18: The Numerous Suggestions

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Chapter 18.

It was already 4pm when Queen and her new friends called. They said they had exhausted their cash and wanted to return to the hotel.

“I am in the village but will be back in town in an hour. Do some more shopping while you wait for me” I said on the phone.

“Baby i dont have any more money with me, should i go and take some money at the hotel?” She asked.

“Dont go, i have some money with me here, i will be with you in an hour” I said.

I wasn’t going to give her any more money, i just wanted to buy some time.

After the call, i emerged from inside the bathroom where i had gone to take the call and announced that it was time to go to Enugu.
People who heard the sound of a vehicle had started coming to know who had returned. It was that time when every old man and woman in the village start to shake your hand, even those who emerged from toilets without washing their hands. Plus there was a belief that one could be killed through handshake. I didn’t really believe in that but since my mother did, it was good that i avoided those hand shakes for her sake.

As i announced that it was time to go, i was already heading towards my vehicle. Before i got there, i had opened the automatic doors with a button on the key holder.

A man was greeting me but since i was already on a dark eye glasses, i pretended not to have seen him. Nobody was going to shake my hand that evening and that was the final decision.
They walked down to my car to say sorry about my missing brother.
I was alread sitting on the driver’s seat with the glass up enough not to allow any hand to enter the car. I just noted and waved at them while the car steamed.

As soon as Ify entered the car, i turned it around in the big compound and drove out through the gate.

Since the car had tinted dark glasses, it was difficult for passers to know who was in it. I just drove out to the Highway and found myself back in Enugu Urban in less than 10 minutes. I had decided to test the capacity of the car because it would be going to Lagos with me the moment Queen’s documents were ready.

At 160km/h, the vehicle still got balance on the ground. It was the reason why we got to Enugu in five minutes. I was going to take the vehicle everywhere i go, it was still sound and new. It was a Mitsubishi Lancer Sport, 05/06 model.

I didn’t take permission from Ify before driving her back to her place. She thanked me and asked when i would come again.
To make her feel happy, i said, “I want to stay with you every minute of the day. You are a lovely girl. However, your life would be in danger if you tag along with me too much. The people who abducted my brother know that i am in town. They could give me a car chase or even shoot at me at any time, Especially if they are assassins. They could have been hired to eliminate him. Which means that i am also a target. I will be meeting you whenever i can. I just want you to understand all this” I said.

“What about the girl who came back with you?” She asked.

“She did no come back with me. She is not my wife and she is not my girlfriend. She returned to take some documents to enable her go back to school in London. It is not her that i took home to my village today, it was you. I really dont want to be discussing this issue because she will return wherever she came from soon enough. I want to concentrate on the kidnapping matter, not on women” I said with a frowned face.

She apologized for asking and got down from the car.

I had asked Queen and her contingent to wait for me at Celebrities Restaurant near Polo Park. I drove there and picked them up.
Uche and Blessing were all over me. It was their first time of seeing me since i returned. Uche have changed with the harsh weather in Nigeria but according to her, she loved the school experience. She had managed to tell Queen how i found her in France and took her to Amsterdam. Queen had also told her it was the same thing with her. What actually settled the matter between them was the fact that they were able to come to conclusion that Uche was my pertanal Cousin.
As far as Queen was concerned, she was my undisputed girlfriend.

After eating some more chicken, i drove them back to where they lived in Achara Layout area.
Uche and Ngozi (Blessing) lived in a one room students apartment.
It was an average room with TV, Fridge and other things they needed. It was comfortable enough since they had their private bathroom, toilet and Kitchen.
They were doing fine in school and the last time i checked, the school fees trust fund account i opened for them was still functional with enough money in it. I was even tempted to withdraw some cash from there but i knew that it would be disastrous if i did. I was going to be managing the ones i had with me. I was sure i would find a way to get more money if my brother didn’t come out on time. It was definitely going to be difficult but i was a soldier. I would survive on my own.

After spending an hour with Uche and her sister, I returned to Barry Gold Hotel with Queen. I had my keys with me and i knew the manager. I had warned him against cleaning my room. And since most of my money, especially the Euros were inside the car, i didn’t have to fear much.

Back in the Hotel room, i rested and made some calls. People said they have been looking for my contact. Many said they had solutions on how to locate my brother and when i asked, some suggested one Reverend Father or the Other. Some suggested TB Joshua. Some said Father Mbaka knew where he was. Some suggested one Emeka Ozue at Urualla in Imo State. Some said i must go to one native Doctor at Atani Near Onitsha. There were numerous other places they suggested that i go and ask for my brother. Nobody said anything about Police and their investigation.

With a pen and a paper, i wrote down the names and places they suggested i should go.
Whether i believed in those places or not, i was going to be doing something about my missing Brother.


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    For me i for Suggest one place 4 u ,but finish with police first take heart.

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    The lord will see you through able soldier. If u can tackle those obstacles in Europe, u can do dis too. U just need a lead dat is all. Although I kw 9ja system is something else but tread with caution.

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