173: The Media Debate

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Chapter 173

I didn’t expect to hear or see the news in the media, therefore i decided to lay low for the time being. I had brought out the piece of note i wrote and dropped it on the bike before i left. The newscaster had shown and read it on the TV. Since i was at home that following day, i was glued to the TV. I knew the news would be shown again and again. But to my surprise, a programme was quickly organized for the incident. Two men and a woman were there to discuss the incident. According to them, the police were already investigating the matter and had promised that they will arrest the attacker in one or two days. The prize of N100,000 was waiting for anybody with information that could lead to the arrest of the attacker.
At that point, i thought about Ade. He could get greedy and decide to sell me out for the money. He had my phone number but he didn’t know where i lived. My car was covered with a taupolin at the back of the house. There and then, i decided not to use Ade if i were to continue the attack.

As the discussion of the incident went on, people started to call. They had a phone number on the TV screen.
The first caller narrated how wicked the attacker was. He said that i was going to hell fire where fire would burn me forever. The second caller was reasonable, he said that something must have happened between the attacked and the attacker. He pointed out what was written on the paper.
”The man had written that it was just ‘the beginning’, that doesn’t sound like a thief. ‘The police must ask the okada man what he had done to the man’ he had said.
The trio on the screen debated his point and concluded that something must have happened.

After some whisky in my system, i blocked my number and called the number on the screen. I introduced myself as James Eleme calling from Surulere. I bluntly told them that i attacked the bikeman. They didn’t believe me. I told them that the bike man had hit my car and scratched it, then he had called his fellow Okada men and beat me up at Ijesha bus stop.
”I knew that i should have gone to the Police but i also knew that the police can only take money from him and set him free. I wanted to teach them some lessons so that they would run away next time they see a car” i had said. One of them had started to believe me but my time was getting to three minutes, therefore i hung the call and removed the simcard from the phone.
Three minutes was the usual time a call could be tracked to the caller. I knew that the Network providers could also pinpoint the call to nearest mast in my area but that would be as far as they could go. If the Nigerian Police were interested in investigating the matter, they could get the call from MTN and narrow my call to the nearest MTN mast in my area, then they could begin to search the houses in the area to locate the BMW that was scratched. But according to the information the police had, the Okada man never mentioned that he had any problem with any car. He just 
Told the police that the attacker had wanted to steal his bike which he, in his Jet Li and James Bond kind of style, fought him off and defeated him even with his two eyes closed.
Many more people had called during the programme. Some believed that i did it and asked the police to hunt me down. Some said that the Okada men were fond of abusing car owners daily on the Lagos roads and commended me for what i did.

After the program, i went downstairs and bought a new simcard. I didn’t put it on the Motorola Razor, rather i put it inside a Nokia i had left in my room. I figured that if a new simcard entered into the Razor, it could help the network people pinpoint the exact position where i had called from.
I never trusted the networks. It was too open.

Somehow, i wasn’t even afraid of what happened. I didn’t care if the Police would arrest me or not. In the evening, i took the Motorola and Nokia and drove to Ojuelegba Area. I entered a small hotel occupied by prostitutes and rented a small room. Then i switched on the Razor and copied all the phone numbers i needed into the Nokia. I walked down to the reception and bought four bottles of Guinness stout, then i picked up a sexx worker and went back upstairs.

Apparently i had no girlfriend anymore. I was still considering whether to hook up with the little terrorist or not. Not that i didn’t like her, she was a beautiful girl and still very young but at her age, i didn’t want her to be shuttling between Tedi and Ijesha.

That would have been the best time to hook up with Chinelo but she had started to sleep in the same room with my cousin. They had started living like husband and wife. I suspected that they were even having unprotected sexx. It was only a time before she got pregnant and go down to the village to formalize the union. I was happy for them. They were about to settle down while i was still gearing up to head to Amsterdam, the European headquarter of Drugs.

After two rounds of sexx with the hooker, i paid her and left. I had decided that my car won’t come out again unless i was going out of Lagos. If i needed a car, i would go to Jakande Estate and pick up the Mercedes 190. I had made too many enemies in Lagos and it was better that i didn’t carry any symbol with me. The BMW was a huge symbol that would identify me to my enemies anytime.
On my way back from Ojuelegba, i took a bike to the beauty shop. Chinelo was there. They gave me a seat as i watched them worked on people’s hair. She seemed to have been fully absorbed into the work. I sat there and wished that i would be around when she would be free to start her own business. I wanted to help her out. I knew she had some money but i didn’t know how much. The only good news was that i can always send her money from anywhere if i had to and that my cousin would definitely took care of things. She was his woman and that was just the truth of the matter.

When she closed, we left together and went home. It was a strange day.

” I forgive my enemies immediately after my revenge “

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    Hmmm. What can I say. Looks like you are having more action here in Nigeria than when you where abroad. But I can’t wait to see you in amsterdam.


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    “Three minutes was the usual time a call could be tracked to the caller”
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