I opened the door and saw two Police officers, a male and a female.

The receptionist at the entrance of our HEIM had seen strange faces inside the HEIM. He had called the police and told them. The police had come to make sure there was no problem and to tell the strange faces to leave the HEIM.

As soon as I opened my door, they saw Junior and Ifeanyi lying on the floor while the girls were on my bed.

They wrote my name down on their PDA and left.

There and then, I knew that the police had started closing in on me. I had lied my way out of the invasion and I had escaped being towed to the station for bringing in aliens into the HEIM.

The hand writing was clear on the wall. It was time to lay low. They somehow knew that I was the major supplier in the Area but they couldn’t figure out how I moved my weeds.

They wanted to catch me red handed with bags of drugs but to no avail.

I was very good at Geography during my secondary school days, infact, I loved map more than anything. The first thing I did when I arrived in Brandenburg was to locate the library. I had gone there and found the city map. The way the map was drawn made it very easy for me to locate all the neighbouring mini cities.

Brandenburg an der Havel was surrounded by ”Rathenow” in the North, ‘ Ziesar’ in the South- West. ‘Kade’ in the West, ‘Wenzlow’ in the South, ‘Lennin’ in South East and then Potsdam and Berlin in the East.

The shortest and normal route to Brandenburg from Berlin was through Potsdam. But Each time I had a feeling that I was being followed, I would Enter a train from Berlin and head towards Rathenow on the North of Brandenburg. From Rathenow, I would head to Kade which was about 25km from Brandenburg. Then I will use a train from Kade to a small town between Kade and Brandenburg. I will stop at the town and take taxi to anywhere close to HEIM.

Sometimes, I will take a taxi from Berlin and stop across the silokanal, then trekked to HEIM. I enjoyed taking the police on a fools ride.

I knew every small town near Brandenburg. The whole district was my turf. It was a big advantage over other dealers.

But one thing was strange throughout that period. I had become immune to fear. Nothing seemed to jolt me at all. I was out of the world. I had become a beast, something I didn’t know I had in me.

I had started smoking daily. I would wrap four or five sticks of skunk weed and smoke them while playing my playstation 2 alone. I had started growing dreads too.
I had broken another rule of a drug dealer; Don’t ever wear anything special for a long time.
Money was coming. I had gone to Berlin and bought more cars. I bought a new E36 BMW 325i.( I still drive that one in Nigeria). More people had come from Nigeria to me. I didn’t sponsor any other person another cousin of mine had come from Brazil. He had lived in my apartment in Berlin before I sent him to Camp.
John A.k.a. Awada or Abada had come from Onitsha too.I had kept him for two weeks and sent him to Camp. Others I didn’t know before also came through me.
During the the following Summer. Agnes had given birth to a baby boy. No doubt, he resembled Bighead. she called the boy Victor. They returned to the HEIM and lived again. Agnes was a sensible girl, since he Knew John bh had no money and that I liked her, she knew that I wouldn’t allow her to suffer the child upbringing alone.
She thought it would be difficult to penetrate me but when she tried, I welcomed her and Victor into my life.
I minimized the rate of my hustling just to stay with them. After breakfast every morning, she would carry Victor and come to my room. They would stay there until the night again when I would take them back to their house and stay with them until it was time to sleep, then I would return to my room.

Some group of new people had been posted to the HEIM again. Among them was Nnamdi Ndifor from Nnewi. Although he was from Nnewi just like Jordan but Jordan could not teach him what was happening in HEIM.
He was referred to me by everybody he talked to but there was only one problem. He had graduated from ESUT ENUGU or IMT.
We were talking someday ago and I told him that I had only gone to Secondary school before I came to Europe.
He immediately started that arrogance associated with some of the Anambra people. He felt I was an inferior to him.

*How could a Wawa guy from Enugu State be the boss in the HEIM? He was not even Educated. No it can’t be. I was the guy who went to Esut. He was even dating Agnes, the most beautiful girl in HEIM*

The above thoughts were written all over Ndifor’s face.
In order to show me that he was better than me since he was educated, he went and asked Agnes out.

That was his biggest mistake. .

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