18: Searching for house

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The time was a few minutes past 2 pm. Liz, I and an agent had been running around looking for a room. The ones we had seen wasn’t up to my standard. Liz had liked one of them but it was in an open compound. I wanted her to live in a more secured place.
We had also found a nice place but the problem was that the occupants were only men. I didn’t remember if it was fear or jealousy that had stopped me from going for that one.

The agent had decided to call a co-agent when I said I was running out of time. The co-agent had said there was a room opposite the school premises. The place was dominated by girls and a pastor also lived there. The police post wasn’t far from there. It was a perfect place.

After inspection, they said the room costs N2500 Per month.
It was much for a student but for Ozoigbondu, N2500. Represented €14 which I could bring out 12 times without knowing that anything had happened.

The total price for one year amounted to N30.000. The agents had said that I would give them N10,000.

We took the account number of the landlord and went to the nearest diamond bank.
I withdrew N60.000 and gave to them. (N50.000 to Liz and N8000 to the agents)

The agent wanted to grumble but I asked him to pay the taxi fare which I had been using in carrying him around. He complained that he was still going to divide it into two and give the co-agent. I told him it wasn’t my problem.

I took Liz to GTBank where she paid in N30.000 to the landlord’s account.

”I am going” I announced to Liz as soon as we got to the major road.

She started crying. I told her that she would come to Enugu as soon as the school closed. I had no idea when that would be but I had to say something.
”buy mattress and the other things you need with the rest of the money” I told her.

She watched me as I entered the car, started the engine and zoomed off towards Enugu. My 6-cylinders M50 Double- exhaust engine roared like a lion along Port-harcourt – Enugu expressway.

I also watched her through the car inner mirror as she turned slowly and walked back to wherever she wanted to go.

It was goodbye Enyimba city.

The Aba-Owerri road crossed Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway near Osisioma Local government headquarters. I had gotten to Osisioma park and asked for the road leading to Owerri.
Since I was going to Cotonou in two days, I had decided to go through Owerri to Onitsha.
The Aba-Owerri road was ridden with potholes. It was difficult to do a continuous 100km/h for ten minutes. My odometer showed that the Car could do 260km/h. It was an insult doing 100km on the German machine.
I drove past Owerenta and saw a newly built or renovated Nigeria Navy School of Logistics.

I headed Towards Owerri and drove past the road on the right leading to the Owerri Airport. There was nothing to do at the airport, therefore I continued to Owerri.

I got to Owerri at half past 4 pm. I had stopped at a small corner town known as Nekede. There were numerous female students who loitered around. It signified that there was a big school in the town. I called a girl and asked, she said there was a federal Polytecnic in the town.
I could have have stopped and ventured into the school but I had spent unexpected money in Aba. I had to cut down on expenses until I was convinced that I had recovered half of the N60.000 or more.

I left Nekede and drove towards city center. I saw the famous Wetheral road and ignored it. There was a massive hold-up on it. Unfortunately BMW had a way of over-heating if it stayed too long on a hold-up.

I came out to the Orlu road. I had been told by my brother that I could follow Orlu road, past Nkwere all the way to Azia in Anamnbra State. He said I could also locate Onitsha-Owerri road near the Junction that went to Elele via Ahoada. I had decided that I wasn’t going to Onitsha that evening.

I wanted to view Owerri and explore it. My Imo state friends in Europe had always boasted about how Owerri was better than Enugu. It was an argument I always took on but since I had not traveled to Owerri, I understood that I was just defending Enugu because it was my home state.

I drove through the left and found a dome of a Church. It stood on the left side as I busted out to the Owerri-Port Harcourt road Junction. The sign pointed to the right said it was the road to Onitsha.

Great, I had found the road. It was left for me to enter into Owerri and feed my eyes, my stomach and possibly my…… You know what?

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