During the easter, I invited some people from Berlin. Ifeanyi and Junior, my friends from Nsukka who lived in Berlin. Kate and one other Benin girl that I met in a club one night.
They all came around 5pm, we all went into the city and bought wines and whiskey, then we returned back to my room and ate. I had cooked stew and Basmati Rice, (some sweet thailand and Indian Rice)

We drank until about 10pm and then the unthinkable started happening.
Three boys and two girls locked up in a room.
It started like a joke. I invited Kate because I liked her a lot. She was a Nigerian girl but adopted by a German old man.
We had gotten drunk and I had just returned from the bathroom. I wanted to ask the girls to excuse me outside so I can wear my cloths but I decided to turn my back on them I do my business.

Kate had seen that I was Unclad and had came to stood behind me. I saw her shadow and turned around. She just took one look at my joystick, bent down and started rubbing it.

I felt a little embarrassed but that kind of embarrassement wouldn’t hurt anyone.
I stood there and ignored the other three people in the same room. They were looking at what Kate was doing but said nothing.
My Joystick had risen and hardened. Kate continued what she was doing. When I felt that the Spermss were close to coming out, I raised her up and removed her pullover. My mouth found her hard bosoms while the three spectators watched the live blue film. The whole act had gotten into me and there was no going back.

I traced my mouth down do her belly button while removing her trousers and Undies.

I laid her on the bed and inserted two fingers into the already dripping cunnt. It was a smooth entrance into the sweet kingdom. She had started moaning as the spectators watched in silence
The whole show was a new one to all of us. I had seen the look of excitement in the eyes of the other girl. Joy was her name.

After three minutes of manipulation Kate, she motioned me to mount her with my Joystick.

I moved out of the bed and opened my wardrobe to get a pack of condom. Kate thought I was going to put on my clothes, so she jumped up and held my back before she saw it was a condom. She grabbed it from my hand, tore one of them and inserted it professionally on my Joystick.
I bent her down and made her hold the hand of the chair where Junior was sitting. Her wet cunnt protruded from behind and beckoned on me to enter.
In one swift thrust, I inserted the full length of my Joystick into Kate and pumped away.

Junior could not hold up any longer. His JT had risen and stood like a pillar inside the boxers. It was a punishment watching me fvckk Kate.
He got up and grabbed Joy. There was no resistance whatsoever from Joy. She was being tormented too by the moanings emanating from Kate’s mouth.

It took less than a minute for both Junior, Ifeanyi and Joy to remove their clothes and the game began in full HD.
I turned kate around and carried her up. She was very slim, so the weight didn’t affect me as I spread her legs to cross my waist. My Joystick found her open cunnt and guided itself back into the honey pot, she was holding my neck.

Junior had inserted a condom on his Joystick and had mounted Joy from behind. I couldnt help but took a peep on them occasionally.
Ifeanyi was on the chair rubbing his Joystick.

When I put Kate down, I pushed her slightly to Ifeanyi who had put on a condom. I tapped Junior on his shoulder to make way for me. I wanted to tap into that mound of flesh cunnt I had seen on Joy.

As Ifeanyi entered Kate, I turned Joy around and laid her face down on the bed. I lay on top of her back and guided my Joystick into her through the back. I pumped away as the bed squealed.
Kate was moaning louder from the chair. She must have climaxed twice.
When I climaxed, I got down from Joy and junior took over again. Ifeanyi had climaxed too and stood up to remove his condom.
I motioned Kate to work on my Joystick again, I needed it up and running as soon as possible.
When my Joystick stood up again, I put on a new condom and laid Kate flat on the rug. The bed was occupied by Ifeanyi and Joy. Junior had released and was working on his Joystick again.

I spread Kate’s legs on the floor and exposed her vegyna. The entrance opened up as my Joystick moved in for the second journey.

When the film ended, we took a taxi and went to the Night club. The bouncer had become a friend of mine after I gave him 2 grams of weed a week before.

We all slept in the same room when we returned in the Morning.

At around 8am, a knock came on my door and when I opened up, it was the German Police.

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