18: The new Visit.

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As soon as i got back to Stockholm, i called the Rev. Father and told him that i was coming to pick up my bag and that of Fatimah. He said he was at home. I took a taxi to his place and picked the two bags, then i went back to my apartment. Inside the house, i opened Fatimah’s bag and browsed through it. It contained some short sexy skirts and pants, some long winter hoses and two pairs of high-heel shoes. I also found two packs of durex condom. She had come prepared for work. I put all the items back in the bag and took the condom alone.

Around 18:00, i called Katherine Jacobsen. She said she was at the hotel but rounding up to leave Stockholm the following day. I told her that i was coming to the hotel, then hung up.

I walked down to the station and took a train to Stockholm Central. The hotel wasn’t far from there; therefore i walked up to it and greeted the receptionist. The new receptionist wasn’t the one i met there the first day; therefore there was no immediate danger.

“I am here to see my friends, they are students in room 06 and 07” i said.

The receptionist’s nodded and motioned me to go ahead.

I walked to their doors through the passageway and knocked on the second room 07.

“Ya” the voice said from inside; it was Katherine.

“Hey Kathy, its me Solomon” i said.

She opened the door instantly and asked me to come in. She was with Brenda.

“Hey big boy, you disappeared from here and didn’t return” it was Brenda.

“Don’t mind our scattered room. Just take a seat over there” kathy said.

“I didn’t disappear, i was scared” I said to Brenda who stopped what she was doing and looked at me for more explanations.

“I was scared the remaining three girls would show up in my room that night. I was already tired and would have collapsed if one more girl came there” I said and we all laughed.

“Are you telling me you can’t handle five of us?” Kathy said. I took it as a joke since I didn’t believe she expected me to be able to do five girls.

“Nope, i can’t handle five girls and i am sure you can’t handle five boys alone too” I fired back.


“You said you girls are leaving tomorrow, I came to pick two of you up so we can go out and have fun” I continued.

“Cool, that’s very nice of you but why can’t we go with the other three of our friends?” Brenda said.

“Well, like i said earlier, i can’t handle five but i could do with two” I said.

She laughed and waited for Kathy to say something. Kathy eventually spoke Swedish to Brenda who after listening to her; turned around and said, “All of us will go out but we can tell them to excuse us later”.

“Fine with me then but there would be no alcohol” i said.

Brenda asked why there won’t be alcohol and i told her that didn’t want to get drunk. She said it didn’t matter if i took alcohol or not but as for them, they were going to drink alcohol.


I waited up for them until they got ready, then they called the other three and we walked out to a Chinese restaurant about 400 meters from the hotel. We arranged a table for six of us and ordered for different kinds of foods. I wasn’t interested in how much the food was going to cost me because i had spent less than half of what i thought i was going to spend in Vadstena. It was true that there were all my money but sometimes i did things like that. Somehow i wasn’t even worried about my money. I knew that i still had some money with William and i also knew that i could easily get more money from outside Sweden. Maria was also coming to Sweden and if she hoped to ever see or know where Fatimah was taken, then she had to pay me some money. I was going to start with the refund of the money i sent her for Fatimah’s flight ticket to Sweden, that was a cool Kr4500 which i believed we were not even going to spend half of that at the Chinese restaurant.

When our foods arrived, we chatted as we ate. We also ordered two bottles of wine but this time, i had tricked Kathy into ordering them. I wanted to be exonerated if the Police showed up. I had planned to tell them that i wasn’t the one who ordered the wine; that was when the Swedish girls would know how we did things in Africa.

After eating and drinking, Kathy spoke some native languages to the girls. I didn’t know for sure, what she told them but when the girls got up and left the restaurant before us, i figured that she had told them they were no longer needed or something similar to that.


“Where are you lodging now?” It was Kathy.

I told her that i loved Sweden and as a result, i had decided to stay one month.

“For that reason, i rented a one room apartment somewhere in the South of here called Sodertalje. It is not far from here, just about 6 kilometers or less than that” I said.

Brenda was the first person who agreed that we were going there.


We walked all the way to the Stockholm Central Station and boarded a train down to my apartment. It was already around 9pm when we got there.

“What time are you leaving for Malmo tomorrow?” I asked the girls.

Brenda said they would take the 2pm train from Stockholm Central.


We sat down on the bed and chatted deep into the night until one thing led to another and before i knew what was happening, our clothes were already on the ground. We massaged and touched and kissed and squeezed until all the veins in our bodies got stiffen and ready for action, then we took turns in doing one thing or the other until well past midnight.

By the time we finished, four used condoms were on the floor; it was the highest number i had done but i was more relaxed than the last time at the hotel. It also happened at longer intervals.


We took hot showers together and slept on the same bed until around 7am when i woke up. I thought i had heard a knock on my door or perhaps it was in the dream but something had definitely caught my attention. I got up and put on my short jean as i walked to the door and opened it without asking who it was.


Standing there in front of me were Alice and Maria.

“Hello Azubuike” Maria Said.


“Don’t stand by the water and long for fish; go home and weave a net”

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