174: The dark cloud

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Chapter 174

The Nigerian security system was a serious joke. Four days after the pepper treatment, the Police announced that the attacker had been arrested. It was all over the news. According to the newscaster, a certain young man had been arrested at Ketu Lagos. After interrogation, he had confessed to the crime. A national newspaper had also carried the news with a picture of a man whose face was covered. He was on cuffs. The news said he had been taken to one Panti police division somewhere in Lagos. The police claimed to have arrested him after a tip off. They promised to pay the ransom money to the person who gave them information that led to the arrest. The Police also urged the general public to come forward with information that could lead to the arrest of other criminals.

I was tempted to go to the Police station and ask them to release the innocent man but poverty could have made the arrested man to conspire with another person to go for the ransom money. The police could have also conspired with the arrested victim to act out a script so that they could steal the ransom money.
The entire system was a massive corrupted joke. It was better that i lay low and watched the events as they unfolded.
I also wanted to go to a court and tell them that the police arrested the wrong guy but the Judicial system itself was ridden with corruption. Everywhere and everything were the same and as a result, i felt it was better to be calm about the whole stuff at that moment.

Then it hit me. The only way to expose the security operatives was to strike again. I figured that if i gave another ‘pepper treatment’ to another Okada man, the Nigerian people would know that the attacker was still out there; atleast it would spoil the show for the police and the fake arrested culprit. If they were going to steal the N100,000, they were going to work for it or answer serious questions for it.
I also knew that it was a dangerous venture. I believed that the police could have also faked the arrest. They could have done that just to lure the real attacker/me to the open but unfortunately for them, i was an expert at considering every possible angle of everything.

I took a bike to Ijesha market to buy pepper again. I knew the woman who sold the first peppers to me, therefore i avoided her and went to another table. I had carried a black nylon bag and bought some other food stuffs. It was dangerous to just buy pepper alone. It could trigger a suspicion. After buying breadfruit, maggi, pepper, bitter Kola, and red oil, i went home and got to work again.
I pounded the pepper and mixed it with small water and red oil, put it inside a small nylon bag and hid it inside the fridge.

I thought of a good plan but nothing seemed to be good enough. Ade could have heard the news of the attack on the news too and could have decided to sell out but it was far fetched. He didn’t like the Igbo Okada men there at Ijesha bus stop. I believed they were discriminating Against him. After some hours of thinking without coming up with a convincing plan, i drove out to Kilo and switched on the Motorola Razor. I called Ade. He said he had been trying to reach me for the past five days without success. He was excited while asking me if i had seen the attack on the news. I denied ever seeing it. He said that he saw it on the news and had tried to call me and warn me to be careful.
The way he sounded convinced me to some extent, that he didn’t sell out or intended to sell out. I told him where i was and told him to come.
He came there some 30 minutes later. I had hidden at a bar that overlooked the round about. I had watched as he came there and stood where i had told him to stay. He had spent over two minutes there waiting for me while i scanned the immediate environment for any suspicious activities. When i was convinced that there was none, i asked him to drive to Adeniran Ogunsanya. I had entered another bike and followed him. I watched him to make sure that he didn’t make any call to tell anyone that there had been a change of venue. We had met at Adeniran Ogunsanya and walked to a bar.
He reminded me that the police were looking for me and that i should be careful. Apparently he didn’t even know that a man had been arrested in connection with the attack.

”Thanks for the news and the advice. But we still need to punish the remaining two people who had pushed me that day. You said that you know them” i said.
He was shocked to hear that. He said that he wasn’t expecting me to come out for a long time, let alone planning another attack. For some reasons, i told him that the police had arrested an innocent victim and that the only way to prove to them that they had the wrong guy was to attack another person.
Fortunately, he understood my logic but was still scared to participate in the next attack. However he changed his mind when i increased his wager to N3000 and two bottles of beer.

It almost felt foolish to be spending money just to get a revenge. But revenge made me feel so good sometimes. Our society was the type where people misbehaved and go free, then brag about how tough they were. I believed that teaching them that no single person was all that extra ordinary when it comes to misbehavior. For the fact that some of us tried to perform our daily  activities according to the law never translated to being weak. I believed that there was some level of stubborness in every one of us.

Ade had agreed to participate in the new plan. We scheduled to act the following evening. I needed to go to Ijesha bus stop once more to pick out the victim. The new attack ground was a small Junction that branched to a minor street called Balogun Kuku from Sanya in Aguda. I needed to shift away from Ijesha entirely. I knew the police hunt would be intensified after the second attack but i would be ready for the evading game which i had perfected.

I got home, eat the breadfruit Chinelo prepared and slept.

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  1. dejust

    y do u invest much in revenge than seek justice thru court or even try to forgive n cal d person to order

    • Mozel

      Even the Nigerian Army believe taking revenge is doing justice.

  2. cheruvskiy

    Broz attimes revenge is the best kos without it some people won’t learn.forgiveness isn’t a serial solution for different misbehavioral scenarios….you know,hit ’em and hit ’em HARD baby

  3. dejust

    as u keep on hittin dem so also u become a target of rebirthed son of ur enemy.except u destroy them totally..but there is no peace of heart to the avenger or fighter.

  4. Jaykizz

    Bro you are a super-duper brusque person ooo…imagine after all dat n u still aint afraid that dey can use juju on you. Anyway, that’s what makes your story unique and special.

  5. raheena

    U. Need to b carefull cause u stek me glu to my fone all day *wink good job man.

  6. Delis

    If we’re fored 2 live this(offend n get punished) then I believe everytn will alright

  7. achi4u

    yes! this second attack was to expose our ailing security outfit who always misfire all the time @first poster.

    Zubby carry go jare …

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