18: Stay close to your enemies

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Chapter 18.

I met Dozie at the gym for the first time in weeks.

I had gone to Western Union to send €500 to Jennifer in Berlin. I had initially told her that i won’t be giving her money but the occasion was different. Jennifer had given birth to a boy. According to her, She had Called the boy ‘Azubuike’ after me. Her boyfriend had objected initially but had eventually came to terms with the name. According to Jennifer, she had never seen or met a person who possessed the kind of heart and mind i had. She said she would like her baby boy to take after me when he grew up. I didn’t know what her plans were but i was compelled to send them the money as gift. It wasn’t easy for a young lady of her age to give birth to a healthy baby under her current condition.

”Guy long time no see” Dozie had said as soon as i came into the gym. I knew the gym house at Gazenhoef metro station very well. That was where half of the Nigerians in Amsterdam worked out. If i were to stay close to Dozie, i needed to start working out in the gym as well.

”Yea, long time. I hope everything is Ok with you”. I said with a smile.
I gave him a picture of a well to do young man. I knew that things were getting more difficult in Amsterdam. A lot of the neighbouring European countries had amended their border laws. It had become difficult for black birds to move around freely like before. As a result, the price of raw cocaine had dropped to €26 per gram.
Most of The retailers in the neighbouring countries had somehow decided to lay low. It also meant that they seized most of the money since an average Nigerian usually loved to make decisions when he has money in his hand.

”I want to register here, just give me a minute, i am coming” i said to Dozie.
I walked up to the counter and registered. Registration was €20 but the monthly payments was €50. After registration, i waited up for Dozie to finish.

On our way home, he asked what was happening with me. I told him that everything was going well.
”I move stuffs to England now, they pay better in Liverpool than other neighbouring cities” i had said.
He said that the Dublin people owed him a huge amount of money and that he would like to put something for me when he got some money from them.
”How can i say no, you are my boss here remember” i said. We smiled over that and went our separate ways.

Oga Chidi gave me a set of keys. It meant that i always entered the apartment whenever i wanted. He and his girl Ify liked me a lot. I wasn’t a noise maker. I would stay indoors with my laptop and browsed until there was something to do outside.

On that afternoon back from first day at gym, i had opened the door and Saw Ify  out of the bathroom. She had just finished her bath and had tied a towel above her chest to cover her boobs. The towel did not cover her soft and well maintained yellow thighs. Her buttocks was almost naked too. I took a quick glance and threw my face away.
”Why are you looking away As if you have never seen a naked woman” she said.

I had no direct answer to that question, therefore i just smiled and kept quiet.

Oga Chidi had gone to Switzerland to recover his money. He left the day before and had surprisingly, asked me to take care of Ify. He didn’t call her ”my wife” as one would have expected. He just said ”Take care of Ify, i will be back before one week”
As soon as i entered the room, Ify knocked and pushed the door open at once. She was still tying that short towel around her body. This time, She was carrying a plate of Breadfruit porridge.
”I bought this Ukwa at Krainest shopping mall this morning and prepared it. Since you are the oga in the house now, here is your own” she said.
Rejecting the food would bring about some kind of argument which would in turn, prolong her stay in my room. The mere looking at her thighs had started getting my mind excited.
”Keep it for me on top of the table” i said.
”Won’t you say Thanks first” she said.
Apparently she was looking for a way to prolong her stay in the room.
”Oh sorry dear, thanks” i said.
She kept the food on the table and turned to go.
”Chidi said i could come and learn computer with you when you are free. I told him that i want to Learn it” she said.
I didn’t know the best answer to give her, therefore i kept quiet. If i agreed out of the desire to see her leave the room, it could be counter productive since i didn’t want her near me. I had known that a day like this would come. But what was Chidi thinking before approaching me for a house?
It wasn’t such a good idea to leave a cat and a rat in the same room. But Chidi had done that. Or maybe he had a plan all along. I may have been the fool altogether.

”Hmm, you know i don’t have time. I will give you the laptop to study on your own, i want to read those books” i said as i pointed to three John Grisham novels i had bought the previous day.

”You know i don’t know anything about computer. You will show me. I am coming” she said as she opened the door and stepped out.

That was it. I was leaving the house even before the expiration of my rent. I knew how such things worked. If we got close enough, we would kiss one day, then touch and before you know it, we would be naked on the same bed. And once we did it, it would continue until Chidi finds out one day.

I was still planning on when and how to leave when my door opened again without a knock.
”I am ready now” Ify announced as she threw herself on my bed and opened up the laptop. She was wearing a short skirt with a transparent blouse that showed her bra.

”I am waiting oh” she said, since i didn’t want to say anything.

The next thing i knew was a hand around my neck. She pulled me down slowly until i lay on the bed with my back.
”Ify wait first, i want to……” i was saying as her lips lowered and covered mine. She kissed away. I didn’t respond initially but when i recalled that i haven’t touched a woman in months, i opened up my mouth.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and
overcoming them is what makes life

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