.
I called him and told him that i was free and that he could come to Surulere if he had time. He said he was coming.

Sunday came to Surulere two hours later. He came with another Soldier friend of his. We decided to go to good day and drink. I had decided to avoid good day hotel by all means, but since i was with two soldiers, i had some sense of security and protection. It was true that the mantle of leadership in Nigeria had been taken away from the soldiers but people still feared them.

Less than an hour after we hit good day, i saw Ade. He had spotted me too and zoomed off.

”Sunday, we need to leave this place now. This Okada man who just drove past here is going to call other okada men for me. I had a problem with them last week” i said.
As expected, they tried to assure me that nothing would happen. I told them that we still needed to leave immediately since we didn’t know the number of Okada men that would hit the hotel to fight us.

Since we already paid for the drinks, we rushed the remaining beers and got up.
We got outside the premises and headed right through Adewuyi street towards Ijesha Market. We saw them coming, the bikers

” Everyone thinks of changing the
world, but no one thinks of changing

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