166: Tracking Corporal Duru

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Chapter 166.

The following morning, i went to a bar near the Ijesha police station and bought a bottle of Guinness stout. I sipped that bitter black liquid slowly and waited.
From the point where i was, i could see people going in and out of the police station. I was hoping to see Corporal Duru.

The lady who owned the bar where i was had a beautiful girl. Her name was Cynthia. She was at the shop serving people. I had started a conversation with her. She had made my wait worthwhile. After several hours of waiting, i didn’t see Corporal Duru. However, i saw his friend; the one who had accompanied him to arrest me. I didn’t have any issue with that one. He didn’t do anything to me. He carried out his duty professionally. It was that Duru who had shown me that he had he power to slap me. I had hopped to include him in my law suit but since i had decided to show Chinelo that i wasn’t a beast by forgiving Chinasa and her people, it was going to be a waste of time dragging Duru to court for slapping me. Even if i succeeded in winning the case, the only thing they could do to him would be to sack him from police force. His sack would serve no purpose  for me.

I was tempted to follow him and ask the whereabouts of Duru but it could raise some suspicion. Every human being was intelligent to some extent.

At about 5pm, i got tired and went home. The bar owner had started suspecting that i came there because of her daughter. She had made some indirect statements which i pretended not to have understood. It was sometimes good to play the ‘idiot’.

Chinelo was already home when i returned and so was my cousin. He had somehow managed to cut down his returning time from 6:30 pm to 5:30pm, a significant one hour that was dedicated to Chinelo. Their relationship had started to become stronger day after day. They went everywhere together; Church, market and even to buy things outside. My cousin had also taken over the responsibility of buying food ingredients. I had only bought a bag of rice and semovita.
I on my side, had encouraged them to move on. Chinelo had taken me as her mentor. She had said it time without number. She looked up to me for advice but she also made it clear that i was too dangerous to deal with.

The following day was a Saturday. I went back to the bar near the Police station. Cynthia was there as expected and so was the mother.
I had greeted the woman and sat down.
”Get me big stout” i said to the woman. She sent Cynthia to get it for me. I also demanded for a chicken leg.

It was getting to 3pm before i spotted Corporal Duru. He was on mufti and had stepped out from the station.
I quickly paid for the drinks and meat.
I stepped outside and walked about 100 meters behind him. Luckily for me, i saw a bike.
”I need you to follow this man. I want to know where he is going” i said to the bike.
We drove slowly far behind until we got to a popular bus stop. He took a bike and we followed him to the Oshodi-apapa highway. He stopped at Ijesha bus stop, under the pedestrian bridge that crossed over to one long Church that i believed belonged to the ‘Lords Chosen’ or so. We stopped a few metres behind him.

He boarded a bus and i asked the bike to follow him.
”Oga, i no dey follow him. I don’t know where he dey go” the bike man complained. I dipped my hand in my wallet and gave him N2000.
”That is your advance, follow the bus. I want to know where that man is going. He is owing me some money” i said. He pocketed the money, smiled and followed the bus.
Money had a way for making decisions easier.

We followed the bus and watched them stopped in numerous bus stops; Cele, Itire,etc before it stopped under the Isolo bridge. We watched him took a bike and we followed him. He finally stopped at Ojekunle street near Papa Ajao in Mushin. I watched him entered a compound and i remarked the number written on the gate. He probably lived there. I was right because after about twenty minutes, he emerged from the house with new sets of cloths. There was a bar not far from the compound. I had waited there with the bike man who had stopped complaining for time after i bought him Gulder beer and meat.
Since i had confirmed that the bastard slapper cop lived there, it was time to go.
We entered our bike and drove back to Surulere.
I had no idea what i was going to do to Corporal Duru but i knew that locating his house was the first necessary step. It had worked for me during ”Operation Chukwudi”

When i got home, i ate Egusi soup and semo prepared by Chinelo.

”Tell me how the work is going, i am sorry i have not had enough time for you these days” i said to Chinelo.

She was changing physically. Her skin was becoming more natural. She had stopped using bleaching creams. She had also made a decent hairstyle and looked responsible. I was surprised at how much she had changed. I was beginning to like her but unfortunately someone else had taken over. Andy my cousin had been doing a wonderful job on her too. He had brought more than three pairs of shoes for Chinelo and had bought her some cloths. I even wondered if she was the same girl who had ran away with my money and my phone.
Nature had a funny way of bringing people together. Chinelo was a girl i had taken her phone and shoes back in Ghana and somehow, my cousin had started buying her shoes.
Being wicked wasn’t such a bad thing afterall, only that we never knew what nature  and destiny had in stock for us. I was sure that if i had not taken her phone and shoes, i would not have decided to go and ask for her forgiveness back in my second visit to Accra. It was that quest for forgiveness that brought her back to Lagos and had merged her with a caring young man who was just three months older than i was.

”It is ok, i know you are busy. Andy is taking good care of me and you know that. I don’t know what i would have been without you. It was God who told me to steal your phone and money” She joked and laughed. I laughed too.

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