168: Hitting back at Duru

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Chapter 168

We got up and walked into my room. I was holding her hand and leading the way. We got into the room and sat on the white sheet that covered the bed. I opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of Malt and whisky. I poured a glass of whisky for myself and asked if she would drink, she nodded. I brought out a glass and poured a smaller quantity for her. She gulped it and said it was hot.

Less than five minutes after drinking whisky, the spirit got to her head. She demanded for a little more. I gave it to her.
The next thing i knew was a kiss on my mouth. I responded immediately. I was tipsy too. It seemed the whisky had gotten to my head as well. We were both new to the whisky business.

After the long sumptuous kiss, we started touching our vital parts. From shoulder down to the breasts and to the buttocks until we finally removed all out cloths.
That was how i got a new girlfriend.

I tactically avoided the issue of the boyfriend she mentioned the day before at the Church. I was the new boyfriend and that was all that mattered.

She seemed to be from a well to do family. I could perceive some expensive fragrance from her cloths and the cloth was a quality one too.
We had managed to elevate our affairs from kisses to touches and finally to fvcking. She had held my dickk and rubbed it until it stood erect and hard. I had fingered her thoroughly until she was ready, then i mounted her from the front and made passionate love to her. She looked neat to me but i still had to use a condom. We climaxed later and cleaned ourselves.
Then we had returned to the parlour and held each other until she said she was going. I saw her off to the gate and returned upstairs. It was time to go hunting for Corporal Basil Duru.

I changed cloths and drove to the bar near the Police station. I walked in there and ordered for a drink. The madam and Cynthia her daughter had seen me when i parked. They watched as i walked in and asked for stout.
I could see that Cynthia was impressed with the German piece of technology. She eventually asked if it was mine. I didn’t answer that silly question. She had been looking down on me up till that moment. I was there for a different reason and i wanted them to give me the needed space to operate.
At exactly 10 minutes past 5pm, Duru emerged from the gate and walked to the direction i had expected him to go. Then i paid for my drinks and drove off to Ojekunle street Mushin where he lived. I got there long before him and parked at a street off Ojekunle.
I went to the bar i had waited for him the other day and bought a drink.
Twenty minutes later, he returned home.
I called Izuu, the man who sold my vehicles in Ladipo. He located me at Ojekunle and asked what i was doing there. I told him that one man had slapped me and that i wanted to slap him back. I didn’t tell him that Duru was a policeman. I only told him that i had traced the man to a house close to where we were. He wanted us to go there and fight but i Told him to wait. I didn’t want Duru to know that i was masterminding the revenge operation.
After twenty minutes of waiting, Izuu called two other people from Ladipo. They located us. Ojekunle wasn’t far from Ladipo. The plan was that we were going to storm inside the house but before we could make up our mind, Duru came out.
He walked towards the opposite direction. Chinedu, one of the two people that came followed him to find out where he was going. He called us later and said that Basil Duru had gone into a local bar inside Papa Ajao. We drove to a close place to the bar and parked. Then the two men walked into the bar where Chinedu was already seated. I waited in the car.

It was Izuu who had stumbled on the table where Duru had kept his beer. He didn’t apologize. I had told him not to apologize so that Duru would get angry and react first. The plan was perfect.

Izuu who was clearly at fault had stumbled on the table and had pushed Corporal Duru’s bottle of Harp beer down. He had hissed and walked into the store.

”You no dey see road abi” The Police man had shouted out of anger.
”You wey block road nko”? Izuu shouted back.

The police man had figured he could beat Izuu in a one-on-one battle and had rushed up and started pushing him.
Two other unknown men, including one who had been sitting with Duru at the store had risen up and started beating the Policeman.
They had accused him of deliberately blocking the road with his table and had intended to wound Izuu with it. People had gathered including me who had materialized from nowhere.
They had succeeded in beating blood out of Duru’s mouth and it had stained his shirt. He had shouted that he was a Police man which angered the crowd of area boys more. The area boys had tried to beat him more but was stopped by the sympathetic crowd.

When the dust settled down, i went to the shop and bought a bottle of stout, stood at the counter and gulped it once and paid for it.
”Madam how much is the broken beer and the bottle” i had asked.

She said that the beer was N160. While the bottle went for N50. I had paid for Duru’s beer and told him to stop fighting another day.
”You are a policeman and Policemen should not be fighting in the street or slapping people” i said.

He had recognized me and stood up. He wanted to ask if i knew anything about what happened but when he saw me walking away with Izuu and the two other people, he knew that i was behind it. We went to Akinwunmi street and bought break pads for my car, i needed an Alibi in case the fight went viral somehow.

I took Izuu and the two men to another bar where we drank until half past 8pm before i drove back to Surulere.
When i got home, i called my lawyer and told him that i ran into Corporal Duru, one of the police men who had arrested me. I told him that Duru was a trouble maker since i saw him fighting with people. He asked for his number and i sent it to him. He promised to call him and the DPO of Area D Ijesha as well.

” I value self-discipline, but creating
systems that make it next to
impossible to misbehave is more
reliable than self-control.”

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    Beware of the snake with a long memory.
    This should be a lesson to potential Durus.
    Be at peace with all men.

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