177: The Panic

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Chapter 177

The headlines of the second pepper attack on the newspapers in Nigeria were all funny.
I woke up around 9am and took a ride to Isolo under-bridge along Oshodi-Apapa highway. There were newspaper vendors scattered under the bridge.
The first paper i picked was Punch. It said in page 2: ”The mystery pepper man has done it again”.
The Vanguard said: ”Lagos Okada riders in fear after the pepper attacker hit his second victim”
Thisday said: ”Police intensifies search for the second pepper man”
One other newspaper i had forgotten the name said: ”Is this the end of Okada in Lagos”.

After scanning through the pages, i paid for the Vanguard and left. I returned to Jakande estate and put on the generator. I was expecting the television stations to broadcast the news.
The newscaster on AIT narrated how the second attack was carried out. She said that the second attacker was different from the first since the first attacker was still in police custody. She said that the attacked had seen the face of the attacker before he was attacked. She described me as a tall slim man with pointed nose.
Well, i wasn’t tall and i wasn’t slim. But since i never neglected the intelligence of the Nigerian Police, i figured that the police could have conspired with the media houses to give a fake description of me so that i would stay off-guard. If that was their plan, they were in for a massive disappointment. One thing it made me understand was that the general public had been thrown off by the fake description.

The police had somehow increased the ransom money to N200,000 for anybody who come forward with the information that could lead to the arrest of the second attacker.
The State Commissioner for Police was seen in a recorded video, promising the Okada men that he must catch the attacker. He said that they already had my description and that they also had a lead on me. He promised the Nigerian masses to expect the news of my arrest anytime soon.
A video of the second attacked man was also shown on AIT. He was interviewed after being discharged by the hospital. He swore in the name of God, that he had never wronged or owed anybody. He said that God will revenge for him but when he was asked if he has forgiven the attacker, he said that he has not.

The Nigeria system had no finger printing machine, no CCTV and no machine to detect Patterns. Nigeria was just a massive hole for strugglers and their struggles. The few who seemed to have succeeded in Nigeria one way or the other, did so by taking advantage of the struggling masses. Be it in Schools, Churches, Immigration, Custom, Police, aviation, Army; Everywhere was stinking with corruption and irregularities even in Prison cells. Our elected leaders needed good advisers  but as soon as you elect them, they barricade themselves with armed men.

A TV programmed was set up again on AIT. I knew that some other stations somewhere must also be discussing the pepper incidents but i wanted to follow it
The program featured the same trio who debated about the first attack. This time, they had started to believe that the Okada society had somehow done something wrong to the attacker. During the phone session, i called again.
I told them that i needed the Okada people to go to the TV station and promise to behave themselves whenever they have issues with vehicle owners. I said that they must also promise to stop calling car owners ‘ritualists’ simply because they own cars. I told them that they hit and scratched my car and when i came down to ask why, they slapped and pushed me around. Finally, i told them that i would continue the attack and that i was even recruiting more people to help in the attack.
”I will not stop until i see the TV promises” i had said and hung up.
They believed me now. The subsequent callers were jubiliaiting. They were mostly car owners who had been abused one way or the other by the Okada group.
One man even said that he would join me if he knew where i was.

Since the news went viral, it was time to move the BMW out of Lagos.
I called Izuu from Ladipo and told him that i wanted the car back to Onitsha. He wanted to take the car and leave the following day but i told him to wait for another two days. The police must be on the look out for the car but i doubted if the first attacker told them the name of the car.

I went down to a panel beater around the area. He was an Hausa man who barely understood English. I figured he may not have heard the news, therefore i employed him. He worked on the fender and painted it later. It returned to normal, then i called Izuu to come and pick it up. I wanted it out of the compound.

When the car left the compound, i started moving around Surulere on the 190 Mercedes.
I drove past the Ijesha road sometimes but suspected nothing. I drove past the Ijesha police station also, hoping to see the dismissed/suspended Basil Duru but i never saw him.

One afternoon, i decided to go to his street in Papa Ajao Mushin. I saw seen him around 6pm, returning from somewhere with dirty cloths. I figured he had found work somewhere. There were grease and dark spots all over his cloths which meant that he worked with vehicles. It could be that he had joined offloaders in Ladipo or even Mechanic workers somewhere. Ironically, it could be a better option for him from the Police. I have always believed that ‘when one door is closed, another would be opened’, it was a give or take system of life.

Despite my promise to attack more Okada men, i knew i was not going to attempt that. I had created panic in their domain and that was enough. I knew when to quit. I had resorted to wearing dark glass and short Jeans. I had also started driving away from Surulere. Life went on that way. No more major incidents. No more drinking much. No more eating outside. The time for my interview was approaching.

Chinelo and her boyfriend were intimately involved now. I was left out alone in the World.

” Men should be either treated
generously or destroyed, because they
take revenge for slight injuries – for
heavy ones they cannot”

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  1. lil jboy

    Suspense Filled. . . 9c job there. . And i still wonder why u want to go and see duru

  2. Shady J

    Nice Write up. Good thrilling suspense.. But I have to ask – Is this really a true-life story? I mean, did ALL these incidents actually take place? I want some clarification, cos if they did, then surely, one of the readers would have remembered this particular okada incident since it seemed to have made headlines and been national news.. Or am I meant to suspend my disbelief here?

    • Anonymous

      Worth asking my brother. It is becoming too sweet to be true

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    Zubby u are 3much,the suspense of the previous chapter and this one nearly got me sweating …mehn fear nearly catch me.

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    And yet again, the story took another turn. Brilliant write-up from u zubby.

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