17: Western Union

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Chapter 17: The Western Union.

Two days after i met with the Cabman and his wife, i didn’t hear from them.
I picked up my phone and called the him, he didn’t pick the call. I tried once more and gave up.
I had taken pictures of the cab’s plate number and taxi number.
I wrote a text message and sent it to the Cabman. It said, ”The next time i call you and you don’t answer me, you will understand that i am not as silly as you may think”. I sent the message. He called back immediately.
”My friend, the papers will be ready tomorrow. I am in a meeting now” he yelled and hung up.

A text message had come into my phone when i was speaking with the Cabman. It was a 10-digit Western Union MTCN pin number.

Before i could finish reading the message, Aunty Franca called.
”Did you receive the number” she asked.
”Yes, i received it. However i will pick up the money tomorrow morning. The person you sent it to in Dublin will clear the money, then she will send it to Amsterdam. My people in Amsterdam will send it o France. I am making sure that you cannot trace the money. Like i said earlier, if you try to follow the money, we will both end up in police station. Trust me, i have enough evidence to sink you forever. I also have living witnesses who will testify against you and your gang in court” I finished and hung up.

I called Ify in Dublin immediately.
”Hello baby, i will send a message to you now. Locate a Western Union outside the City Center and pick up €5000 for me. If they ask you any question about where the money came from, tell them that it was from France. If they ask further questions that you don’t understand, tell them that you don’t know” i said.
Ify tried to find out if there was trouble but i didn’t give her any hint. It was true that i shouldn’t be exposing her to such businesses but she needed to be working for her money too.
After talking to Ify, i sent her the Western Union pin number.

She called an hour later and said she had picked up the money. I asked her to send €4200 to me in Lille France; she did.
I picked up the cash an hour later and called Franca.
”Send me your house number. I will mail the MP3 to your house this afternoon, i have the money now” i said and hung up.
Ten minutes later, i received an address in a text message. It wasn’t the area i had visited her in Place de Clichy Paris.
I didn’t call or complain. I just ignored the message.

After receiving the money, it was time to relocate to another hotel. As black people, we were not required to be seen in the same hotel every day for a long time. The Europeans knew what each race loved to do. We Africans hardly stayed long in hotels unless we came for business. We Africans saw hotel life as a waste of money.
A rich African man would prefer to stay in a relative’s house rather than a hotel room even if he was on business. Africans only considered hotels as the last option. However a white man can visit a town where he has relatives and still prefer a hotel room.
As a result of that small fact, I called my two sweethearts and told them that we were moving. When they asked why, I told them that we were going to a better hotel.

We took a cab to Calais and found a better hotel. This time, we opted for a five star hotel.
The price was €120. It was expensive for people who were on the run but i made €4200 from Franca. Spending a week in a five star hotel won’t do us any harm.
Inside the large well-furnished hotel room, I felt like a son of a rich sit-tight president from one African Country. It looked like i was enjoying myself with two beautiful girls.

Something extra Ordinary happened. Our first night in the five star hotel, Naomi had started to play Romantic games as soon as we climbed unto the bed. I was the first person to climb on the bed and positioned myself in the middle of the large bed. Lisa had followed suit and entered inside to the wall while Naomi brought up the entrance.
Naomi had started touching and kissing and since the light was on, Lisa could clearly see us.
”Common girl, Lisa is still awake” i had said and laughed.
”What is the big deal, she is a big girl” Naomi had said and laughed too.
”She is a big girl but her private parts could get excited and want some actions too” i said.
”Fine then she can join the action if she wants but she knows you are mine” Naomi said.
That was a surprise one. I didn’t wait for much talk anymore. Lisa had smiled after hearing what Naomi said. I had helped out by stretching my right arm for her. Lisa had climbed my arm and got close to me. Lisa started working on my boxers while Naomi had taken over the lips and the nipples of my small breasts. As the pleasure increased, i suspended myself to it and enjoyed my life for the first time since i started running from Amsterdam.
Circumstances had stopped me from enjoying myself. I had left Amsterdam with the hope of having some peace in another country, only to fell into the net spread by Aunty Franca. I had managed to wriggle myself out of the net but i knew that the war was not yet over.
The way things were happening, i believed that Aunty Franca would come for me sometime in the future. She was still stunned by how i tricked her into visiting her apartment.

The two girls finished their business with me and we all headed to the bathroom to clean up again.

The next morning, the Cabman called. He said they found a passport for Lisa and that they could be moving as early as the evening of that same day.

”I hope you are ready Lisa, you could be going to the United Kingdom this evening” I announced to Lisa after our breakfast in a Restaurant down the road from our hotel.
She had suddenly realised that it was going to be goodbye from Naomi, her long time friend.
”Don’t worry, Naomi will come to meet you over there too. I want two of you to find a way to go to school over there. Your lives will be better” i said.

We walked back to the hotel and started getting ready for Lisa’s departure.

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