167: Money for the Bishop

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Chapter 167.

”The way two of you are going, it is only a matter of time before you invite me for a wedding or traditional marriage” i said to Chinelo.
She said she would be the happiest person on earth if that ever happened.
”It will happen if you continue the way you are living your life now. I am even jealous” i said. We laughed.

When Andy returned, she got up and hugged him in my presence. She also took his bag inside his room. We all sat and talked they were both happy that i was with them that day.

The following morning, i followed them to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Aguda. As usual, it was filled to the brim. We went inside and found free space to sit. The Church was about to begin. The Rev Father and his mass servants had emerged in white lobes. The Choir group started a welcome song.
Later the Rev Father spoke in Latin, the choir group started a song in Latin as well. Most of the Church members who knew the song in Latin joined up. I didn’t know what they were singing. There was no need for me to sing in a strange language, therefore i kept quiet and waited.
The Proceedings continued until the stage where we were told to come forth for offerings. I stood in Line behind Andy and Chinelo. We walked towards the alter where we put our money inside a large wooden box. We were also sprayed with some water before we walked back. After the offering, the Priest announced that the Bishop needed some money to carry out some Church work. We were told to come forward for a second collection.
Why on Earth would the Bishop ask me for money again? Why not ask his masters who were living large over there in Vatican city Rome?.
I sat there and watched the Children of God return to the alter to donate more money for some vague project of the Bishop. I was sure that same announcement was made in other Catholic Churches around the area.

When it was time for holy communion, i walked outside. According to the Catholic doctrine, no one was supposed to receive the body of Christ if he or she had sinned or had even skipped Church once. Well i was a sinner who had skipped Church many times. I wasn’t worthy to receive the body of Christ or the body of anybody for that matter.
When i got outside, i decided to go home. I was almost near my car when i saw her. She looked so gorgeous in a red gown. Her long hair was properly arranged behind her. She was on dark glasses like me and had worn a pair of high-heel shoes which made her slightly taller than me. She had apparently gotten tired of the proceedings and had decided to stay outside. I walked past my car to where she was standing near a store where Church items were sold.
I got there and stood beside her.
”You understand you are the most beautiful girl in this Church today” i said.
She ignored me.
”I was going home before i saw you and decided that it would be a sin and punishment against my conscience if i didn’t come to ask for your phone number” i said again. She smiled but said nothing.
”But if you can just tell me your name, i will slowly walk away” i said.
”My boyfriend is inside the Church and he is coming out soon” she said.

”Good, i will like to meet the lucky guy” i said.
”He will be angry to see you here” she said.

”Anger doesn’t kill people sweetheart. It takes things away from people instead” i said.

”Hmm, so if i tell you my name, you will go”? She asked.
”No, the offer is off the table now. The new offer is your phone number” i said and smiled. She smiled too and said she won’t ever give me her number.
”Well let us wait for your boyfriend then, who knows, i may get the number from him” i said.

She let out a long laugh and said that i was funny.

”So if i give you my number, you will go”? She asked again.
”That is correct” i said.

”08037*****6. Can you go now”? She said.

After writing the number down, i dialed it. It rang but i couldn’t hear the sound.

”The phone is not here, i left it at home before coming to Church” she announced.
”Alright, you will see my number when you get home, it ended with 779. Please call me back” I said as i walked away towards the car.

The Church was almost getting over, therefore i decided to wait for the lover couple who were still inside the Church.

We got home and ate rice, the traditional Sunday food of Christians.

After the food, i called the beautiful tall girl from the Church. Surprisingly, it was her number. I had thought that she gave me some fake digits that probably belonged to another person.

”Hello, sorry that i didn’t call you back. I have no airtime in my phone” she said.

”A beautiful girl like you should have airtime on her phone all the time” i said.
”I didn’t even get your name sweetheart. Do you mind telling me now”? I asked.

She said her name was Ifeoma. She was from Anambra state. Aguleri to be precise.
I told her that i was Austin from Enugu. She asked who the two people who had entered the BMW with me were, i told her they were my Master’s Children. I was their driver. I believed she wasn’t impressed with my position as a driver since her voice dropped from being enthusiastic to casual.

She lived near the Church but hated the Church. She said she preferred a different Church but her parents won’t allow her. She asked where i lived and i told her. She said she can’t come since my Master would sack me for inviting a woman to his house.
”Don’t worry, you can come. I can take care of myself” i had said.

She didn’t come on that Sunday but on the following day, she came in the morning. Everybody had left the house except me. We sat in the Parlour and talked. She was a student at the LASU.
I told her that i wasn’t anybody’s driver but had only wanted to know if she would reject me because of that.
”The people with me yesterday were my cousin and his girlfriend. We all live here. His room and her room were over there but this one is my room” i said as i pointed to my door.
”Come and see it” i said.

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