165: Begging the Hurricane

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Chapter 165.

”My husband went to the market” the woman answered.
”He locked my client up and went to the market? Please give him this paper when he returned” Barr. Eze said as he handed a piece of white paper to the woman.

Chinasa had knelt down and was holding my leg. She was begging me to tell the lawyers to forget the case.

”Your rich boyfriend will lend the N50 million to your father. You heard him yesterday night when he said that i was a ritualist and you said nothing, now you want mercy. This is not about you Chinasa, we ended our relationship where we started it. Just go inside and pray” i said as we moved out towards our vehicle.
My lawyer’s phone rang. It was the DPO at the Ijesha police station. He wanted us to return to the station. Chinasa’s father had gone there to plead for the case to be dropped.

Barrister Eze asked me if i wanted the case to be dropped.
”I will think about it when i got home, i just need to go and take my bath first” i said.

They dropped me off in my house. I went to the car and brought out some money. There was no envelope in the car, therefore i handed N10,000 to them and told them that we will be in touch. They left.

Chinasa and her parents came to my house around 4pm. Chinelo had returned to cook for me when i told her that i was back home.

They had knocked on my door and when i asked who was there, Chinasa had said that it was her. I had asked if she was with thugs or police, the mother had said that i should please open the door.

When i opened the door, three of them entered. I was drinking whisky. They settled on the chairs.

”Madam did you give him the papers from my lawyers” i asked the woman.
She knelt down and started to beg. She said that they were adviced by the police to come and beg me.

”Madam, my lawyers left here not long ago. I gave them N150,000 to go and prepare for this case. We could take it as far as Abuja. I want to prove to the world that i am not a ritualist” i said.
The woman had started crying. The husband had knelt down too and was begging. It was so exciting to see him on his knees begging like a school kid who had committed an offence. Chinasa had joined them too.
Chinelo had walked in from the kitchen and had started crying. She had gone inside the room and brought out her bag.
”Azubuike i am leaving this place, i am the cause of all this” she had said.

I took the bag from her and told her to sit down. She did but was still crying.

”Madam please get up, i don’t like the Way you are kneeling down here” i said as i helped her up. She sat down on the sofa. I also pulled Chinasa up and left the man there on the floor. He needed to stay there and tell us how i was a ritualist.

”Madam,, it is you that i pity. You welcomed me the first time i came to your house but your husband hated me for nothing. He warned me many times for nothing. It was the hatred he had for me that made him to call the Police to come and kill me here. What did i do?
Since when did it become a sin to have a girlfriend. I slept in police station for the first time in my life because of your daughter and husband. This Chinelo sitting here is from your local government. She is from your place. She returned from Ghana and had no place to stay. She is not my girlfriend. I begged my cousin to allow her to stay in our guest room since nobody lived there. I told Chinasa about it but instead of understanding or even making friends with her, she ordered me to chase Chinelo out of the house to the street. I refused and she called me a stupid illiterate. Madam stop begging me, i need the N50 million from this case to go to school abroad since i am an illiterate. I don’t understand what you people want me to do, my lawyer said that we are going to win and i trust him. Please take your daughter and go” i said.

Chinelo had started crying again. I looked at her and took pity on the situation.

”Alright, i will drop the case. You can go to the police station at Western avenue and take her bag, that was where i left it. I will call my lawyer and beg him to drop the case but please teach this girl to stop calling people bad names” i said.

When i finished, Chinasa stood up and hugged me. She was still crying. She said she was sorry for what she said.
Chinelo also hugged me and took her bag back inside.

”Give me the phone number of that your police friend. I want to call him to tell him that we have dropped the case” i said to Chinasa’s father. Out of excitement, he brought out the phone and called the number to me.

I dialed it right there in front of them and put the phone on speakout.

”Officer Duru, it is Azubuike from yesterday at the police station” i said.

”who gave you my number” he shouted from the other end.
”It is me oo, na Cletus your friend” Chinasa’s father shouted from his seat.

”I want to tell you that i have dropped the charges including your own. We are brothers from the east and should not be fighting each other. This is my number, you can call me anytime you like so that we can drink together” i said
He hesitated a little before thanking me.

Then i called Barr. Eze. I told him that i have decided to drop the charges. He asked me a few questions about whether i was being threatened by anybody but i told him that i was not.

I followed the visitors downstairs and gave the woman N2000 for transport. She thanked and blessed me before they left.

In the midst of everything that went on up in my apartment, i had managed to get the phone number of Corporal Basil Duru. He was the bastard who slapped me for nothing. It was good that i dropped the law suit. It would help me to concentrate on Basil. I needed to teach him not to slap people even criminals. I never saw European Police officers beating anybody unless the person was resisting arrest. In my own case, i didn’t resist arrest, i only asked a question; An innocent question.

Corporal Basil Duru, get ready for hurricane  Ozoigbondu, it is coming

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  1. Olenyi

    Hurricane Ozoigbondu!!! Now officer Duru would not envisage what hit him at the end of the day. 🙂

  2. bassette

    This post is soo comical.I have been laughing hysterically reading thru the entire post…I can’t wait to see what befell Basil Duru..Ozoigbondu the man!!

  3. 18wheeler

    Basil Duru don dig loto(underground tin-mine in my place)it is said that if you dig loto you are digging your grave because you may not come out of it.

  4. Top Dog

    Ozoigbondu I doff my hat. What a story! Just wondering where you learnt all the moves,feints and strategy you adopt in dealing with people. Carry on bro,double hailing for you.

  5. Palx

    nice talemanship and highly educative. Who knows if u hadn’t engage in these travels if u would ve wasted such great wisdom

  6. Fabulousuzo

    Zubby, u think say na dem kola b dis abi? If you mess up with this police man, na 6ft oooo. So 4get say him slap you.

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    hahahaha oga Zubby we have many corpral Duru in nigeria police post.

    too bad!

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    I hate reading emotional things especially when tears is involve it touches my heart

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    i follow d thread 4rm nairaland down here cos i cn nt avoid to miss d thread

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