180: The Visum

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Chapter 180

One thing i discovered about life was that some people were created to be the actors while some where created to just watch the actions from the sidelines. The world was such a large place where every act could be accommodated. Every sane person was created to make some impressions before exiting. If one lived a life of no memorable events, the World would easily forget you. In all the available actions one could take before his or her death, crimes could be averted while one still achieve a memorable life.
Looking back at all the things i have done, i believed that some of my stories would be told from generations to generations. It was one of the reasons i started writing.
While i tried to make people understand why i did some of the things i have done, i also believed that i crossed the safety lines in numerous occasions but it was crossing the line that could get you known. Publicity was publicity whether negative or positive. Deeds were deeds whether positive or negative.
I did something nasty to Chinasa, Chinelo and many others on the quest for revenge. I also did some good things to so many people.

I recalled going to a Christian Hospital to pay for the release of some patients. I recalled buying books for school children. I recalled sending money from Germany to share to my village age and scholars mates. I recalled bringing a lady home from Ghana and giving her accommodation in a large city called Lagos. I recalled numerous other good deeds i have done. Most of them brought me out to the limelight, some gave me negative names of course but like i wrote earlier, there was nothing like negative publicity.

As i waited inside the house for the next three days, i tried to think of the next steps to take if the German visa didn’t go well. I believed that it would go well but since i was dealing with a human being and not machine, there were always chances that someone could hate you because of your tribe or colour. I had thought about the Hausa girl who interviewed me. She could be a bad business for me despite the fact that i went there with every required document and even more.
I had heard her spoke in German with the white guy sitting beside her. She had told the guy in German language that i knew the spare parts business pretty well. The German had looked at the documents especially the bills of lading from Germany and had asked how i got them.
”Our company has been going to do business in Germany since 2003 through the Company Chairman” i had said. He had quickly scanned through the memorandum of understanding and saw the the three names on it. He had asked for Invitation letter which i had pointed out to him from the file. The lady had also asked if i had traveled out before which i answered in the negative. I only told her that i wanted to travel six months earlier but the embassy refused me visa and asked that i return again. She had quickly flipped through my passport page and saw where it was stamped by the
Same embassy about six months ago.
Everything had worked as i planned it. It would have been a miracle if i was refused visa but it was left for me to find out the next day.

On the D day, i took my bath and left Surulere early. I wanted to be out of the area before the Okada men woke up.
News had it that a certain Okada man was nearly killed by an oncoming truck after hitting another car; a Mercedes 230 Vboot. They had gotten the car description wrong once more and it was good for my safety. I had called Okey to come and pick his car the following night.
The police had warned the Okada men to be very careful and cautions while on the freeways.

I got to the embassy and presented a piece of paper they gave me on the interview day. I was allowed in to wait inside a different hall. When it was time, i was called to come forward and pick my documents.
I walked to the window and picked up my file, said thanks to the old white lady who gave it to me and walked out. I wasn’t interested in opening the file there at the embassy. I knew that there was no immediate thing to do if they gave me or denied me. Even if there was anything to do, i really needed to calm down first before doing it.
When i got home, i left the file on the table and went for my bath. It was too hot outside and i needed to cool my body temperature to some lower degrees.
After the bath i sat there on the sofa, watching the files. A call came to my phone, it was from my brother in Onitsha. He was the only person who knew my movements about the Visa.

”I have gone to the embassy and collected the documents. I have not opened the passport yet but i believe they gave me visa” i said.
He asked why i haven’t opened it and i told him that i was going to open it in a few minutes. He insisted that i opened it instantly and tell him the outcome.
”I need to say some prayers firs before opening it” i lied.
”I have prayed enough for you down here, just open the passport and tell me what is inside” he commanded.
I hated commands but he was my boss. If there was anybody i respected 100%, it was him. His wisdom and calm ways of achieving things helped me a lot during the course of my entire life. I had always looked up to him for answers when the going got tough.
”Alright, i will open it now. Just call me back in a minute” i said.
”No, i will hold the call while you open it” he said.

I had ran out of excuses and i regretted picking his call. I wanted to be the person to make the calls but it seemed that i was already trapped on that very situation.

As i fumbled on the file to bring out the passport, i wondered how i was going to break the news to him if they didn’t give me the visa. He was going to be disappointed and could even blame me for not have prayed enough or for not have answered the questions correctly at the embassy. Nigerians were like that.

”Alright they gave me a one month Visa” i said on the phone as soon as i opened the passport.

Ozoigbondu is going back to Europe.

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