179: Genevive and I

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Chapter 179

When we finally got home, Ifeoma declared that they were going home. She was making trouble right inside the car until we got home. She had argued that i was heartless for not stopping to help Mekus. I wish i could have told them why i didn’t stop and that i even intentionally stopped him from following us.
Mekus was a threat to all three of us. If he had managed to corner us at a place where his fellow Okada men could gather easily, he would have told them that i was the pepper attacker. The entire Okada kingdom were looking for me. They could have killed me or us before the arrival of the Police. The police on the other hand were after me. If the Okada men managed to hand me over to them, i was still in trouble.
I needed to go to the German embassy to get my passport back in a few days. I didn’t want anything to delay me. Not Mekus, not Ifeoma or the Police.

Ifeoma had stormed out of the compound while her friend was still there trying to explain to me how women behaved, only if she knew that i had enough experience of women even more than her.
”You need to tell your friend to calm down, she is just a friend” i said to Genie.
”Please when you get home, calm her down and explain to her that i wasn’t angry. Give me your number so that i can call and ask how it went” i said.

She quickly brought out her phone and asked for my own number. I called it to her as she recorded it and dialed. I got hers too before she left.

Genevive called less than an hour later. She said her friend refused to listen to her. I told her to come over to the house and hung the call up. She called back and said she was coming. She came.
I was sleeping when the knock came to my door. I opened up and saw Genie standing there alone. She walked in and settled on the long sofa.
”Tell me what Ifeoma said when you approached her” i asked.
”She is very angry with you. I tried to calm her down and tell her that you must have done what you did for some reasons but she won’t hear. She is like that, always hot tempered and very difficult to appease” Genie said.
That was the line i needed to swoop into action.
”I hope you are not hot tempered like her” i said, knowing that she would deny being a bad person in anyway.
She said that she wasn’t hot tempered and that she was different from Ifeoma.
”Great, then you have just replaced her but don’t tell her about it” i said.
She smiled and said nothing. I walked over to her sofa and sat beside her, then i carried her on my laps and rubbed her long backbone. She enjoyed it with a little smile until my hand found the two golden apples on her chest.
My phone rang. I picked it up and looked at the screen, it was from Ifeoma. I didn’t answer it. It rang for the second time and met with the same fate, then a text message followed. I ignored it knowing where it could have come from.

My hands had gotten tired of squeezing the apples and had slowly found its way down to the V shape between her legs. I had rubbed The top of her honeypot continuously until she started to moan.
One thing i leant from my experience with ladies was that they readily agreed to remove their clothes if you had managed to put them in the mood first.

Genevive was almost pulling out her skirt even before i asked. I had rubbed and squeezed the top of her honeypot until she couldn’t resist the urge any longer.
As she pulled down her skirt, i ran inside and brought a condom. I started tearing the cover right from inside the room.
My long standing Joystick was already ready for action.
In one swift move, i pulled down my boxers and slipped on the condom.
Genevive had already removed the skirt and was working on the tight underpants.
I helped her pulled the tight down slowly and carried her back to the long sofa. She lay on her back and spread her legs in anticipation.
I knelt down opposite the sofa and slipped a finger inside the dripping honeypot. She moaned and held the arms of the sofa tight. Then i added another finger and another until she started moaning louder. I got up and climbed on top of her while she guided my joystick slowly into her honeypot. I started pumping in and out of her in a very sweet move that rythmed with the movement of her waist.
As i rode her, my mind wondered to the interview i had at the German embassy. I wondered if i should have atleast waited for the visa to come out before indulging in any sexual act.
But my inner mind countered that thought. According to my inner mind, whether i did it then or after the visa had been approved were all the samething. It was hypocritical to have something at the back of your mind and wait until a favour had been granted before commiting whatever wrong it was. It all seemed as if we were cheating God.

After two hot rounds of sexx, i recalled that a message had come to my phone. I opened it and saw that it was from Ifeoma. She wrote that i shouldn’t open the door for Genevive if she showed up to my house. I was tempted to reply and tell her that Genie was already there but there were strong chances that i may not be able to control the outcome of such revelation. Instead i sent her a message telling her that she should stop contacting me until she learnt how to respect other people’s views of the same situation.
Genevive knew that the message had come from Ifeoma. She had asked if it was her but i denied. She said that Ifeoma wouldn’t be happy if she found out what we had just done but that Ifeoma herself would have done the same thing.
”Are you scared of Ifeoma” i asked her.
She said no.
”Then you have nothing to worry about. I chose who stays with me and who goes. If you feel you can’t deal with the situation, just let me know and i will wish you goodbye” i said.
She stood up and hugged me, then she said: ‘Don’t worry baby boy, Ifeoma doesn’t feed me, she can go to hell for all i care”

Super girl! That was what i expected.
”If you stick with a particular girl for so long, she will start to demand marriage”

” Change will not come if we wait for
some other person or some other
time. We are the ones we’ve been
waiting for. We are the change that
we seek”

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  1. achi4u

    I love the way u always handle all ur situations both girls, adventures,businesses, and even religion.
    Life is all about knowing what u want and how to go get em.
    Putting things on a balanced scale.


    Chei! Ifeoma just shot herself on both feet with a shotgun! she obviously knew her friend was like that but her temper got the better of her… GOODBYE IFEOMA!

  3. Jaykizz

    You always knw how to handle dirrerent circumstances. Someone like you never have a close friend and can never be trusted. All the way, thumbs up bro!

  4. godson chikelue

    Do u think u can dismiss Ifeoma with a wave of ur hand.Expect the re-enactment of Aguleri-Umuleri war right in ur home…May God strenghten u cos u need an ethereal aid.

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    I hope you left 9ja before Ifeoma found out what you just did. Following you like Mekus on the highway. But make u no match brake o!

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