170: Time for Prayers

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Chapter 170

After spending the rest of the day with Ifeoma, i called my brother back in Onitsha. I needed him to send me the article of memorandum, the bank statement and certificate of incorporation of our company. The time to return to German embassy for Visa was closing in. I could have gone to another embassy to apply for another visa but it was risky. Since the Germans had stamped ”Visa Denied” inside my passport during my first attempt, it was a bad idea for another embassy to stamp the same thing in the passport. It could jeopardize my chances of getting the visa if i returned to German embassy. It was the actual reason why i decided to wait for six months before applying again.
I could have also made a different international passport and applied with it in a different embassy or even in the same German embassy but i wanted a clean and genuine process. The reason why i spent all that time in Nigeria was that i cheated the system by using a passport that was done for me in my absence. Things like that usually had a way of fighting back at you. As a result i had decided to wait. Patience was important.

He said he would send the documents soon.

I wasn’t religious but there was need to pray that time. I felt that if the Germans denied me Visa again, it could either mean another six months which i wasn’t sure i would get visa at the end of, or trying out at a different embassy or Going to the Chinese embassy to apply for its Visa. That would mean joining up with my brother to start importing used spare parts from China. That was a good idea but money wasn’t my motivator at that time. I really wanted to go into cocaine business. I had heard a lot about it and i wanted to get involved somehow.
Drug business was a game of wits, cleverness, intelligence and above all, luck. At that age, i wasn’t ready to start traveling to China to buy goods, returned to Nigeria and waited for it to be sold before traveling again. I wanted challenges and not a routine business, besides i had someone who was doing well.

I had decided to start going to Church every Sunday to pray like others. I wanted God to grant me Mercy, not that i was sure prayers worked but that i had no options. I would follow Andy and his girlfriend to Church and stayed through the boring sermon before returning back. Sometimes, i would drink whisky before going. It was that bad.

During one of those times, i had knelt down at the chapel and prayed. I asked God or Jesus, Moses, Elijah, Abraham, David or Solomon; whichever one of them that was in charge of immigration up there to please grant my wish of getting Visa. It was funny as the idea ran through my mind but i was sure someone up there was incharge of immigration. God himself can’t be doing all the work alone.

Days went by as i waited for the end of January to reach. It was coming at a slow pace since there was nothing to do. I had decided to stay away from all sorts of problems. I had decided to forgive unconditionally,
Anybody who wronged me. There was no need to fight again. The time for trials were fast approaching.

I had even gone for a confession at the Church where i almost told the Rev. Father that i sacked a police officer for slapping me. I had knelt before the priest and told him that i had fornicated. It was funny because the same girl i fornicated with was still there in my house. How ironic.

He had given me some prayers to say and asked me to go and sin no more.
Sin no more? How was that even possible? The way we looked at things, the way we judged, the way we thought were all sins according to the doctrine. But we were told not to question anything. Just believe without doubt and you are good to go.
It even said somewhere that Blessed were those who believed without seeing. Well i was the type who believed when i see or atleast see enough evidence.

After the confession, i had gone home and saw Ifeoma on my bed. The daughter of Jezebel who was there to destroy the blessings i had brought from the Church. She was even naked while i knelt in the parlour and prayed.

When i finished, i took my bath and went to bed. The beautiful and smooth body of Ifeoma Nweze could not be resisted. The omnipotent must have known that i would be tempted and that i would fall. ‘He knows everything’.
We had sexx and that was it.  When she left, i regretted what i did but there was no need for that since i knew it could happen again if presented with the same opportunity.
One funny thing about Ifeoma was that she never demanded for anything, even recharge card which was synonymous with most Nigerian girls. She never bought anything for me either. She was just there demanding for sexx after sexx. She was an expert at kisses. She never cared about what i did for a living. She never asked either. She was happy that each time she asked where i was, i had always said ‘at home’. She once came with another girl of her age who had seen me two days after their visit. The new girl had asked for my number and i had given it to her. She had called and asked to come to my place but since i was having prayers for my travel, i didn’t want to be dealing with many women. God would understand the rationale behind me having just one girl rather than keeping many of them.

One evening, i was driving to Oshodi through Ijesha bus stop. I had driven out to that junction where the bus stop joined the Oshodi-apapa express way. A bike man had driven with speed and had brushed my fender. It scratched the car a little. I had parked the car along the highway service lane and walked to the bike man who had picked up his bike from the ground.

”You no dey see road abi” he shouted as i approached him.

The bastard was every inch at fault. I had switched on my right diversion indicators light and was as slow as the car could go.
The bastard had rammed on the side of my fender and there he was asking if ‘i no dey see road’.
He had parked his bike and made that mistake of slapping me.

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  1. 18wheeler

    Let me guess. That bike man will end his biking career that day. Or Zuby will ‘forgive’ him and let him go.

  2. Phapi

    See truoble oo zubby din repent but piple with d slapping spirit still dy find him wahallla, i pity d bike man and him biking ministry………zubby d aliabi master,am learning a lot sir RIDE ON boss

  3. achi4u

    A bikeman slapping Zubby? mbanu! … well you are lucky becos Zubby is a new person.

    hahahaha let’s see how it panned out.

  4. dejust

    ur kind of prayer amaze me nd i imagine whether it wil pass ur door talkles of abraham or iseac or solomon hearin u…the plan of d mind belong to the man but the answer is from the creator.

  5. +iykmora+

    if you fight one okada man, you are fighting the okada union alone. Make i see as you go win this one

  6. Jaykizz

    Imagine the bike man slapping Ozoingbodu…I’m guessing it’s a set-up sha. Let’s see the way the story will unfold.

  7. ofido omega nwanne m

    I asked God or Jesus, Moses,
    Elijah, Abraham, David or Solomon; whichever one
    of them that was in charge of immigration up there
    to please grant my wish of getting Visa.

    i cant help but laugh at d above as postulated by ozoigbondu

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