18: Goodbye Lisa

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Chapter 18: Goodbye Lisa.

”I am in London now” the voice said from the other end of the phone.
I had been worried that for hours, Lisa had not contacted us since she left Calais France.
The wife of the Cabman had picked her and her bag from the hotel where we lodged. They had left the hotel around 4pm.
Calais France to Dover United Kingdom wasn’t far. Although it depends on the transport system one used but two hours was a long time to cross over unless something happened on the road.
I had gone to the ports and enquired for the distance and time to cross over to Dover. The ferry boat ticket seller had told me that it takes approximately 35 minutes to cross over to the UK. Although since Lisa and her driver was going to drive with a car, they were going to use the Euro tunnel. They were definitely going to stumble on check points.

The United Kingdom had refused to join the Euro Zone which made movements across the two sub-continents very difficult.

I had asked Lisa to switch off her phone until she got to the UK. I had also asked the woman to make sure she put Lisa on a train to London before returning to France.
Since i figured there must be massive immigration controls in Dover, i had asked the woman driver to take Lisa beyond Dover. She had asked for extra €200 which i gave her.

When Lisa called, she said she was in London. She had called Tim who was on the way to pick her up. I was relieved that i was able to move Lisa to England. It remained Naomi who insisted that she stayed with me.
I didn’t know her reasons but i knew that it was only a matter of time before she realised that she made a mistake.
The original plan was to ship them down to the UK and return to Paris to face Aunty Franca. It would have been so much easier to fight Franca without looking over my shoulders.
Since Lisa was gone and Naomi didn’t want to go, it was time to start drifting back to Paris.
However i called Ernest and asked him to tell my landlord to start looking for another tenant. I told him the place wasn’t safe for me anymore.
”I will pick up the rest of my things as soon as possible” I said to Ernest.

Naomi and I left Calais back to the Paris Metropolis but this time, we didn’t go to the Essonne area in the South of Paris. We had chosen to stay somewhere very close to Disneyland Park Paris.

The large Disneyland Park sat on a massive 57 hectares of land in the Marne-La-Vallee area Paris. It was a wonder.

She had started to miss Lisa. We had tried very much to avoid discussing what happened in the hotel room between her, Lisa and I. It was obvious that it would eventually come up.

We got to the Marne-la-Vallee and found a hotel room. Since the area was relatively new, the price of the hotels were a little higher than what i expected. Peharps it was because of the presence of the Disneyland Park which received thousands of people daily.

When we settled down in the hotel, Naomi asked how i was able to cover all the money we had been spending on the road.
”Don’t worry baby, Your Aunty Franca and Efosa are taking care of the bills” i had said.
She pressed further for more answers but i decided not to reveal more. I figured that if she learnt that i had sold some items from Efosa’s house, she could either be angry or disappointed in me. Women never wanted their partners to be thieves. She would have preferred that we stayed back in our apartment in Grigny rather than running up North to Lille but since i was running the operations, she had no option than to follow me.

After the Questions from Naomi, i called Nonso Ukeh.
He said there was no letter for me.
I called Lisa. She had settled down in Tim’s house and was excited that she had escaped from the devilish clutches of her Madam in Paris.
Something had baffled me a little about Lisa. I didn’t know who her own Madam was. She never said much about her. I had turned to Naomi and asked, ”Who is Lisa’s Madam in Paris”?
Naomi said Lisa’s Madam lived in Rome. Since she lived out of town, the agreement between her and Lisa was that Lisa would be sending her money every month instead of every week. It was a good deal for Lisa. As a result, i had a feeling that Lisa could start street prostitution again in London. It would mean that everything i did to Liberate her was for nothing. I didn’t know how prostitution was treated in London but i would be disappointed if Lisa returned to the streets.

”Since you don’t want to go to London, what do you intend to stay back in France and do”? I had asked Naomi. She had turned and said, ”I will stay with you and go anywhere you want to go”

Here we go!

I decided to follow the delicate topic very carefully. She was just a little girl caged in Paris. Peharps she believed she had found a man who will take her around the World and eventually marry her.
”Naomi how do you intended to achieve that” i asked.
She said, ”I don’t know, won’t you take me wherever you want to go”? she asked.

”Naomi, i would so much want to be with you everyday but life doesn’t work that way for illegal immigrants in Europe. I personally don’t like living for long in one place. There is always danger and troubles for African immigrants here in Europe and each time i sense the problems coming, i usually leave. We will discuss this matter again and come up with a better solution for you. I want you to leave France if we are going to be together. I will send you to a country where i can be visiting you but not here in France” i said.

”I can return to Marseille and live there. I can go to language school there since i used 15 years as my age during my asylum. They allow under age asylum seekers to attend classes in Marseille” she said.

Great! That was the best thing she had said since we met.
”Naomi that is exactly what you are going to do. We are both moving down to Marseille from here. We will find a one room and live there. You will find a small part time job and also go to classes daily” i said and kissed her.

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