160: Goodbye my Chinasa

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Chapter 160.

When i woke up around 7:45am, my cousin who was known for going to Idumota as early as 7am, was still at home. He was spotted in the kitchen frying eggs with Chinelo who seemed to have settled down perfectly.
I called both of them to the parlour.

”It seemed you both are getting along very well. That is good. However i need to make some things clear first. Andrew, i haven’t told you the conditions of Chinelo here and i believe i need to let you know. She wanted to return to Nigeria and Learn hair dressing. She is starting work today. I have taken her to a salon down the street and made agreement for her. I also planned to rent a small apartment for her in due time but she stays here for now. I was going to tell you but it seemed that you already like her” i said and smiled. Chinasa walked out of the room to listen too.
I needed to use that beautiful opportunity to break the ice. I knew my cousin won’t complain at all. I had just brought home a girlfriend for her. I needed to let him know that Chinelo was not going to be a one night stand. If he was going to sleep with her, he better knew that she wasn’t going anywhere soon.

”Its ok, she can stay here. Nobody lives in her room” he said and smiled.

A feminine presence was needed in our apartment too. One of the reasons why i ate outside was that i hated washing plates and pots. I believed it was a job for women or children, not a field soldier who should concentrate on how to survive in the street.

When we finished the meeting, I went back into my room with Chinasa.

”Do you mean that she is going to live here with you” Chinasa asked.
”Yes but not here in my room” i said with a little sarcasm.
”Its not funny. I don’t want her here. Who is she by the way” she said with harsh tone.
”Since when did you begin to decide what happens here” i asked.
”Since now. If you don’t tell her to leave, i am going to tell her to leave by myself” she said.
Her voice had risen up and Chinelo could even hear her.
I tried to go out but she held my cloth.
”wow, has it gotten to this” i said.
She kept quiet but still held my cloth. Women and funny ideas.
I was sure Chinasa was planning on how to relocate to my place and live. She had never said it but the way she behaved told me that she had something in mind.
”Don’t worry baby, she will leave. Can you please leave my cloth first” i said.
She left my cloth.
I opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of whisky. I needed to calm my nerves. I was almost tempted to beat her up but there was always a better alternative to violence.

Chinelo walked past me in the Parlour and announced that she was going to work. I bid her goodbye and continued my whisky. My cousin had left some minutes back. It was just me and Chinasa left in the house. I wanted to ask her to leave and go home to her place but i needed to have some patience. She was definitely going home before mid day since her parents would return to Lagos in the evening. I drank and Waited.
Around 10 am, she said it was time for her to go and demanded that i drove her home.
”I am drunk and i can’t drive now” i said. She looked unbelievably at me and said that i was joking.
”I said i am not going anywhere. Is this how you behave Chinasa. So i fought against Clement for you only for you to come and fight me here. I hope you still have his number because you are going back to him if you continue this way” i said.
The statement seemed to have jolted her back to reality because she started crying.
I knew good tears when i see them, she was just crying out crocodile tears.

”Alright, i will take you home. Have you bought the foodstuffs you said you would cook for your people” i asked.
She cleaned her eyes and said  ‘no’.

What exactly was Chinasa thinking? I had told her that i had every intention to return to Europe. How could she think that she owned me? How on earth can hot tempered man not beat the hell out of a woman like that. She was only interested in chasing Chinelo away. She didn’t care where she would end up.
Chinelo, a girl i had just brought out of the dangerous street life was being threatened with street life again by Chinasa, a girl who was just a girlfriend. They haven’t even introduced themselves to each other because incidentally, they both came from the same local government.
”Do you know that Chinelo is from the same place as you” i said.
”I don’t care. I don’t want to know. Is that why she was looking at me like that yesterday night” she said.

Looking at Her huh? I didn’t even notice anything. Women were funny sometimes. How did Chinasa expect me to achieve the objective of chasing someone away from my place. Not that it was such a difficult thing to do but that was the same situation i found myself with Jennifer in Portugal. Right inside of me, i was hundred percent sure that Chinelo was going nowhere. Anybody who wanted her out must find a house for her and pay for it with his or her own money.
One thing i hated in women was nagging.
I had a sister who was Chinasa’s age. She respected and worshiped me like a God but this Chinasa had the gut to hold my cloth and give me order to chase someone out of my place because she had slept with me. She was definitely going to pay for everything she did or said.
The long arm of my revenge didn’t know who was who. The things i considered were always the offences. Stella was still my girlfriend when i took my revenge or her and her mother and so was Linda and others. The rubbish from Chinasa was going to end that day. Somehow i wished my cousin had not encroached in on Chinelo, i would have just replaced Chinasa with her.she she seemed like a good girl.

I put on a shirt and walked downstairs with her. We drove to Ijesha market and stopped. I gave her N2000 to go and buy the foodstuff. As soon as she left, i drove off and back to my house, then locked the gate and went upstairs.

”I’d rather regret the things i’ve done than the things i haven’t done”

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