17: Tight and more tight

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I took Liz to the bed, knowing that she could be an amateur. Amateurs tend to like the beds more, where they would lie like a log of wood leaving the whole work for the man.

I laid her on her back and slowly pulled out her tight trousers. She had no underwear.
I removed her blue blouse too and exposed her beautifuly created bosoms packed carefully in two cups of small sized bra. The hard Tip pointed out inside the bra and it would have been a crime if I ignored it.
I shifted the bra upwards and the two flesh mounds jumped out like a rat who had seen a cat in its domain.

My mouth lowered to the bosoms as I sucked them one after the other.
Her cunnt which was hosting my finger at the same time had started to get wet. She had also started the moaning while holding my back.

”Please don’t hurt me” she said.
” I will never hurt you” I promised.

Some minutes later when she had totaly surrendered to the immense pleasure, I got up, pulled down my pants and slipped a Durex condom on my dicck.
She laid on the bed and watched me wore the rubber.

The entrance was difficult despite the wet walls of her cunnt.
I took it extremely easy and slow with her as I wondered if she was still a virgin.

My JT eventually entered after much bruises. I continued to Fvck her in slow motion.
I heard a small sound. It was from the condom. My guess was that it had broken but I continued what I was doing.
I would find out later.

Liz was the tightest so far in Nigeria.
I fvcked her as I thought about the next thing to do about her.

Sure! That was not going to be the last with her. She was simply too good to let go after just a day with her.

I pulled out my dicck as the sperm rushed to the tip of my dicck. It poured on the bed spread.
The condom had really broken and since I didn’t already have a plan with Liz, I decided that it would be bad to get her pregnant.

I went into the bathroom and pulled out my condom. I threw it into the toilet and returned to the bed.

”did you like it” she said as I sprawled beside her.

”you are the sweetest girl” I blurted out.

I asked if she would want to do it again and she agreed with a nod…
I asked her to come down from the bed. Her short red skirt covered the beautiful sight of her Vagynna.

I pulled out the bed spread, turned it around and spread it again on the bed.
She laid back on it and closed her eyes.

”how old are you Liz” I asked.
”19 years old” she answered like a kindergarten child.

I laid on the bed beside her and placed her head on my chest. My left hand stretched out down to her a.r.se and squeezed.
My dicck had risen again. I squeezed her bosom three times, turned her around and entered her without condom.
She said nothing as I sensed a better wave of pleasure from when I laboured through the first time.

”please don’t get me pregnant” she blurted out between tight lips.
I had already gone beyond advice into the territory of ” get pregnant, I will come for you”

I fvcked the tight cunnt for several minutes before I released.
The total amount of the sperm released had gone inside of Liz.

I stayed on top of her for another two minutes to make sure non of my sperm escaped, then I slowly pulled my dicck out of her with an effort that said ” she is still a virgin”

”I am going to get pregnant” she said with sobs.

”No you are not, but if it happened, you will be my wife” I said knowing that I wasn’t sure. But I own myself, I could decide to marry in just a second if I wanted.

We cleaned up and took a hot bath. I switched on my cell phone, the screen reported that it was some minutes to 11 am.

As we were about to open the door and go out, a knock came on my door.

”who is that” I shouted.
”It must be Ella” Liz whispered.

”Its me Ella, open the door” a voice said from the other side of the door.
I opened it and she entered.

” I was passing here and saw your car, so I came to know if everything was fine” she said while looking squarely at Liz who had started writing on the ground with her toes.

”Your number was switched off, I tried it” she continued.

I thought fast about what to do, no immediate solution came.
I knew Ella was going to start abusing Liz and I was right.

”You prostitute, I knew it was here you came when I didn’t see you at the hostel” she shouted.

”Do you want to calm down or shout” I said calmly.

She ignored me and continued abusing Liz.

”You will leave my room today, you don die. make I see where you will go and stay” she continued.

”Alright that is enough” I yelled hoping to intimidate her. It worked as she kept quiet.

”one more word from you and I will call the security to bundle you out of this hotel” I said.

”As a matured person, you could have handled this issue differently instead of shouting. If you became my partner tomorrow, is this what you would be doing if you found me with a woman.” I said, trying to shift the blame to her.

I carried my bags and took Liz’s hand. We left the room and walked down to the reception. The lady receptionist was still there.
I dropped my bag and opened my wallet. Two N1000 notes were still there.

I brought out one and handed it to the receptionist with a warning. ” You don’t allow such things in your hotel or your manager will fire you” I said to her as I held Liz and walked outside the reception.

” I will show you that I was Aba brought up” Ella shouted from the back.

Liz was crying. She was saying that she didn’t have anywhere to go to.

”Alright Liz’s lets go find your own room for you” I said as I placed my bags in the boot, re-connected the battery, closed it and opened the passenger door for Liz.

Let Ella yell for all I care.

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